Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson’s Weight Loss Rivalry – Jessica Won’t Leave House While Kim is Slimmer (Photos)

Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson's Weight Loss Rivalry - Jessica Won't Leave House While Kim is Slimmer (Photos)

When Jessica Simpson delivered her second baby on June 30th she seemed to be much healthier than she was the first time around. Now, nearly two months after the fact, Jess is freaking out because in spite of making healthier choices while pregnant, the baby weight isn’t budging. She is still tipping the scales at over 170 pounds and rather than do something about it, she has become a hermit.

According to the Sept. 2nd print edition of Star magazine, Jess spends her days on the couch watching television and obsessing over other celeb new moms. Ironically she has a trainer, a home gym and a deal with Weight Watchers but no will power to stick to a solid plan it seems. Jess is in a panic about being seen in public with all of the extra weight and so she only leaves the house when it’s an emergency. If situations can be dealt with over the phone then it’s how Jess proceeds.

Friends also say that Jess has developed an unhealthy obsession with Kim Kardashian and how she is bouncing back after having her baby. The two bonded while pregnant and remain friends now but rather than spend her time working to get herself back into shape Jess is instead fixated on her new friends life. Those close to Jess are beginning to worry because she is nothing like the woman that Eric Johnson first hooked up with. That woman was bubbly and out going and fun. This version of Jess is pretty miserable and if she doesn’t decide to take action then there will be no end in sight for her misery.

Do you think that Jess will wake up and whip herself into shape soon? She has a big holiday campaign coming up with Weight Watchers, do you think she’ll slim down in time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson's Weight Loss Rivalry - Jessica Won't Leave House While Kim is Slimmer (Photos)

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  • Ok that is dumb.

  • Jocelyn

    OMG that’s awesome

  • Angel 2009

    Star rag is doing some desperate writing again . . . pfffft!

  • Ali

    I hate that celebs put so much pressure on themselves to lose the baby weight IMMEDIATELY.

  • Annemarie

    This is just ridiculous!

  • thebutcher

    That’s what happens when you eat like a pig, and pop out kids like a factory