Kim Kardashian Waxed North West’s Eyebrows – In Big Trouble With Baby Daddy Kanye – Unibrow Scandal? (PHOTO)


We have contemplated the type of mother that Kim Kardashian actually is ever since she gave birth to Nori back in June. It’s pretty obvious that she’s not exactly the most hands on mother and that when we see her in public with the baby it’s totally for show. Kim has to be spotted with the baby every now and then in an attempt to keep her critics at bay. I mean, as long as she walks one block with her kid in the stroller then it’s photographic proof that she spends time with North West, right? At least that’s what she’s hoping that we think.

When she released a close up photo of Nori’s face an instant debate started over whether or not Kim is already waxing her baby’s eyebrows! If it were any other mother that would be the most ridiculous suggestion on earth but in this case, well. Let’s go with what we know. Kim is all about appearances. Looking the part of perfection is far more important than anything else and I’m pretty positive that the belief goes double for her child. Nori is an accessory to make Kim look like a loving human being and like all of Kimmie’s other accessories, it has to be perfect.

Did Kim already have Nori’s brows waxed? Well I doubt we’ll ever prove it just yet. But you know that she wouldn’t be against it, right? Is she really going to allow her daughter to have a unibrow or anything else that would make her look less than ideal? Of course not! This kid will have a high maintenance beauty regimen before she’s even in preschool, don’t you think? How is Kim doing as a new mom? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

5 responses to “Kim Kardashian Waxed North West’s Eyebrows – In Big Trouble With Baby Daddy Kanye – Unibrow Scandal? (PHOTO)”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Kimmode has denied this but then we all know she lies like she breathes.

  2. LadyJustice says:

    she sucks as a mom…she should have let that load off on the carpet..desperate to hang on..

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  5. jimmy z says:

    yes babies do have unibrows absolutely and with each passing month of their life if they have a unibrow it gets more and more noticeable but yes absolutely they do and yes absolutely she did wax that unibrow she don’t want her baby looking like no troll