Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Episode 4 “Dragon Me Down” Sneak Peek & Spoiler: Kim Kardashian Puts Kanye West Ahead of Family!

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami Episode 4 "Dragon Me Down" Sneak Peek & Spoiler: Kim Kardashian Puts Kanye West Ahead of Family!

Kourtney and Kim Take Miami is a whole bunch of crazy, but isn’t everything just a bit crazy when the Kardashian’s are involved? Kim Kardashian, along with the rest of the Kardashian sisters, aren’t ones to keep their feelings bottled up. They speak their minds, and they’re not afraid of how their statements will make others around them feel. On this coming Sunday’s new episode of Kourtney and Kim, Kim flat out tells members of her family that her relationship with rapper Kanye West is the most important thing to her now. She holds him above her family. He’s number one in her book right now.

One interesting fact, according to Radar Online, is that the show was filmed last autumn, which was of course prior to Kim and Kanye’s baby announcement.

In the preview clip, the family is preparing to participate in a dragon boat racing event. How fun, right? Apparently, Kim backed out at the last minute after thinking Kanye would be around to keep her otherwise occupied. Turns out that she made a mistake and, after realizing that Kanye wasn’t actually going to be around, she decided that she actually could participate in the rowing event.

Cue drama. Cue Kardashian Krazy.

As you might imagine, the family was rubbed the wrong way and felt as if they were on the bottom of Kim’ priority list. Turns out, actually, that they were.

“So we’re you’re back-up choice?” Kris asks. Kourtney quickly adds, “So we’re second priority.” Kim Kardashian replied with a tart comment that left even our lips a bit puckered — and not in the good way. “Yeah you are,” Kim said in reply to Kourtney. “Yeah, in my life you are!”

Bruce doesn’t have that. Being the team captain he tells her there’s just no room for her. Oh, ouch, burn. Good on you though, Bruce, for not taking any of Kim’s Krap. Someone’s got to stand up to her. What do you think about this drama?

  • kate

    Good for Bruce for not letting this spoiled brat of a woman-child walk all over him this time. Kim is disgusting on that show.