Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez – Major Fight, Split and Break Up Again!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez - Major Fight, Split and Break Up Again!

I guess the New Year’s Eve engagement did not go as planned for Justin BieberTMZ Reported that Justin and on-again off- again then on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez flew to Mexico to ring in the New Year together.  Unfortunately, the couple ended up having a major argument on December 30 (probably about Justin checking out girls in bikinis).  Selena hightailed it out of their that very same day.  Wow!  Someone must have been piiiissssed off if she couldn’t even be in the same country with her man.  Justin stayed until the next day and then flew back Los Angeles.  He was probably trying to save face.

These two have not spoken to each other since their nuclear fight…and yet, my spidey senses tell me they will be back together and in Selena’s bed in no time.  Now, I’m not saying this relationship is toxic, but the break up then make up routine is getting old.  Perhaps Justin wanted some time with the boys on New Year’s and picked a fight with Sel to make that happen.  Perhaps he’s a jerk behind closed doors and Miss Gomez wasn’t having any of it.   Either way we all know that he will be at her doorstep in a day or so singing Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”  She will fall for the serenade and that will buy Justin another month of bliss…until the next fight.

These two better not make an announcement about their break up.  At this point they should just keep it to themselves.  I don’t think I can have Selena’s back much longer.   I like her.  She’s got cute movies.  I like her music.  She hasn’t gone the way of Lindsay Lohan despite her fame.  But damn, why does she keep getting back with Justin if she already knows they’re gonna break up again?  It can’t all be his fault at this point.  Either Justin knows how to kiss some serious ass or he’s got something really big and special down there that has Selena in a trance.

What do you think readers?  Why can’t these two stay away from each other for long?

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