Kate Middleton’s Objections To Cressida Bonas Worry Prince Harry – Royal Family Fears Cressida Will Break Prince’s Heart

Kate Middleton's Objections To Cressida Bonas Worry Prince Harry - Royal Family Fears Cressida Will Break Prince's Heart

We have been hearing for awhile now that Prince Harry is super serious about his relationship with Cressida Bonas. So serious that royal watchers have been saying that an engagement is likely to happen soon with a royal wedding on the horizon in 2014. Those closest to Harry fear that Cressida is getting cold feet at the thought of joining the royal family. According to the Oct. 29th print edition of In Touch magazine there is concern that the often commitment-phobic socialite will leave Harry heartbroken long before she will ever become his wife.

Cressida comes from quite the dysfunctional family when it comes to relationships as her parents have six marriages between them. It has probably played a part in Cressida choosing to be more of a free spirit and she has admitted in the past that having Harry so focused on her is more than a little unnerving. Kate Middleton is one person that has advised Harry to tread lightly but she also has a bit of a personal agenda. When she and Prince William split up back in 2007 he was smitten with Isabella Calthrope, Cressida’s step sister. Needless to say, Kate would prefer that Cressida not become her sister-in-law.

Do you think that Cressida’s cold feet will put an end to her love affair with Harry? Or will they actually inch closer towards that engagement that Harry wants to make happen? Do you think that Cressida is the best match for him? They are both jokers and fun loving but does Cressida seem ready to step up and become a respected member of royal society? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • MakeHerUp

    Kate seems like the type of girl to see things clearly and have Harry’s best interests at heart.

    • Jane

      I think cressida will overshadow Kate if she joins the royal family. She has the Diana factor going . She certainly is more beautiful than Kate and more exciting. Not to mention an aristocrat -her grandfather is an earl.

  • I think Kate knows what’s up!

  • Gyurltrini

    I just want to say that, with Kate … she & William dated for so long, it was plainly obvious that she knew what she wanted and was ready … also William took the time to make sure he felt she was ready … in Harry & Cressida’s case, I know Harry might be ready, but he needs to take a closer look & be aware of whether or not Cressida is ready. They haven’t dated long enough for the public to (get to know her &) say with any certainty whether she’s in it for the long haul or not.

  • Christian Daly

    As long as Harry loves Cressida and Cressida loves Harry that is all that matters. Kate should not interfere, and stop being jealous. Harry didn’t tell William not to marry Kate, so why should Kate tell Harry not to marry Cressida. Cressida is afraid Harry would break her heart. Cressida would make Harry a good wife.

  • Denese

    I don’t think it really matters who Harry marries. No one cared about Princess Margaret or Prince Andrew and who they got stuck with. If William were King, that would be different, but not as it is now. Plus, I think Harry just wants an aristocratic girl, any girl. Get married, have the two kids and get out. The problem is, Cress wants a rich husband, not a famous husband – or a lot of duty and public criticism. She’ll settle for him if she can’t get any one else.

    • jane

      First of all Cressida has noble blood from her mother side. She is an aristicrat on her own right unlike Kate who was a commoner and from carpenters and coal miners ancestry.actually I even think I heard sheep or cattleherders. So between the two of them Kate has more motive to do the social climbing thing..in a way isn’t that why she hang on for a really long time just to get the proposal?