Miss America 2014 Pageant Contestants List – Meet Each State’s Entry (Photos)

Miss America 2014 Pageant Contestants List (Photos)

Celeb Dirty Laundry presents the contestants for Miss America 2014, the pageant will be held at Atlantic City and on the 15th of September it’ll air live. There will be 53 contestants competing against each other for the crown – one from each state plus reps from Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia. The crown is currently worn by Mallory Hagan of New York , Miss America 2013.

The celebrity judges that’ll be at the event will be Deidre Downs Gunn who was Miss America of 2005, Lance Bass, Carla Hall, Barbara Corcoran, Amar’e Stoudemire, Joshua Bell and Mario Cantone.

Here are the 53 contestants for Miss America 2014:

Miss Alabama – Chandler Champion -20

Miss America 2014 Pageant Contestants List (Photos)

Miss Alaska- Michelle Taylor- 20

Miss America 2014 Pageant Contestants List (Photos)

Check the photo gallery below for all the pictures in the same order as the list!

Miss Arizona- Jennifer Smestad- 20

Miss Arkansas- Amy Crain- 23

Miss California- Crystal Lee- 22

Miss Colorado- Meg Kardos- 23

Miss Connecticut- Kaitlyn Tarpey- 21

Miss Delaware- Rebecca Jackson- 21

Miss District of Columbia- Bindhu Pamarthi- 23

Miss Florida- Myrrhanda Jones- 19

Miss Georgia- Carly Mathis- 22

Miss Hawaii- Crystal Lee- 22

Miss Idaho- Sarah Downs- 23

Miss Illinois- Brittany Smith- 23

Miss Indiana- Terrin Thomas- 20

Miss Iowa- Nicole Kelly- 23

Miss Kansas- Theresa Vail- 22

Miss Kentucky- Jenna Day- 21

Miss Louisiana- Jaden Leach- 20

Miss Maine- Kristin Korda- 21

Miss Maryland- Christina Denny- 22

Miss Massachusetts- Amanda Narciso- 22

Miss Michigan- Haley Williams- 20

Miss Minnesota- Rebecca Yeh- 20

Miss Mississippi- Chelsea Rick- 23

Miss Missouri- Shelby Ringdahl- 21

Miss Montana- Sheridan Pope- 21

Miss Nebraska- Jacee Pilkington- 21

Miss Nevada- Diana Sweeney- 19

Miss New Hampshire- Samantha Russo- 22

Miss New Jersey- Cara McCollum- 21

Miss New Mexico- Alexis Duprey- 22

Miss New York- Nina Davuluri- 24

MissNorth Carolina- Johna Edmonds- 24

Miss North Dakota- Laura Harmon- 23

Miss Ohio Heather Wells- 23

Miss Oklahoma- Kelsey Griswold- 20

Miss Oregon- Allison Cook- 19

Miss Pennsylvania- Annie Rosellini- 21

Miss Puerto Rico- Shenti Lauren- 24

Miss Rhode Island- Jessica Marfeo- 19

Miss South Carolina- Brooke Mosteller- 24

Miss Tennessee- Shelby Tompson- 23

Miss Texas- Ivana Hall- 23

Miss Utah- Ciera Pekarcik- 23

Miss Vermont- Jeanelle Achee- 22

Miss Virgin Islands- Ashley Massiah- 21

Miss Washington- Reina Almon- 21

Miss West Virgina Miranda Harrison- 19

Miss Wisconsin- Paula Kuiper- 19

Miss Wyoming- Rebecca Podio- 23

The contestants are pictured in order below following the list