Kate Middleton Baby Due Soon, Queen Elizabeth Wants It Before She Leaves For Vacation!

Kate Middleton Baby Due Soon, Queen Elizabeth Wants It Before She Leaves For Vacation! 0717

It seems we’re not the only ones getting impatient with the royal baby. Queen Elizabeth gave a super cute response to a young girl today asking if she wanted Kate Middleton’s baby to be a boy or a girl. The Queen responded, “I don’t really mind but I’m going on holiday soon so I would like the baby to hurry up and arrive soon.” Seriously baby. Your Queen and grandmother wants to put her feet up at Balmoral. Get your lazy ass here already!

But her response just gives more evidence that Kate may be overdue after all (although Liz isn’t leaving for Balmoral for nine days so Kate has time). I still think her due date isn’t until later. Remember those Carole Middleton comments about the baby being a Leo? That means Kate’s due date wouldn’t be until July 23 and on. So we could still have a wait in front of us. But The Royalist is also reporting that Prince William is hanging with Kate in Berkshire with her parents at the moment so he must officially by on paternity leave. I thought Kate was only staying the weekend in Berkshire. Wouldn’t her being in London be easiest for everyone? Are you really telling me that her Kensington Palace “cottage” doesn’t have air-conditioning? That makes no god damned sense. Pippa Middleton has a condo in London. Why not hole up there? It’s closer to the hospital. I’m just surprised the Middleton family hasn’t relocated to the city to wait everything out to keep the royals happy and Kate close to the action. True, it wouldn’t be as comfortable as home but, logistically speaking, it has more appeal. UNLESS… unless her due date hasn’t come yet. I don’t know. I just don’ t know. Until then we just have to be confident with the news that the tide waits for no man and royal babies do not hurry for holidays. Sorry Liz.

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