Kanye West Furious Over Ray J Attack On Kim Kardashian – (AUDIO)

Kanye West Furious Over Ray J Attack On Kim Kardashian 0407

I feel you Ye. I’d be furious too. This was a total douche move by Ray J. Kim Kardashian is definitely being referenced in his new song, “I Hit It First” and there’s nothing sweet and nostalgic about her ex-boyfriend’s lyrics.

“Hit it from north/Brought her head down south/Now that I’m finished/She’s on to Mr. West.”

Now, I have no doubt Ray J is being honest – and I always appreciate that in a celebrity – but damn….

But furious? Kanye West knew Ray J did hit it along with many other guys before he came around. He can’t be surprised now that one of those dudes is using her crazy fame to make a buck and gain some exposure. There is no Ray J without Kim Kardashian. He will forever be known as the other person in the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

And I HATE TO SAY THIS but poor Kim! Her pregnancy sucks. Seriously, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. Don’t get me wrong, she does herself no favors, but she has the Kris Humphries divorce, the weight criticisms, the miscarriage scares and now these embarrassing lyrics to deal with all while being pregnant with her first kid. That’s not cool. I kind of wish she’d just back away for awhile and catch her breath before that baby comes. “But screw that!” says Kris Jenner. “You need to stay in the public eye! We need to film!” 

And speaking of that baby (and filming)… Kim celebrated her baby shower over the weekend with cameras in tow. It must be a girl because there was a lot of pink wrapping paper. Good for her. You just know she wanted a girl. Can you imagine what that kid is going to wear? I almost feel sorry for it!

I can’t believe it. This post was mostly pro-Kim but I can’t help myself. I feel sorry for her on this one. Ray J sucks. What do you think? Am I going to easy on her? Does she deserve all she gets?


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