Kris Jenner Keeps Reminding Kim Kardashian That No One Will Hire a Fat Girl?

Kris Jenner Keeps Reminding Kim Kardashian That No One Will Hire a Fat Girl?

Kris Jenner is truly a piece of work, but you already know that, right? While we have all assumed that Kim Kardashian went into self-imposed exile after the birth of her baby nearly 6 weeks ago because of Kanye West demanding privacy, it’s simply not the case. Instead the reality star has been holed up in a suite with her new family on Kris Jenner’s property, mainly to whip herself back into shape.

According to the Aug. 5th print edition of Star magazine Kris is putting a huge amount of pressure on Kim to lose the baby weight. Not only has she made sure that Kim has trainers and a chef but she has resorted to making nasty comments about any loose skin on Kim’s body. Her mantra is that no one will hire a fat girl! Remember before Kim got pregnant Kris made a mint off of Kim’s body and so she has definitely taken a financial hit in the last 9 months.

Kris’ pressure has resulted in Kim only partially bonding with North West, as her main focus has been on getting into the sexiest shape of her life, instead of being a mother to her new baby. From the sounds of it Nori will be raised by nannies just like all of the Kardashian girls were!

Are you surprised to hear that Kris would resort to name calling? Also Kim had a c-section so technically she shouldn’t even be working out until she is 6 weeks post delivery because her body simply wouldn’t be ready before that. Obviously Kris could care less about how well her daughter heals, its all about the Benjamins!

Will Kim be a better mother than Kris in the long run or is this setting the tone for things? Will she ever put her daughter first? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Star Magazine

  • Ughhh, I so can’t stand Kris Jenner.

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  • Victoria McGuire

    KJ is angry that she is losing money while Kimye is in hiding and kanye does not want the baby to be photographed. maybe that baby girl is not as cute as the K clan has reported. She might just take after her father. Hmmm.

  • Angel 2009

    PMK would do or say anything to keep her management percentage rolling in and that includes being verbally abusive to get what she wants. Gawd, that putrid excuse for a human being infuriates me!

  • twelfthnight

    Oh, we thought it was because of Kanye? I thought it was kind of obvious that it’s because Kim still has baby weight on her and couldn’t stand to have pictures of her post-baby self out anywhere until she’s ‘perfect’ again, so she’s become a hermit.

    What have they been ‘hired’ for, though? Diet pill ads? That’s about it that I can think of outside their own endeavors.