Million Dollar Decorators Episode 7 “Lindsay Lohan” Recap 1/1/13

Million Dollar Decorators Episode 7 "Lindsay Lohan" Recap 1/1/12

Tonight on Bravo a whole new episode of MILLION DOLLAR DECORATORS airs, tonight’s episode is called “Designer to the Stars.”   If you have never watched the show Los Angeles’ most exclusive and sought-after interior designers — Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kathryn Ireland, Jeffrey Alan Marks, and Mary McDonald are the designers.  With big budgets, big personalities, and big projects, the designers take on A-List celebrity clientele and a few encounter some very familiar faces that turn out to be their most difficult clients to date.

On tonight’s show Kathryn is hired by Lindsay Lohan to reinvent her new home in the Hollywood Hills but things begin to unravel when the paparazzi pay them a surprise visit while the two are out shopping.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey faces a major challenge when his client demands that he shop only from low-cost retail stores in decorating her new beach house in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Martyn returns to his hometown, Chislehurst, England to help his sister Tina renovate an English Pub she recently bought but chaos erupts when the ceiling cave

With Lindsay Lohan on the show tonight’s episode is probably going to a drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Million Dollar Decorators Season 2 episode 7— tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of MDD tonight and check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s premiere!

Tonight’s recap:   On the previous episode of Million Dollar Decorators Mary McDonald, Kathryn Ireland and Martyn Lawrence Bullard each design a room in Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. They are participating Luxe Magazine’s show-house event. Of course the competitive claws come out to see whose design will turn out best.

 This is episode 7 of the second season. The show starts out with Kathryn speaking with her sons in her home. She asks them to Google Lindsay Lohan, her new client, so she can get a feel of what Lindsay is about. Kathryn says Lindsay has just moved into her new house and needs her help to decorate it. They met a New Year’s Eve party where Lindsay told   Kathryn she is a big fan of her work and would she decorate her new house. As Lindsay welcomes Kathryn into her home Kathryn says she loves the house. Lindsay moved here   from Venice Beach because she feels safe. Lindsay doesn’t explain why she needs a safe haven but it could be to try to get away from some of the negative influences in her life. At the time of filming this episode Lindsay was shooting Liz and Dick, her come back film that she is shot for Lifetime TV. Lindsay had publicly declared she was committed to turning her life around. Moving into a new space will give her a fresh start.  Kathryn and Lindsay decide to start by checking out the bedroom. They talk about options and Lindsay says she is looking for more space for her things. You can clearly see Lindsay has no organization what so ever. Her things are piled up on the floor in all corners of the room. The furniture looks like she found it at Goodwill.  One thing that has to go is Lindsay’s mirrored bed. Kathryn tells Lindsay it doesn’t’ go with the plans she has for decorating the bedroom. It’s also really ugly and needs to be thrown out no matter what the design will be. Kathryn says she will decorate the room to make more space for Lindsay’s things and also make it a very feminine feeling room.

Next we see Martyn in his bedroom packing a bag. He is talking to his sister Tina by phone about the pub she purchased. Tina and her husband Allan hire Martyn to be the decorator of their new business so Martyn is on his way back home to England. The city where the pub is located is in Tina and Martyn’s home town located one hour outside of London.  As Martyn is driving up to the pub we see the name on the building. The pub is called Imperial Arms. Martyn explains that he worked on different projects together wi th his sister in the past and he is excited to work with his sister again.

Jeffery Allan Marks is driving and we find out his on his way to his client Brooke’s house. He had ordered some pillows for her couch and wanted to deliver them himself.  Jeffery says he has been working on Brooke’s house for a year.  Brooke gives Jeffery a nice surprise but announcing she bought a new house in Nantucket that she wants him to decorate. house The other surprise Brooke has for Jeffery is that she wants him to use items from a catalogue for the design. Jeffery says prefers custom items but he will work with Brooke’s instructions to make her vision possible on her budget.

Meanwhile we see Martyn and Tina arrive at the pub. The place is a wreck and smells. Martyn is disgusted by the sights and smells. The place looks like it had been abandoned for years and that a tornado had gone through it. Martyn says if Tina and Allan had asked his opinion before buying the property he would have advised them not to purchase the pub. You can tell from the first look that the place should be demolished. Renovating and designing the pub is going to take a lot of money.

We next see Jeffrey arrive in Nantucket to work on Brooke’s house. He explains he has been working long distance with a contractor named Dwyer until he could get to Nantucket. Jeffery says he wants the house to have a California feel, be sophisticated and hip but still have a beach house feeling. Jeffrey discusses the design and remodel with the contractor and says they can spend no more than $200,000.

Back in England Martyn continues to explore the pub. He doesn’t like what he sees. You can see on his face that the more he explores the pub the more worried he is about potential problems. Allan explains to Martyn he wants a traditional look for the pub, which has a strong affiliation with Napoleon. Martyn says he has heard stories of hauntings in the pub. That’s just what he needs on top of the stress of the renovation and design.

Next we see Kathryn and Lindsay sitting down with a contractor in Lindsay’s kitchen. Kathryn presents the idea of using slipcovers for sofas. She is thinking vibrant colors like red and yellow to brighten up the house. Right now everything is snow white on the walls and you can see the house is a mismatch of items. I’m not sure if Lindsay was going for a certain look or if she truly has no decorating concept. Lindsay and Kathryn look through pictures for ideas for a pretty and very feminine bedroom after discussing the slip cover and color ideas for other parts of the house.

In Nantucket Jeffrey and Ross call Dwyer for estimate on the re-doing his client Brooke’s house. Dwyer does not deliver good news. Jeffery will have to break it to Brooke that she needs to put up more money to complete the project.

Back at Lindsay’s house Kathryn sitting outside with Lindsay. Lindsay again says the reason she chose to move into this house is because she feels safe and she is starting a new chapter in her life. The look on Kathryn’s face is one of motherly concern. It seems as if Lindsay wanted to talk about some things on her mind and you can see her relax a little as she talks to Kathryn.

Next we go back to Jeffrey as he is driving to Brooke’s house.  Brooke is wearing an ugly lifesaver looking dress of yellow, orange and tangerine stripes circling the dress. Ty dhe colors are cute but they don’t look good on Brooke. She is pale with blond hair, and the colors of the dress pop out too much. When Jeffery arrives she is baking healthy cookies. Jeffrey’s reaction is “oh ok” like he dodged a bullet having to try a cookie. But the conversation has to go back to the design and construction of Brooke’s Nantucket house. Jeffery tells Brook that the construction part of the project will add quite a bit more to the cost than she wanted to spend on this house. Brooke’s budget is $200,000 but Jeffery estimates she will need to come up with three times the original budget. When Brooke protests the cost Jeffery explains that all the surfaces of the house need to be redone and the wiring will need to be repaired, too. The look on Brooke’s clearly shows her surprise. I think her bigger problem is getting a new dress. She needs a stylist in addition to a decorator. Perhaps Jeffery can refer her to a friend.

After checking in with Jeffery and Brooke we go back to Martyn at the pub. He has an idea for wallpaper than he presents to Tina and Allan but they do not like his idea. The wallpaper looks shiny and has pictures of monkeys. I would have said no to that wall paper, too. Alan explains he wants the motif to be pubby. Right now the motif is demolition and despair. The monkeys would be a step up but not by much.

Back in the USA Jeffrey and Ross go shopping at a furniture store called West Elm. Jeffery explains that he likes to touch the items he is consider purchasing, but he isn’t getting that from the catalogue his client has him using to pick out  items for the Nantucket house. While shopping Jeffery is sucking on a blue and white swirl lollypop. I think he was trying to look cute but he looked like an idiot. Jeffery is not cute. He is preppy with a side of pretension. Jeffery opposed shopping with Brooke’s catalogue not just because he can’t touch anything but because he considers the items to be budget.

Kathryn is driving and pulls up to a store that does customization for their clients. She hears the police sirens in the back round and says she hopes they aren’t coming for Lindsay.  Looks like the woman who knew nothing about her client did a lot of home work to catch up. After entering the store Kathryn tells a store employee that Lindsay is coming and she needs to enter through a back door to avoid being seen. Kathryn’s plan does not pan out. The paparazzi had been following Lindsay and found her at the furniture store. Kathryn observes that Lindsay’s mood changes when she is surrounded by the photographers. Lindsay refers to them as ants. Kathryn wonders aloud that she hopes to get through job without major incident.

In a short tid bit between commercial breaks Mary McDonald talks with her friend about Live Aid. Her friend has not heard of this concert. He was born in 1985 so he would not know of the concert. Mary explains Live Aid to him but he doesn’t’ look interested. It looks like they are sitting in her closet.

Jeffrey goes over stuff with Ross for design for Nantucket house. They are looking through binder of pics of things that were picked out.

Martyn walks into pub as painting is being done. He likes what he sees and looks encouraged. The kitchen, though, looks like the floor has been ripped up and the rest of the room looks destroyed and as if cabinets were ripped out of the wall. Tina and Allan are way over budget already and the project is just getting started. Martyn is wondering if they will be able to open in a couple of weeks.

Jeffrey and Ross are now backing Nantucket. There is only one day to install everything. Jeffery boasts he is proud of himself for doing the job through a catalogue. It’s not how he usually works so it must have been quite a challenge.

Martyn is still in England and again on the phone with Tina. We find out the work isn’t going well and everything has to stop. The working environment is getting dangerous and someone has coughed up blood. Martyn and Tina have to discuss delaying the opening of the pub.

Back in Nantucket the install continues of the items purchased, including rugs and accents. Jeffery decides he needs to still shop more and takes Ross to an antique store. Jeffery hates the idea of catalogue shopping so much he feels if he adds a few antiques the house will look more finished. He doesn’t want the house to look as if it was decorated from a catalogue. When Brooke arrives with Jeffery she is blown away. She absolutely loves what Jeffery and Ross have done with her house.