Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Release “Do What U Want” – Listen to New Collaboration (AUDIO)

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly Release "Do What U Want" - Listen to New Collaboration (AUDIO)

Little Monsters all over the world are probably still recovering from the wonderful pop of art that occurred when the clock struck midnight. Their queen blessed them with the track, Do What U Want, from her upcoming album ARTPOP. The song is a highly anticipated collaboration with R&B king, R. Kelly.

The pairing of Gaga and R. Kelly may seem a little odd on paper. However, when two brilliant musicians/artists/vocalists/all around masters of their craft come together, pure magic is produced. (Remember, I’ve been waiting for an Eminem and Gaga collab for years.) I believe R. Kelly and Lady Gaga have achieved magic with this song.

Do What U Want is a mid-tempo electro-pop dance record infused with classic R&B characteristics. The song opens with ad libs by Gaga and Kelly over a heavy synthesized beat that instantly holds your ears captive. Lyrically, Gaga explains how she intends to protect her heart and emotions but encourages her love interest to “do what you want with my body.” Kelly obliges with “do what I what with your body” and his verse includes lines such “I could be the drink in your cup/ I could be the green in your blunt/ your pusher man/ yea I got what you want.

They also give amazing vocals. Gaga uses a defiant tone throughout the song and occasionally flaunts her breathy upper register during the verses and pre-chorus. However, by the final chorus and outro, she aggressively belts “do what you want with me, what you want with my body.” All the while, Gaga gives a great vocal performance that should be respected by any traditional R&B artist. Say what you want about her, the girl can “sang.”

I am so glad that Gaga pulled R. Kelly out of that closet he’s been trapped in since 2005! Seriously, Kelly is one of the most talented musicians in the industry and he never disappoints. His smooth voice and falsetto blends well with Gaga’s and his riffs and runs toward the end are perfection.

It’s not uncommon for R. Kelly to work with pop artists either. He wrote and produced Britney Spears’ 2004 single, Outrageous. I also want to note that as a longtime Britney fan, I couldn’t help be reminded of Slave 4 U, as I repeatedly listened to this track.

Do What U Want is WAY better than Applause and should be released as an official single. I mean, Applause is OK but it is not a Gaga classic and will never be a signature song for her. We all know she is a genius and this newest single, once again proves that. However, as of right now, Do What U Want is one of several promotional songs being released until ARTPOP drops on Nov. 11.

How do you like Lady Gaga’s newest song featuring R. Kelly?

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