Meet Chanel Omari: Princesses Long Island on Bravo

Meet Chanel Omari: Princesses Rhode Island on Bravo

Bravo‘s new show Princesses: Long Island is something that’s definitely happening and, chances are, everyone in the world is going to absolutely hate it and love it at the same time. I’ve heard a lot of grumbling already about this new show. But here’s the thing: People love them some trashy drama — therefore they’re going to watch it. Princesses features the lives of six well-to-do young ladies in their college years as they attempt to navigate their rough world of fame & fortune and insanity.

In case you haven’t caught our other posts featuring the cast mates, here’s the synopsis of the show:

“Princesses: Long Island” documents the lives of six college-educated young women from affluent areas of “Longuyland” who live pampered lifestyles in the comfort of their parents’ homes and at the expense of their bank accounts. The series offers a window into their family dynamics and personal lives filled with labels, luxury and love trials. The young women face pressure from their families and friends to find husbands and to settle down. Will these members of the boomerang generation find their Prince Charming or are they forever content with their co-dependent relationships with their parents?

Now that you have a bit of info about the show, let’s meet the next lady. Here’s a bit about Chanel (Coco) Omari:

Chanel AKA “Coco” is the social connector on Long Island and NYC who always knows where the hottest parties are, but only when they start after the Sabbath. Growing up in the affluent area of Great Neck, Chanel has it all and isn’t afraid to be herself. This social butterfly is best friends with Casey, but always makes time for her other friends. The dating game hasn’t come easy for Chanel as she falls in love quickly and ends up heartbroken, but she hasn’t lost her hope of finding “the one.” Her family constantly pressures her to find a good Jewish man, especially since her younger sister is engaged.

This princess takes pride in being down-to-earth and feels strongly that everyone should be treated equally. Chanel puts her social skills and journalism degree to good use with a website where she blogs about the hottest things trending on Long Island and NYC, including love and dating. She aspires to have her own talk show one day where she can help women feel confident about themselves and continue to believe in love.

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Image credit to Alex Martinez