Kristen Stewart’s Birthday Finally Delivers True Love For Trampire

Kristen Stewart’s Birthday Finally Delivers True Love For Trampire

In Hollywood’s early years, vampires terrified audiences with their theatrical idiosyncrasies. Dracula, perhaps the most popular vampire of them all, symbolized our inherent fear of “ghosts and ghouls” going knock-knock in the middle of the night. Fortunately, as cinema evolved over the years, vampires lost their theatricality and fear-inducing fangs.

Dracula was pissed.

In 2008, when the first Twilight film was released, vampires were, for the first time, dipped in glitter and given a lollipop for being gentle. The Shakespearean theme of forbidden love became the very centre of this trilogy’s universe. The permanent winters and the whimsical love triangles made Twilight one of the most popular films in history. It gave us food for thought, flying vampires, tricky tricks, and murderous monsters hell-bent on destroying this torturous love affair between a simple girl and her immortal boyfriend. It was romantic naivety at its best, and audiences ate it for breakfast.

Behind the scenes, away from the horny vampires and the werewolves and Taylor Lautner’s abdomen, life imitated art. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson fell in love and lust. They were inseparable, unapproachable, and extremely famous. But as the Twilight trilogy evolved into one of the most powerful cinematic moments in history, fame started to corrupt their relationship.

One morning, not too long ago, news broke of Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders. The story spread like wildfire and took centre court on every single entertainment site in the world. He was her director and she was his muse, but there was no poetic purity in this obtuse affair. Her personal life exploded with such ferocity that it could be felt in every corner of pop culture. Stewart managed to taint her popularity and rip apart the romantic idealism of Twilight, and for this, millions of Twilight fans crucified her.

Yesterday, on the 9th of April, 2013, Stewart celebrated her 23rd birthday. At such a young age, Stewart managed to achieve unparalleled success with the Twilight trilogy. Her romantic pathos diluted her career, but Stewart somehow managed to overcome her demons and move on from The Crucible-esque humiliation she suffered. However, Stewart’s self-inflicted suffering wasn’t in vain, because for the first time in hundreds of years, Dracula was at peace. A 23-year-old girl, cursed in the same manner as him, had finally proven to the world that vampires are also capable of love, and for this, Dracula thanked her and served his wife a glass of blood.

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