Kim Kardashian Already Planning ‘Nips And Tucks’ For After The Baby’s Born

Kim Kardashian Already Planning 'Nips And Tucks' For After The Baby's Born 0131

Can you blame her? I don’t care how many times I catch her walking out the gym (with makeup fully intact so how hard did you actually work out?) Kim Kardashian’s ass was meant for bouncing quarters but I’m not so sure it was meant for bouncing back after baby. I’m not saying she can’t do it. I’m saying Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy might hit her hard so I’m sure she really is “freaking out” like the tabloids are suggesting. I get it. It’s her first kid. She has no idea how her body’s going to respond to all that growing and stretching so can you fault her for coming out with some Plan Bs? Turns out she’s already planning some “nips and tucks” post-delivery. Does a C-section/tummy tuck sound like it’s on the menu?

Like I’ve said before, I don’t really care what women do. If it makes you happy then it makes you happy. Just don’t play me like Jessica Simpson and tell me your ridiculously fast weight loss is all because of walking and smoothies. The American public is much quicker to move on when stars don’t play the whole “I lost 60 pounds in 6 weeks from running after my newborn” story.

Don’t you feel that most of Kim Kardashian’s weight issues stem from the way she dresses anyway? She needs to watch some of those “Dress to appear 10 pounds lighter” shows. You don’t really need all those nips and tucks when you dress for your figure and Kim never does that! Look at the pics below. What the hell is she thinking wearing that white Big Bird dress? How is that fashionable? I just don’t get how this woman isn’t on the top of every Worst Dressed List.

Geez, this post makes it seem like I’m really hatin’ on “hungry for plastic surgery” Kim Kardashian but I’m really not. I just hate the way she dresses and think it’s why she looks so lumpy all the time. Changing that will be much cheaper than going under the knife.


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