5 responses to “Kim Kardashian and North West”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Kimmode has denied this but then we all know she lies like she breathes.

  2. LadyJustice says:

    she sucks as a mom…she should have let that load off on the carpet..desperate to hang on..

  3. […] of tweaks and procedures dictated by Kris. A few weeks ago Kim was hit with criticism because she shared a photo of 6 month old Nori with eyebrows that are truly a little too perfect. The internet attacked Kim for waxing her infants’ brows and of course Kim denied it, but […]

  4. […] are just a little too perfect. That caused a debate that was still raging on about whether or not she would actually wax her infants’ brows, right up until last night when Kim Instagrammed a new […]

  5. jimmy z says:

    yes babies do have unibrows absolutely and with each passing month of their life if they have a unibrow it gets more and more noticeable but yes absolutely they do and yes absolutely she did wax that unibrow she don’t want her baby looking like no troll