Kris Jenner Hated Robert Kardasian For Defending O.J. Simpson – CDL Exclusive

Kris Jenner Hated Robert Kardasian For Defending O.J. Simpson – CDL Exclusive

Before the Kardashians were a household name, they were simply a privileged family living in O.C. Pam Behan was happily employed as the family nanny for 5 years, during Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian’s school years. She was also there when the family was going through a good deal of inner turmoil. She started with them the day that Kris and Bruce Jenner married, a day that came hot on the heels of Kris’ divorce from Robert Kardashian. She maintains that the exes got along well until the O.J. Simpson trial when both Kris and Robert landed on opposing sides. Before her murder, Nicole Brown Simpson was a regular fixture in the family’s life and in their home as well. Pam juggled her kids along with Kris’ and she felt the weight of responsibility in the midst of the mess.

“It was horrible to be there for the whole O.J. Trial. Robert and O.J. Were tight and Kris and Nicole (Brown Simpson) were really close. We saw Nicole and her kids on a regular basis. I was dropping off or picking up Justin and Sydney, if not every day then every other day. From my point of view, Nicole didn’t treat me like the hired help. She would hug me and offer me margarita’s if they were having them. She was just really cool to me. She bought me a ring once when the families went to Mexico together. I really loved her and when she died it was so tense.

How do you answer the questions when the kids are all asking what happened? It was terrible and it was certainly one of the events that led me to feel like I had to get out of there. I chose not to leave in the midst of it and if you remember that trial went on forever. I think it was right around the end of it that Kris had found out that she was pregnant too so I knew it was time to give my notice and I gave it months and months in advance. When they read that verdict I felt sick to my stomach and I thought ‘I’ve got to get out of this town.”

In her book Malibu Nanny: Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny, Pam talks about her real attachment to the kids and how after they suffered the loss of Nicole (and confusion of the situation) she couldn’t walk away, even though she was dying to leave L.A. She hung in for awhile longer out of loyalty to the family.

It’s interesting to me that Sydney Simpson and Khloe started off as such close friends and now their seems to be animosity between them. Do you think the battle lines between family members ultimately affected their friendship as well? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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