Kim Kardashian Had Sex With Herself and Got Pregnant: Kanye West Not The Father!

Kim Kardashian Had Sex With Herself and Got Pregnant: Kanye West Not The Father!

Kim Kardashian has proven once again that she does not think things through before she opens her mouth.  On last nights’ episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Miami, Kim reminded the world that she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but uttering this gem, “If I was a man I would want to know what it’s like to have sex with myself.”

After hearing that sentence my heart was overflowing with joy.  Did Kim really say that?  Do the Kardashian’s have a filter at all?  These women are nothing if not entertaining.  But I guess once the world has seen you get boned in multiple positions, there isn’t much more to hide.

How does her man, Kanye West, feel about all of this over-sharing?  Who knows.  He made an appearance on the episode, but said very little.  Clearly he knows how it’s better to be seen than heard.  In the latest issue of DuJour Magazine, Kim talks about how much Kanye has taught her.  Perhaps some of what he taught her includes keeping her personal life personal and even though she’s on a reality show doesn’t mean she has to go out of her way to make people believe that it is real.

Now I love me some Kardashian’s, but there is a limit to how much I want to know about them.  For instance, I could have gone without Khloe and Kourtney waxing their hoo-has, and watching Kim steal her sister’s breast milk for her psoriasis.  Then again the Kardashian’s are rich and have built a huge empire so clearly they know a thing or two about what sells.

What do you think readers?  Should Kim start holding things back or continue to say every thought that pops up in her brain?  Also, can you name another celebrity who ever wondered what it felt like to have sex with themselves? Ha Ha!

Image Credit: DuJour Magazine