Kate Middleton’s Mother Denied Australian Nanny Trip – Snubbed By Queen Elizabeth and Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Kate Middleton's Mother Denied Australian Nanny Trip - Snubbed By Queen Elizabeth and Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Has Carole Middleton just been snubbed by Queen Elizabeth? According to reports, when Kate Middleton and Prince William go on their Australia tour next year, they want to bring Prince George with them. While that’s been approved, Kate’s request to take her mother, Carole Middleton, along to help them with George has been unceremoniously shut down.

By the time the trip begins, George will be almost 1 years old, and Kate and William reportedly wanted a close family member to stay with them while they were busy with their royal duties on the tour. They are not willing to leave him behind for the entire tour, and they have officially gotten permission to take him along. But who will take care of him while they’re busy shaking hands and posing for pictures?

A report from the Express states that the idea of Carole accompanying the family and being George’s babysitter did not get ‘the blessing of royal officials’, a.k.a. the Queen put her foot down. While I can see why George accompanying them was approved, I can also understand why Carole accompanying them wasn’t. For one thing, this is purely a tour for William and Kate – by approving Carole, it would turn into a tour for the Middleton family over the royal family. Second of all, the Queen already shows a lot of favoritism towards the Middletons, probably because William leaves her no choice. And also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Camilla Parker-Bowles had something to do with the request being turned down.

But when it comes to such a momentous occasion – i.e. tours, royal appearances – the Queen can’t be seen giving preference or showing favoritism to anyone other than close family. After all, she’s the Queen. And besides, it’s only for a few months. I’m sure Kate and Will will survive.

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  • Bohomoth

    Oh this story cracks me up. Poor mummy Middleton. :-(