Kris Jenner Hates The Name North West – Dumps Kim Kardashian Right After Baby Born!

Kris Jenner Dumps Kim Kardashian Right After Baby Born - Hates The Name North West

Since Kim Kardashian gave birth last weekend the majority of the attention has been on her and her baby daddy, Kanye West. Everyone wonders if he’s treating her well and ready to stand up and be a father. I don’t know many brand new fathers that are ready to leave the country and their new family in the dust but that’s a whole other story.  What I’ve also learned is that even Kris Jenner ditched out on Kim while she pleaded with her to stay.

According to the July 1st print edition of In Touch Kris left Kim at the hospital to go and make a grand appearance at the Daytime Emmy Awards just hours after her grand daughter was born. This was a golden opportunity for Kris to promote her new talk show which premieres on July 15th and she wasn’t about to miss out on it.  Fellow celebs were shocked to see Kris make an appearance so soon after the birth of her grandchild.

I’m confused about why anyone would be shocked to see Kris put work before family. It’s irrelevant whether or not Kim needed her, Kris’ first priority right now is promoting her upcoming project, just like Kanye’s first priority is promoting his!  I almost feel bad for Kim. Can you imagine being in a position where you need to rely on these people for support during the roughest time in your life? Yeah, me neither.

How long before Kim has a total breakdown over the strain of new motherhood, still not looking as fake and fabulous as she thinks she needs to and then having the people that she needs nowhere to be found?  It looks like this was one more example of Kris’ lousy mothering tactics don’t you think? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Sorry

    Horrible name!

  • lily

    North West name is ugly, horrible, uncommon and it’s worth to be joked. What can we expect fom their dumb ass parents?

  • drdebo cherry

    you said it all lily!

  • This name is ridiculous.

  • Angel 2009

    PMK is just as big of a fame whore as Kimmode so it should come as no big surprise that she had to go prance around on the Emmys red carpet.

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  • Chris

    Personally I think the name Kris is dumb.

  • Robyn

    and all the “North West” passage jokes begin…

    • BlackMagicFuckery

      North West Airlines

  • Annemarie

    Still thinking this is all a joke and that is not their daughter’s name!

  • bohomoth

    Every single person in this family is rotten to the core. The Kore I mean

    • BlackMagicFuckery


  • BlackMagicFuckery

    This is a surprise? This is Kris J. She only cares abouthe money, the attention, and the money she recieves from her main cash cow.

  • i’m be mad if i was Kris Jenner too!

  • lol – i would abandon my daughter too if she called my grandchild north west!! LOL

  • This poor poor child.

  • Tatiana

    I Have A Feeling That Kanye Is Thinking Of His Daughter As $$$$, Like He Said Oh Kim Lets Name Her North West! When She’s Older She Can Have Her Own Clothing Line With Her Name -________- Kim Did That Epidural Shot Mess Up Your Head. Smfh.

  • allie

    I didn’t think about how horrific this must be for Kris. How in the world will she promote that?

  • Pamela

    I’m wondering when they’ll actually break their silence. It’s actually eerie not to have new Kim pics every day.

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  • EmilyTrainham

    Oh, it’s going to be so exciting to see Kris Jenner be so creepy about this baby on her talk show!

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