Kate Gosselin is an “A**hole” According To Jon Gosselin and “Everyone Knows It”

Kate Gosselin is an "A**hole" According To Jon Gosselin and "Everyone Knows It"

Jon Gosselin is more than a little confusing. On the one hand he blames being on reality television for the demise of his family and regrets doing a reality show for 5 years with ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, but then he will be on the new season of Couples Therapy with his current girlfriend. This is a dude who chooses to live in the woods of Pennsylvania and works at a restaurant by choice. Obviously privacy has become a huge deal to him, so why turn around and do another reality show?

He also throws stones at his ex saying that she continues to dredge up the past in order to have something to talk about in front of a camera now. He goes so far as to say that Kate is an a**hole and everyone knows it. I agree that Kate seems to pimp out the kids whenever it suits her and she goes out of her way to find ways to make money off of her family, but is Jon really that different?

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Maybe he’s not doing a show with his kids but he is still preparing to air the dirty laundry of his current relationship for TV time. Isn’t that kind of the same thing? He claims that his life is still ordinary, but ordinary people don’t aim to be on multiple reality shows, do they? Is Jon just as big an a**hole as Kate? I have to wonder why Couples Therapy was so appealing to him. Kate swears that Jon is always out to get her. Do you think that this situation is another way of proving what a lousy mother Kate is? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. They are both a holes.

  2. […] In fact, Jon and Kate, ironically enough, were best at being reality show famewhores. Sure, it affected their relationship when they were on the show, but they were good at causing drama, which obviously increased the ratings for their show. And a little birdie tells us that Jon and Kate are both looking to get their own reality shows, which is why they’ve been so present in the media lately. Kate thinks that despite her cookbook and business failures, she still has a strong Twitter following, and she can leverage that into a show. Jon, on the other hand, has been giving interview after interview in the hopes that he’ll be able to prove that he still has the ability to draw interest, especially with his controversial remarks about his ex-wife. […]