Royal Baby and Kate Middleton’s First Appearance – Prince Charles Claims Baby Will Be Out “In A Minute” and He Was Right! (PHOTOS)

Royal Baby and Kate Middleton's First Appearance - Prince Charles Claims Baby Will Be Out "In A Minute"

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles came out after a thirty minute visit with Kate Middleton, Prince William and the Royal Baby Boy but he didn’t give an interview. Instead he told the cameras “Marvelous, absolutely marvelous. You wait and see in a minute.” So me being my hardcore self counted down sixty seconds and still no baby. The only thing that’s saving my sanity right now is that the baby has been confirmed for his first meeting of the press.

Watching the live feed can get a bit tedious but luckily the doors to the Lindo Wing are nearly transparent. Which is good that I’ll get to see the family before they even leave the hospital but bad because I keep getting my hopes every time I see a passing brunette. It’s gotten so bad that I’m getting upset whenever the staff use the front door. I know its a little bit crazy to get mad at hospital staff using the front the door of the hospital but until the new trio walk out we’re all allowed to go insane.

Still no word on his name. Kate’s people came with a change of clothes and makeup hours ago so what’s the hold up.  The helicopters are deafening out the crowd outside. My chances of hearing an “impromptu” interview just diminished. Now I don’t even want the shout answers interview. Walk up to the cameras Will, like your dad did 31 years ago, and speak into the cameras. That’s the only thing that can please the press right about now.