Mistresses RECAP 7/15/13: Episode 7 “All In”

Mistresses RECAP 7/15/13: Episode 7 “All In”

Tonight on ABC their new drama MISTRESSES continues with an all new episode called, “All In.”  On tonight’s show Joss and Savi part ways, Harry and Dominic face off, Karen meets up again with Detective Newsome, and April struggles to move on with her life. Did you watch last week’s premiere episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Savi desperately tried to make things right with Harry, but he continued to avoid her and discussion of their future; Karen was frightened when, on the heels of the insurance investigation, someone broke into her office and may have accessed her patient files; April and Richard’s (guest star Cameron Bender) romance heated up; and Olivier (Mike Dopud) continued to make Joss’s life miserable at the office.

On tonight’s show Joss, terribly hurt that Savi hid her pregnancy and her illicit affair from her, moves in with April; Harry and Dominic angrily face off at a social event; Karen meets up again with Detective Newsome (guest star Gary Dourdan), but this time it’s personal; and April struggles to put memories of her dead husband behind her so she can move on with a relationship with Richard.

Guest starring are Cameron Bender as Richard, Mike Dopud as Olivier, Gary Dourdan as Anthony Newsome, Shannyn Sossamon as Alex and Dondre T. Whitfield as Paul Malloy (in flashbacks).

Tonight’s episode 6 is going to be an exciting one filled with drama that you won’t want to miss – the producers know they need to get you interested right from the get go therefore you can expect a great show.  Be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Mistresses tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap enjoy the video below and leave a comment.

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Mistresses is the new summer soap on ABC that seems to be picking up momentum each week. Tonight’s episode begins with Joss moving in with April. Last week she realized that her sister Savi was pregnant, but not necessarily with her Australian husbands’ baby and Joss was crushed. She spent years looking to Savi as an example of how to be a good person and this misstep was huge.

Joss has been having mega issues at work with “Les Douche” her boss. Alex shares an elevator with him and is charmed by him before delivering a hot coffee to Joss.

Savi is waiting for Harry to tell her the marriage is over and instead he tells her that there is still a “we” . She had volunteered to quit her job and he tells her that she has worked to hard to start over again. Karen runs into Detective Newsome as she is buying a home security kit. He tells her that his investigation is over but he still seems quite interested in her.

Karen goes home and is still freaked out by Sam Grey. He has left a bunch of hang up calls on her voice mail and she notices that one of her security cameras is out. She tries to watch television but keeps hearing weird sounds outside that prompt her to call Newsome.

Savi realizes that she has to attend a work dinner because a partner is retiring and she tells Harry that she’ll be home quick and is shocked when he offers to go with her. Joss is avoiding going home and is still seriously upset with Savi so she shows up at the Yoga studio where Alex teaches. She wants to go for a drink and Alex tells her she’ll meet her later- not the answer Joss really wanted.

[11:01:56 PM] Cate Meighan: April heads to a special dinner with Richard and they contemplate a trip to Santa Barbara. She agrees to think about it and as she’s leaving the restaurant she thinks she sees Paul, her ex husband. Joss tries to talk her down off the cliff and convince her that it wasn’t really him but it’s simply another sign that she can’t let go.

Harry escorts Savi to the party and decides he needs some liquid courage before he meets anyoneso he heads to the bar. Of course he happens to sit down next to Derek and Derek congratulates him on the baby. That’s all it takes for Harry to knock him on his ass. I suspect Derek now realizes that he might be the daddy after all.

After Anthony fixes Karen’s security camera and spotlight she invites him in for a drink. They clearly have chemistry but she makes him leave because the investigation isn’t formally closed yet. Joss finally comes clean with Alex and tells her about her fight with Savi.

April decides that the best way to get over Paul is to pay him a visit in the cemetery. She thanks him for giving her Lucy and she also thanks him for giving her more happy years then most people get and then she leaves her ring behind.  After Harry stormed out of the party he spends the night MIA . Harry returns home the next morning and tells Savi he feels better after decking Derek.

April calls Richard and tells him that she’s ready to go away with him and sure enough her dead ex-husband arrives at her door. Tune in next week for more Mistresses.