Justin Bieber Back To Whitney Elementary School – Under Scooter Braun’s Close Watch! (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber Back To Whitney Elementary School – Can He Graduate At Last? (PHOTOS)

Showing his support for the Childhood Hunger Ends Here campaign, Justin Bieber dropped by Whitney Elementary School on Friday May 17. Of course the frequently out-of-control Justin was accompanied by his manager/owner/de facto parent/exploiter Scooter Braun.  Can’t have little Biebs getting into a beef at an elementary school, can we now? Especially not right before tonight’s Billboard Awards event. You can be sure that Scooter isn’t letting Justin out of his sight before tonight’s event.  Look at Justin in the pic above – what did Scooter have to do to sedate the wilding sufficiently to get him to the photo op?

The “Beauty and a Beat” crooner is no stranger to the school, as he previously turned up for a surprise concert there in December, and made a $100,000 donation. At the time, the Biebs also handed out $100,000 worth of toys to the students, who have a principal who works hard to improve the lives of her impoverished students.

Justin Bieber Back To Whitney Elementary School – Under Scooter Braun's Close Watch! (PHOTOS)

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber isn’t a stranger to accusations that his behavior is sometimes less than courteous, if not downright bratty. Maybe the crooner is secretly wishing he was back in elementary school because his behavior is surely that of a delinquent child.

As we all know, Justin Bieber has been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons lately. It really seems like he’s having the worst year ever. Despite public apologies and declaration of innocence, many of us remain skeptical that the pop star is actually sorry for his recent acts of… well… douchebaggery. Now that he might be facing criminal charges for spitting in a neighbor’s face and threatening to kill said neighbor he returned to Whitney Elementary bearing gifts and a smile. Maybe the feeling of helping young kids will help Justin to grow up and graduate from this childish behavior that is exemplified by elementary aged schooled children. Justin if the students truly inspire you than grow up and graduate from this terrible behavior and start to act like an adult. Share your thoughts.

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    Be nice to Justin.

    • i’ll be nice to justin if and when HE starts acting nice