Kris Jenner Confesses: Divorcing Robert Kardashian Was The Biggest Regret of her Life!

Kris Jenner Confesses: Divorcing Robert Kardashian The Biggest Regret of her Life!

Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner showed off a bit of their fancyland mansion to Kathie Lee Gifford (Today Show) and, in the process, Kris came right out with one of her biggest regrets in life. Shes tells Gifford that the one decision in her life that she ultimately regrets is the decision to go through the divorce with Robert Kardashian.

Kathie Lee got the royal tour of all the rooms in the house and, I’m just going to say it right now, I’d like to have the Kardashian mansion. But, honestly, who wouldn’t want that mansion. Kris walked her through the family rooms, the dressing/makeup rooms, the kitchen, the foyer, the classy bedrooms, and once they got to the pool area with a glass of wine in hand, Kathie Lee probed her long-time friend with some serious questions: What is your greatest joy and fear surrounding your children?

Kris Jenner, after having been accused of being a horrible parent in Robert Kardashian’s diary entries, got all sentimental on us and said that her greatest joys surrounding her children are watching them discover their own personal joys in life. And, like most parents, she fears for their well-being. All she can hope for is that they are happy and make good choices.

She mentioned that her biggest regret was “getting divorced” from the late Robert Kardashian. “I think it was a little too hasty and stupid and silly. I was way too young to make a decision like that. But the one good thing that came from that ultimately was Kendall and Kylie.” And . . . . once again she forgets about Bruce Jenner. *palm to face* *face to desk*

Kris also gushed about her love for Kanye West and expressed that Kim Kardashian truly is lucky to have a guy that loves and cares for her as much as he does. Don’t forget to check out the tour of the fancy Kardashian mansion by clicking on the video below.

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