Kate Gosselin Tweets Mother Teresa Quote About Love – Talking About Kids Or Jon Gosselin?

Kate Gosselin Tweets Mother Teresa Quote About Love - Talking About Kids Or Jon Gosselin?

Does Kate Gosselin still have feelings for Jon Gosselin? Her recent interview with People dispelled any notions of that, but she could just be covering it up, especially if her latest tweet is any indication.

Kate recently re-tweeted a quote by Mother Teresa saying, “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

Jon has already mentioned that he and Kate are still in touch, if only to go over schedules and finances of the children. The fact that she was suing Jon for back child support seemed to be conveniently glossed over, but it’s obvious that things are not all that great between them, even though it’s been several years since their divorce.

So if it’s not about Jon, who can she be talking about? A new boyfriend? I have a feeling that if there was a new boyfriend, we would have ‘heard’ about it by now, probably through some obvious photo op. And obviously, it could also be about her children. We’ve already covered how much Kate seems to be tweeting about her children, and her tweets are definitely creating a lot of support for her within the reality show-watching mom community. And of course, what mother doesn’t love her kids?

But it just seems an odd tweet for Kate to tweet. Mother Teresa said that quote from a place of universal love, but Kate tweeting that quote is interesting because I don’t think she even knows about the original meaning of that quote or why/where it was said. So when you consider that, you have to wonder what she was intending to convey when she tweeted it. Maybe she just wanted to come off deep and intellectual, but in that case, she’s failed.

What do you guys think Kate meant? Let us know in the comments.

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  • debbiehm

    Well, I will be the first to say(that I heard) that she is a BIG proponent of corporal punishment…you know the beating with spoons upon baby hineys for minor infractions of eating a “stolen” M and M… and that sort of cruel punishment for sure HURTS…maybe that is what she is saying? that she can beat her kids til it hurts and then they will love her more after it stops hurting??? The ONLY thing that that quote applies to her as I can tell…(based on what I heard, Kate, so PLEASE don’t come looking to sue me)…

    • lukebandit

      Don’t worry about kate suing you for your 1st amendment free speech rights! Also, she documented all the abuse she pounded on those precious babies and kids in her journals that she threw out into the trash can for the garbage man to pick up. Finders keepers, losers weepers! She would have to do discovery in the lawsuit and she would have to say it was true or she would be committing perjury! She has NEVER EVER PUBLICALLY SAID THE CHILD OR ANIMAL ABUSE IS FALSE! If that were mine and it wasn’t true, I would be screaming from the roof tops that it was not true! When her mouth is open, the untruths speak very loud.

  • Angel 2009

    It’s not so much about what she writes but why do seemingly intelligent people even pay attention to her? Stop feeding her massive ego!