Kate Middleton Baby Delivery Was Overdue — How Much Longer Will Her Labor Last?

Kate Middleton Baby Delivery Was Overdue -- How Much Longer Will Her Labor Last?

Kate Middleton‘s baby delivery was overdue — some sources are saying about a week — and some people are wondering exactly how long she’ll be in labor. Nobody knows when the royal parties will release the sex of the baby and other news surrounding one of the most-talked about babies of the era.

While everyone started freaking out when Kate appeared to be long overdue to give birth to her baby, it’s actually quite normal for a woman to go beyond her expected due date. A current statistics says that approximately 1 in 20 women experience an extension of their due date.

According to the Daily Mail UK:

Professor Andrew Shennan, an internationally renowned specialist, says it is more accurate to talk about a ‘due month’ of birth because each woman’s circumstances are different.

Professor Shennan, who works as professor of obstetrics based at St Thomas’ Hospital, London, said his unit’s policy is not to intervene until a woman reaches 42 weeks of pregnancy – two weeks overdue – unless there is cause for concern.

It is thought that Kate was 41 weeks pregnant today and comfortably within the normal margin for giving birth.

Professor Shennan said: ‘Most women want to give birth naturally when possible and if there is no reason to induce, we’d rather not because it involves using drugs.

‘Only about four per cent of women deliver on their due date, it’s better to talk about a due month, because when they are giving birth naturally around half will deliver later.’

So all seems to be well with Kate Middleton — so everyone should stop worrying about the fact that her baby missed her due date mark and simply focus on How much longer will her labor last? Who knows? It could’ve ended hours ago, and they’re just chilling in the delivery room, but we’ll never know. Now, we’re simply waiting to hear more news, and we’ll be sure to let you know what we find out ASAP.

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