Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Make Sex Tape To Compete With Kris and Bruce Jenner’s Gross One (VIDEO)

Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Make Sex Tape To Compete With Kris and Bruce Jenner's Gross One (VIDEO)

This family never ceases to amaze me. In the latest preview for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we see Kris Jenner admit that she made a sex tape with Bruce Jenner, which is bad enough in itself – like, who actually wanted to know that piece of information? But wait, it gets even worse.

Kourtney Kardashian then decides that the best way to get even is film a sex tape with hubby Scott Disick, with both of them role playing as her mother and Bruce. Not only that, but Khloe Kardashian also makes an appearance as the person manning the camera.

Seriously, can you say twisted? Obviously, the Kardashians are not new to the idea of sex tapes, considering how Kim Kardashian even got her start in this business. And even if Kris had given us all the gory details of her sex tape, I think that would have been infinitely preferable to seeing Kourtney and Scott acting out sex as Kris and Bruce – with Kourtney dressed up as Kris and Scott wearing a wig to make himself look more like Bruce.

Any normal person would have just been grossed out by the details, and tried their best to forget that their mom made a sex tape with her husband. But noo, Kourtney and Scott decide that they want to parody Kris’s sex tape, and then dress up as them to do so. Who even thinks like that? Apart from Kourtney and Scott, I mean?

It’s gross, it’s sick, it’s weird, and it’s twisted. That should be the tagline of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but really, I guess this shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s seen enough of the Kardashian shenanigans to know this isn’t anything new.

What do you guys think of Kourtney and Scott making a sex tape to make fun of Kris? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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