Kate Gosselin Trying To Get Full Custody Of Her Kids After Jon Gosselin Gun Scare

Kate Gosselin Trying To Get Full Custody Of Her Kids After Jon Gosselin Gun Scare

Kate Gosselin is reportedly desperate to protect her children from her ex-husband and his trigger happy behavior. By now, everybody knows about Jon Gosselin pulling a gun on a trespassing paparazzo, and I think everyone agrees that it was a case of massive overreaction. Kate clearly agrees because according to a report from TMZ, Kate’s now seeking a way to prevent her kids from ever being exposed to guns, and I’d be surprised if she didn’t file an injunction to keep Jon away in the long run.

However, for now, Kate’s just seeking a way for the judge to prevent Jon from ever using his firearms in the presence of the kids. Apparently, Kate is confused about why Jon didn’t just call the cops on the trespassing paparazzi [yeah, you and everyone else, Kate] and she’s not able to comprehend Jon’s response. Sources say Kate is ‘extremely concerned’ about Jon’s ‘extreme reaction’, and she doesn’t feel that her kids are safe when they’re staying with him.

In this situation, I actually agree with her and she has every right to be worried. What if the children were visiting him, and the paparazzi happened to stumble onto his property at that time? What if the kids got up late in the night, and Jon – thinking they were paparazzi – got out his gun again? There’s too many ways this can go wrong, and Jon’s never proven himself to be the most stable of parents to begin with.

Kate is reportedly in the process of getting Jon’s visitation rights with her kids altered, and I’m sure there’ll be a clause about weapons and gun usage added.

What do you guys think about Kate’s reaction? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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5 responses to “Kate Gosselin Trying To Get Full Custody Of Her Kids After Jon Gosselin Gun Scare”

  1. dessertgirl says:

    Who will protect the kids from Kate? Is she still beating them with a spoon? Is the spoon still in the pocket of the door of her van? Who will instill MORALS into the kids if Jon is not allowed to see the kids?

  2. Angel 2009 says:

    Fame whore Kate is using Jon and the gun issue as a way to garner attention and look like the better parent . . . horrible vile b*tch!

  3. debbiehm says:

    The ONLY one over reacting on this issue is KATE! Jon did nothing wrong…I believe it’s perfectly legal to fire a warning shot in the AIR to alert TRESPASSERS to move on…Unlike KATE who ceases every opportunity to USE her kids to make a dollar…I think it is SHE who the kids need to be protected from as it is SHE who has a history of ABUSING them both physically and mentally…She is just using this opportunity to get some attention(sorry, but you still won’t sell any “cook” books) and to get at Jon one more time…She is a sick piece of work…

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