Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap 8/4/13: Season 8 Episode 10 “OPA!”

Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap 8/4/13: Season 8 Episode 10 “OPA!”

Tonight on E! KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS continues with another new episode called, “OPA!.” On tonight’s show, keeping up with the Kardashians the Jenner boys try to get their Kardashian siblings’ support to build a putting green at the Jenner home. Did you watch last week’s season 8 episode 9? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s show while in Greece, Kris gets overly-friendly with Brody, who finally confronts her about unfinished business. Meanwhile, Khloe and Kourtney decide to stop being chicken, face their fears, and make this vacation one to remember.  While vacationing in Mykonos, the pair decide to abide by the motto “you only live once.”  Rob Kardashian finds himself facing a potential arrest after a run-in with a photographer who snapped his picture.

On tonight’s show with only days left on the vacation, Scott finally shows up to Greece. Kendall feels like she’s being left out of the family fun and is missing out on a bonding experience with Brody. The Jenner boys try to get their Kardashian siblings’ support to build a putting green at the Jenner home.

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of KUWTK?

RECAP: Kris and Brody continue their talk, he tells her that she should ask herself if certain things are important in her life. Brody goes on to say that “things” are not important to him, people are. Kourtney hears the conversation and gets in the middle, she tells Brody that genuinely her mom’s soul is not about having flashy things. Kris tells him that when she met Bruce she was so excited to meet his children and what she thought would happen, didn’t, but everything happens for a reason. Kris reminds Brody that Kourtney didn’t talk to Bruce for five years and had a hard time with it. Kris then tells Brody that she loves him and always has.

Growing up, Brody thought Kris was the villain, but he is happy they are opening the lines of communication because they really don’t know each other very well. Kris goes on to say she wants Brody around all the time, he tells her that she has his number.

The next morning, Kourtney goes to see Kris who tells her that Kim doesn’t look happy, she is just so miserable.

The family all join together at the breakfast table and have a laugh about a story that involves Bruce. The conversation goes to Kim’s boobs and Kourtney says she doesn’t know how she goes around all day carrying them.

Kylie and Khloe decide to be British for the day and join the Jenner boys for a day of ATV’s. Afterwards, Kendall is upset because she was left out for the day.

The family heads out to spend some time in the sun when they look in the distance and see the paparazzi there. The family heads inside and packs up, they are heading to another area of Greece, Santorini. This place is supposed to be the hot spot in Greece, Kim believes it is one of the prettiest places she has ever seen in her life. Scott is still not there, he is still in London.

The family arrives and can’t believe how beautiful it is, the views are breathtaking and champagne is waiting for them.

The women get settled in their suites, then head out to have a fish pedicure. Kim is freaking out, she doesn’t like it and starts to cry – there is no way Kris is getting one after that reaction.

It is late and time for the family to get together for dinner, Scott arrives and is ready to put all his energy into spending time with the family. Kendall tells her mom that she shouldn’t be on the trip, she is not included in anything and has sat in her room all day by herself, she starts crying and leaves the table.

Kim wants to do something wild, the Kardashian women decide that they are going to jump in the pool with all of their clothes on. It is Kim’s last night in Greece, in the morning she is heading to Paris to spend time with her boyfriend. Kris heads to the bedroom all wet and jumps on it getting Bruce wet and is clearly very annoyed and gets up to leave the room.

Brandon and Brody want to get a putting green for their dad and Brody approaches Khloe about it because Kris is really against it.

Kylie, Khloe and Brody decide that they are going to go out on the town and have a good time. The next morning, Brody tells Scott that he needs to get him on a skateboard with Mason. Brody tells Scott that Kourtney was a little upset about photos of him in London, Scott claims that it was completely innocent and there was nothing he could do about the photos being taken. Brody suggests that he doesn’t put himself in those situations.

Kendall doesn’t show up for breakfast, Khloe heads out to look for her and finds her in her room. Kendall tells Khloe to go away and Khloe is confused as to why she is so upset. Khloe has to leave, her helicopter has arrived so she enlists Brody’s help to speak to Kendall because she seems most upset that she has not spent time with Brody. Kendall is really sensitive and Brody had no idea, he really wants to try and make it up to her.

Kendall makes her way to the breakfast table finally and the whole family cheers. Khloe is leaving, she has to go back to LA with Lamar but she is really going to miss Greece. Bruce asks everyone if they want to go for a walk to walk off breakfast, Scott says he wants to go to bed because he is tired after having slept on the couch the night before.

Brody takes Kendall are out on an ATV together, just the two of them and Kendall couldn’t be happier.

Soctt tries to hide out away from the family and spends time alone, Leah finds him and tells him to step up and start spending time with Kourtney because she was missing him. Scott takes Kourtney out to dinner and tells her that he is happy they are spending alone time together.

Brandon approaches Kourtney about the putting green for Bruce and she is on board.

Kendall is having lots of fun with her family now, weird thing is, Khloe and Kim had to leave for her to have a good time.

The end!