Scott Disick’s $100 Bills Toilet Paper Roll: Posts Douchiest Instagram Pics in the History of Celebs! (PHOTOS)

Scott Disick's $100 Bills Toilet Paper Roll: Posts Douchiest Instagram Pics in the History of Celebs! (PHOTOS)

Wow, this has got to be one of the douchiest new lows for the Kardashian clan. Scott Disick, perhaps in an effort to stir up some drama and generate some controversy, posted a series of pics on Instagram flaunting his riches and decadent lifestyle. The pictures consist of a stack of $100 bills wrapped around a toilet paper roll, an armful of expensive watches, and more bills scattered all over a Hermes Birkin bag.

I can’t even handle these pictures and, while he’s probably trying to be funny and live up to his jerky persona on his Instagram entitled letthelordbewithyou (Lord Disick), let’s hope he understands the ridiculosity of these pics.

While some of his followers thought the pics were funny and all in good fun, many users posted some scathing feedback. “You should donate that to someone who could actually use it like kids in Africa or kids that are dying of cancer just saying there are people in the world who need that more than a toilet paper roll,” one commenter said. Another said, “It makes you wonder why Kourtney would be with him.” Well, we’ve wondered that for a while now. But, I guess you have to give them credit, because they’re still together.

Take a look at the photo gallery below and let us know what you think of Lord Disick and his dollah-dollah-bills-y’all. All in good fun or the world’s biggest celebrity douchebag?

Image credits to Instagram

  • Angel 2009

    Typical Lord Douche behavior. This repulsive family continues to flaunt their wealth in the faces of the deluded devoted fans who made them rich in the first place! And yet these fans continue to support them – stupidity at its’ finest.

  • Annemarie

    OMG how obnoxious…

  • Robyn

    He is a total lowlife

  • Tyler N Tammy Bills

    Oh pahlease….. He was making fun of a total dick head called LAVISH, that is always posting money, jewelry, bags, etc.
    it was a joke- lighten up!!!!!!
    It was actually hysterical!

    • Angel 2009

      So Lord Douche and his merry band of K Trash don’t do the exact same thing?! Pffft! You need to find someone worthy of admiring for real talent instead of being a reality fame whore.

  • sheri s

    Typical Scott. To bad it is probley Kourtney’s money. Lord Disick does not work hardly.
    I could put all the money to good use. Just remember Scott money does not buy health or happiness.

  • allie

    This dude is such a waste of space

  • MisTRhi

    Anyone who flaunts their wealth at a time when the world is struggling to pay for food and keep the roof over their head is a truly repulsive human being! Curses to you all and may you suffer 3 fold by losing all your wealth and fame…now that would be worth watching!!!