Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap 12/1/13: “A Very Merry Christmas”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians Recap 12/1/13: "A Very Merry Christmas"

Tonight on E! the Keeping Up With The Kardashians airs with a new episode called, “A Very Merry Christmas.”  On tonight’s show the First Ever 90-Minute Kardashian Christmas Special Features a Family Gift Exchange, videos from Christmases Past, and the exclusive reveal of the Highly Anticipated 2013 Kardashian Christmas Card.  All will be answered tonight, will Lamar be in the photo, will Bruce be in the photos and how much photoshopping has gone on.

Always “all-in” when it comes to celebrating life’s big moments with one another, the family recently gathered to celebrate an early Christmas, and they are sharing the most wonderful time of the year with their fans everywhere.  Video clips from the 80s, 90s and 2000s show the family’s now-legendary Christmas parties, featuring close family and friends, great food, fab décor and a Santa who is sometimes more naughty than nice!  The family shares intimate video moments and photos from Christmas mornings gone by, and recall the loved ones who are no longer with them.  Then, the traditional Kardashian white elephant gift exchange gets very competitive.  Who knew the double-chin exercise contraption would be such a hot ticket?

In addition, the special takes viewers behind the scenes at the photo shoot for the family’s highly anticipated 2013 Christmas card, and includes the exclusive reveal of the card, which is sent every year to the family’s closest friends and relatives.

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” tonight at 8:30PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this season of KUWTK?

RECAP: The Kardashians are having a Christmas special, Kim talks about how their special is going to be family oriented because of how important family is for them. They go over how they’ll show old videos of them when they were younger, their Christmas gift exchange and the Christmas photos they’ll be taking also. They’re excited to share all their memories with everyone for the Christmas holidays.

Kris mentions how this is her favorite time of the year, Kourtney Khloe and Kim arrive along with Scott the Lord Dissick. Bruce makes his appearance singing Jingle Bells, it turns out he’s made it last. Kourtney tells Khloe to pop some rose with everyone, Kris is going to show some Christmas video of the four kids Christmases. It shows Kim, Khloe and Kourtney as young girls getting Christmas presents, Bruce talks about how Christmas is all about the children and it made it more exciting. It shows their Christmas in 2002 with Kendal and Kylie. Scott finds it weird how catholic parents lie to their kids about Santa, it then shows Kylie and Kendal opening Christmas presents when they were younger. Bruce mentions how they had so much personality back then, Kris tells them that they have to pick a number and that if they get number one they have to open any of the gifts on the table and open it in front of them. Kylie opened up and got an I Pod charger, Kourtney gets a double chin exercising thing. Kim then says that she needs it.

Kris is so excited that people brought their pictures in, Kris wants to share her’s first showing g them a picture of them all in the Scott dog pajamas. It shows Kim blowing a kiss in her picture and another of her, then there’s another one with her dad and their dog Paris. Kylie shows her and Rob making cookies, it shows Scott trying to get Bruce drunk, Kendall has one of Mason. Rob shows the leopard picture, they’re all wearing leopard patterned clothes. Scott tried to show pictures of himself, where he was younger. Khloe shows a picture of Lemar and Bruce with Santa, and Kourtney trying to get with a fake Santa. Then a picture of Kris with her father and a guy she used to date. Kris talks about who they went and faked how Santa ate the cookies, it shows a video of them when they were kids looking at the eaten cookies; then it shows the girls opening gifts from Santa. Kris wants to show videos about Santa, it shows Bruce as Santa a very inappropriate Santa. Kim wants to do one more gift, Kendal goes and grabs the biggest gift and inside of it is a tent. Bruce is number four and he decides get the smallest gift and inside of it is a bracelet with “Wild” on it.

It’s actually a bracelet that says what would Jesus do, Scott picks up a gift and opens the gift wrong. Kris got a personal lightshow for her own room, they think it’s Kendal’s gift. Kris mentions how when they were kids they had matching outfits, Kris wants to show them the different decades of styles they wore during the holidays. It shows Kourtney younger with a portobello mushroom haircut as Scott said it was. It shows Khloe dancing as a little girl, Kris says that the sentimental gifts are the best gifts. It shows the kids when they were younger getting a horse for Christmas, a girls dream come true. Khloe mentions that her best gift was Harley the puppy, it turns out that she called the dog Harley, because Bruce got a Harley. Then it shows the videos of them both getting their Harley’s.

It now shows a video of 1996 of Kim getting Christmas gift and Khloe receiving Barbie overalls. Kris then shows a video of Bruce in 1998 being a great host. It shows Kendal young getting her own pink car and Kylie trying to make a basket with this small basketball net. It then shows Kendal young putting makeup on herself, Kris says that Bruce was such a great dad for the girls and Rob says to everyone. Kris then says it’s not like he’s made any mistakes, it shows Kris getting gifts but then pointing out something wrong with them like a ring being way too small. Khloe is number 7 and she’s stealing a gift, everyone is scared of what Khloe’s going to steal.

Khloe decides to steal the double decker chin from Kourtney, something she really wanted to get; now Kourtney has to choose a gift and it’s a lottery ticket. Kim isn’t in to it, Khloe is having fun with it and Kourtney really wants it back. Rob gets a gift and it’s a remote control helicopter, she’s gotten videos of Rob when he was younger. Kris talks about the electrical cars that they bought them when they were kids, it shows Rob and Khloe driving around in an electrical car when they were younger. Kris talks about how the family make fun of her for being so emotional, she shows videos of herself getting emotional during many Christmas days.

It cuts back to the Kardashian families Christmas special, Bruce fell asleep, then they show a video of Kris in 1991 during Christmas and then it shows another one of Kris in 1988 during Christmas with Santa. Kourtney is playing with her lottery tickets right now, Kim gets up and says she’s going to swap her gift for Scott’s gift and she gives Scott a gift that she bought. Scott got a card for massages at a spa, and Kourtney ended up winning $10,000 with her lottery ticket.

Everyone can’t believe that Kourtney won $10,000 with the lottery ticket; it turns out that the lottery tickets were fake. Kris wants to show videos of family members who aren’t here anymore, it shows their father before and now it shows Harry who’s Kris’s father. Then it shows William, Bruce’s father drive a motorcycle. Bruce says it’s too bad that the kids never got to meet his father, it shows Their grandfather and grandmother. Kris says that there are several special memories throughout the holidays and what makes it special is family. Everyone is now going to open their stockings, everyone got some gifts. Kris shows a video of Kourtney playing the piano. Now it cuts to Khloe, Kim and Kourtney talking about the gifts they got; now they’re going to show the family photo shoot.

Brice is about to talk about something, but is interrupted by the chair being broken. They’re wondering how the holidays is going to become, since Bruce and Kris are separated, Lamar and Khloe are having their problems and Kim and Kayne’s popularity in media. Kris and Bruce say that family is first, they’re wondering if Bruce is going to sleep over or not during Christmas, he says that’s his Christmas present. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe are looking through Christmas cards that they made throughout the years, it’s usually a picture of them. Nick Sgalimbeni has taken the photos for the Kardashians usually, now they’re getting someone else who they’re going to work with. Kim says that his photos are always nice awesome. Kris says that they should speak to the photographer about to do, Kim and the others are excited about getting their picture taken. David La Chapelle arrives at their house to talk about what they’re going to do for the Christmas card picture, he wants to do something with contemporary pop culture. Khloe isn’t too big into art and had no idea what he was saying, David talks about a futuristic shot. He’s going for a more action movie, David would feel more comfortable not having the kids in the picture. Kim likes how it having just the girls in the photo, when David suggested doing the card with only the girls the girls liked it. it then shows the family at Kourtney and Scott’s place. Kim talks to Khloe, Kendal and Kourtney about the Christmas card, Scott says that he’s cool with not being in the Christmas card and Rob doesn’t want to be in it. They haven’t spoken to Bruce about there being only the females in the family in the picture. Kourtney wants the kids to be in the card also, even though David doesn’t want to work with them. Bruce is playing with the dog, Kendal talks about the Christmas card picture with Bruce saying that it’s going to just be with the girls. Bruce, doesn’t want it to be the girl’s Christmas card, he wants it to be the family’s Christmas card like it’s always been throughout the years.

Khloe mentions how it pisses her off that the windows aren’t tinted, because she thought it was the bathroom window; but they were the bedroom windows. The girls talk about how Bruce isn’t happy not being in the Christmas card, also that Kendal is upset that he won’t be in it also. Kris didn’t realize that Bruce felt this way at all, she doesn’t want to hurt any ones feelings with this Christmas car photo. Kris wants to explain her thought process to Bruce, Khloe wants to know about the man by the pool; turns out it’s the pool man. Kris meets up with Bruce, she talks about how his feelings are hurt because he wasn’t invited to the Christmas card. Kris talks about how it was the photographer’s decision with making it all girls; Bruce is cool with it in the end. Bruce will be going to the Christmas card shoot, turn out it’s going to be something crazy. The stylist Johnny Wujack who is picking out the wardrobe for the girls who are going to be in the photo shoot, David appears and gives them hugs and stuff to greet them. Kim says the clothes are outrageous. Kim wants to keep blonde hair, but the photographer wants her to go black; but Kim decides to keep it blonde. Kourtney is sick now, and isn’t here. Kourtney wants to bring the kids, but she can’t bring her kids because it won’t work. Kourtney really wants to get her kids in the photo shoot.

It’s now the day of the photo shoot, all the girls are getting their make-up done; David doesn’t want to show the set just yet because he wants it to be a big surprise for the Kardashian family. Kourtney wants to bring the kids in at the end, to see if they can get rid of the hazardous things and make it safe for them to get into a shot or two. David isn’t happy with Kim’s hair, he wants her to have something more crazy to match with everyone else. Kim appears and Bruce says her hair is bigger than her ass. Dave reveals his set for their photo shoot. David created a post-apocalyptic world of pop-culture. Now David is getting everyone into their positions, to get this photo done. Kourtney brought her kids with her she wants them to be in the Christmas card. David is working hard and notices the children he doesn’t look to pleased with this.

Kourtney wants the kids to get dressed in clothes to be in the picture, David is trying to talk to Kourtney about the kids being in the shot; he never planned for them to be in it. David understands that she wants to have her kids in the shoot, he mentions the glass and stuff he’s not comfortable with working with kids in a hazardous environment. David mentions that they’re really used to getting their way, the kid walks in with a small little tux. David decides to work with the kids anyways, he’ll make it work. Kourtney is happy that she got to do it with her kids, everyone is happy with the experience they had with the pictures. Now the Kardashian family are putting ornaments on the Christmas tree, they were happy with the entire experience with David La Chapelle. Khloe feels very blessed that everyone has traditions like this and then they show the Christmas Card of 2013.