Kris Jenner Half Naked & Kissing Another Man!

Kris Jenner Half Naked & Kissing Another Man!

Kris Jenner was half naked and getting busy kissing on another man, according to the latest copy of the National Enquirer. She has already called him an “old man” and is known for her wandering vagina, so we’re not shocked at all, really.

When she was married to Robert Kardashian, she screwed around on him. So many of us are still of the mind that her hairdresser Alex Roldan is Khloe’s real father. Now we’ve learned that she has been having a secret relationship with a “friend” and it may cause a divorce between the famed momager and her husband Bruce Jenner.

A source revealed of Kris and the mystery man, “They’ve been friends for decades but recently have been spending more and more time together.”

The source described the guy as “tall and brawny with a full head of hair and piercing eyes.”

She was rumored to be messing around on Robert with this guy and he could even be the father of one of her kids. The insider said, “At first, they just laughed off the rumors. But after joking about their supposed secret sex life, all the hot and heavy talk got their sexual chemistry brewing!”

Things got bad when they were caught KISSING! And Bruce found out about EVERYTHING! Poor guy, he should get out while he still can. Ha.

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