Mistresses RECAP 6/10/13: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Morning After”

Mistresses RECAP 6/10/13: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Morning After”

Tonight on ABC their new drama MISTRESSES continue with an all new episode called, “The Morning After.”  On tonight’s show Savi has second thoughts about her night with Dominic, and April deals with claims that her late husband had another life.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Savannah (“Savi”) is a successful career woman working toward the next phase in her life — both professionally and personally — bucking for partner at the law firm where she works while also trying to start a family with her husband, Harry. But when their fertility issues began to take center stage, Savi found herself attracted to her flirtatious colleague, Dominic. Savi’s free-spirited and capricious baby sister, Josslyn, couldn’t be more different, living single, serial dating and partying. A real estate agent, Josslyn had no interest in a committed, long-term relationship.

On tonight’s show while Karen counsels Savi to hold a beat before confessing to husband Harry about her night with Dominic, Savi gets an entirely different reaction from April. Meanwhile, April investigates a woman’s shocking claims that her late husband, Paul, had another life; Joss finds a friend in new client Alex (guest star Shannyn Sossamon), and Karen warily agrees to meet with Sam Grey.

Tonight’s episode 2 is going to be an exciting one filled with drama that you won’t want to miss – the producers know they need to get you interested right from the get go therefore you can expect a great show.  Be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Mistresses tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap enjoy the video below and leave a comment.

Live Recap:

The second episode begins with April on the phone asking Savi and Karen to meet her. Her now dead husband had a baby with another woman and April has no idea how to deal. Savi suggests that it could be a sham and this random chick might be looking for cash. Meanwhile Savi is dealing with guilt from cheating on Harry. She was crushed when Harry blew her off and Dominic at work made so pretty impressive moves towards her. Karen suggests that Savi keep her mouth shut until she understands her own actions.

Karen has a huge problem of her own. After sleeping with her patient and helping him to commit suicide, his son Sam is now crushing on Karen. She wants to let him down without upsetting him even worse. She’s also dodging an insurance inquest into the guys death.

As April is freaking out to Savi about her husband cheating, Savi blurts out that she cheated on Harry which was a big mistake. April is horrified and tells her that she should have kept that info to herself. Meanwhile Savi’s sister Joss suggests to Harry that he do whatever it takes to fix things and quick. Otherwise Savi will let it all fester. Joss is a realtor who seems to be more than a little interested in one of her female clients.

Savi waits all day for Dominic and when he finally gets into the office she tells him that sleeping together was a mistake. He understands and respects her but reminds Savi that she kissed him first.

Harry drops in on Savi at work and tells her that he is sorry for the fighting. He also wants her to know that he called the doctor and their baby making plan can continue as planned. Savi has to make the chat short in order to meet with Mrs. Grey who has had insurance investigators on her tail. Savi gives her an opportunity to admit that she helped her husband die by overdose, but Mrs. Grey stays quiet. Meanwhile the same investigator is at Karen’s office.

April begins going through the file that Savi gave her on her husbands’ mystery woman. She realizes that this chicks claims actually check out and April goes to see her at the divey hotel that she lives in. Miranda tells April that she wants her son to have the cushy life that April’s daughter has.

After Karen deals with the insurance investigator Sam shows up to see her and Karen freaks out. She tells him to leave and basically never come back. She heads over to April’s and they bond over a bottle of wine. Savi and Harry finally talk and she tells him that she’s simply not ready to have that baby and that six m,months of trying for one totally changed them for the worse. Tune in next week for more Mistresses.

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