Nashville RECAP 2/6/13: Season 1 Episode 12 “I’ve Been Down That Road Before”

Nashville RECAP 02/06/13: Season 1 Episode 12 “I’ve Been Down That Road Before”

NASHVILLE returns to ABC tonight with a new episode called, “I’ve Been Down That Road Before.” On tonight’s show Rayna and Juliette are at a crossroads, as both are faced with life changing decisions. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show Edgehill Records celebrated the success of “Wrong Song” with a lavish party attended by Rayna, Juliette and real-life country stars including Brantley Gilbert and Chris Young (who cameo as themselves). But the party got awkward for Juliette, who brought her mom along, and for Rayna when she was aggressively pursued by Calista (Ming-Na Wen), an exec from a competing record label. Meanwhile Teddy confronted Rayna about his suspicions over her relationship with Liam, Gunnar dealt with family issues and Avery got too comfortable with his new-found success.

On tonight’s show Rayna begins to settle into the tour when she discovers that Deacon has joined Juliette’s band on the road, and she can’t help but think that maybe the time has come to make some hard decisions. But will a heart to heart with Deacon help ease the sting of the revelation? Meanwhile Juliette is tired of her bubble gum pop success and is interested in exposing who she really is, though her team is convinced that will damage her commercial success. And Scarlett is counting pennies to keep her head above water — until Gunnar makes her an offer she can’t refuse

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Nashville at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Nashville, so far?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The ladies arrive in Chicago to sold out shows and cheering crowds. Rayna asks Bucky if he knew about Deacon getting hired on and he says no. Juliette asks Rayna if she’s pissed about Deacon and she says no. Rayna tells Bucky she’s got too many issues going on to deal with Deacon. Glenn reassures Juliette about her comeback and she asks him what if she doesn’t want her life back on track the way it was. Rayna and Deacon share an awkwardly silent elevator ride.

Gunnar is doing some home repairs for Scarlett and she compliments his latest song. Gunnar tells her his roommates have been teasing her about playing in the band and shows her a turtle they drew on his stomach in sharpie.

Scarlett’s landlord comes knocking and threatens eviction. Seems like Avery owes her a bundle but she doesn’t want to see him to ask for it.

Rayna and Teddy are having a phone argument about Deacon. Teddy is suspicious about Deacon’s presence on her tour when they are having problems. He gets short with her and hangs up.

Avery’s manager Marilyn is promising him higher paying gigs and tries to encourage him that he’ll be the next big thing. He’s brooding and looking at a post about Scarlett playing tonight. She tells him to get over it.

Rayna is wrapping her set at the Chicago concert to a cheering crowd. Deacon is shuffling through the crowded backstage annoyed with all the dancers and glitter that is Juliette’s show. He tells her he’ll see her out there. Compared to Rayna singing alone on stage just walking around, Juliette is putting on a three ring circus! Her show is popping!

Juliette is bitching backstage because she can’t get all the glitter off of her. She complains to Glenn that she’s not performing – she says she’s a spectacle. She says she wants things to change. Glenn cautions her and tells her she’s a multi-million dollar industry and that she doesn’t need to mess with the tour. Deacon is having an interesting influence on her – not sure yet if it’s good or bad.

Bucky and Rayna are chatting about her new bandleader Adrian. She’s missing a rift on one song and she calls Deacon in and asks him if he’ll show her how it’s done. He consents. She asks him what changed that took him from selling his house and moving to the woods to being on tour with Juliette. She says it’s awkward and he says he’ll stay out of her way and walks off.

[10:38:13 PM] Rachel Rowan: Scarlett and the band are playing to a half empty bar but still killing it. A lot of the crowd seems to be watching the ball game or socializing. Then one of Gunnar’s roommates who’s there blows an air horn and disrupts the gig. Turns out Scarlett’s cut is only $24 which is not enough to pay her rent. Gunnar tells her to ask her mom or uncle Deacon for a loan and she shuts that down. He tells her if he had the money, he would give it to her. She walks away discouraged.
Rayna’s having lunch with Watty and she tells him she’s finally getting her own label. She is interested in Scarlett and Gunnar for her label, but is worried that it will cause a problem with Deacon. Watty tells her to sign them before someone else does.
Teddy is buying a coffee when he runs into Peggy. They discuss her new apartment post-split and then she asks him to really talk to her. Teddy tells her he never wanted her hurt by the campaign. Peggy says it was all for the best – that her marriage wasn’t working anyway. Teddy asks if she’s trying to tell him something and she asks if there’s something he wants to hear. Hmm…
Deacon and Juliette are hanging out writing a new song. She says the label and her “people” are going to hate it. She says she feels like she’s in a creative straitjacket. He tells her remembers the exact conversation with Rayna over the years. Juliette asks what she would do and he says she’s stay true to herself. Juliette says she doesn’t want to always be the girl dancing around in front of a smoke machine with sparkly dancers. She asks him what if she walks away from being that girl and no one comes with her. Deacon tells her there’s talking about doing something and then there’s doing something.

Teddy gives Peggy a ride home and she tells him she believes in him and wants him to be happy. He takes her hand, they stare at each other. He touches her hair and she kisses him. He kisses back enthusiastically. What?

Avery is being interviewed by an entertainment reporter. He walks her around his old neighborhood. They are right in front of Scarlett’s and he says it was the best place he ever lived. Scarlett peeks out the window and then comes out to see what’s going on. She asked him to come see her about paying her money he owed. He tells her that they broke up and it’s not his problem since he’s not living there. She tells him he’s pathetic and she’s not impressed by his little show.

Another awkward elevator ride with Rayna and Deacon. She asks him about Scarlett and her demo that she liked. She asks him how he likes being on tour with Juliette. He never says a word and stalks off. Rayna says to his back “I’m glad we had this talk.”

Gunnar is regaling Scarlett with another tale of roommate torture and she says she has a solution. She asks him to move in and they work out terms. He asks what if he wants to bring a girl home and she says fine. He asks what if he wants to bring two home and she tells him he’s living in a dream world.

At the second Chicago show, the crowd is chanting for Juliette. She comes out with no costume – just a plain white shirt and calls Deacon up and tells the crowd she’ll get to the other flashy numbers later, but she wants to try something different. She tells them she’s going to sing a song she and Deacon wrote “Consider Me”. He tells her it’s a hell of a time to start taking his advice. He plays, she sings and it’s hauntingly beautiful.

Glenn is freaking out – says Juliette is having a nervous breakdown on stage in front of 10,000 people. Rayna is floored with what she’s doing and even Watty is impressed. Watty tells Rayna it’s weird to see Deacon out there playing with someone else and Rayna says “yes it is.” The crowd goes wild!

Peggy and Teddy are cuddling post-coital when she said she likes doing this again. He said that was a long time ago. Hold on – wait – were she and Teddy getting frisky while he was married to Rayna? He told his wife that he and Peggy never did the deed. Either way, they are certainly doing it now. Teddy says it’s wrong.

Juliette comes into her dressing room to get into costume and Glenn chews her out. There was a reviewer there who live tweeted the whole song and he doesn’t look happy. Juliette demands to see the tweets and the comments call her a manufactured poptart and a sequined wannabe. She screams at her costume gal and Glenn to get out.

Rayna asks Watty to set up a meeting between her and Scarlett and Gunnar. Watty asks if she’s worked out her issues with Deacon and she says no, but it’s not a problem. Rayna agrees that distance is better for both of them. Deacon is sitting in the hotel bar when Glenn finds him and accuses him of messing with Juliette’s head. Glenn tells him she’s a solo act and asks if he’s trying to turn Juliette into a Rayna substitute. Glenn tells him to stay in his line and that he’s just the hired help.

Glenn says that he’s no one to give advice on doing versus thinking since all he ever does is think. He tells Deacon to leave Juliette out of his Rayna problems. Rayna is on the elevator when Deacon barges on. He kisses her and when she tries to say something, he tells her he’s done talking. He gets off at his floor and leaves her all kiss tumbled. Hot! Totally smoking hot! Forget the young guys, Deacon is the hottest man on that show – but I like them a little scruffy…

Scarlett helps Gunnar move in and tells him she’s happy his roommate problem is solved. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Avery who says he came to make peace. She lets him in and he tells her he was being a jerk and shouldn’t have given her crap about the money. He also admits he brought the YV crew by to try and impress her. He says he just wants them to be friends because he misses her being in his life.

Gunnar walks in and Avery says it’s kind of late to be working. Scarlett says they’re not working and Avery smirks. He accuses Gunnar of stealing his band and his woman. Gunnar tells him he’s pathetic and lonely. Avery says he should remember who had her first. They hit each other but Avery gets the worst of it. Gunnar tells him not to disrespect Scarlett and clarifies that they’re not sleeping together, they’re just roommates.

Juliette is reading the nasty tweets and crying when her assistant comes in – she insists on speaking to Juliette. She tells her she loved the new song and that she was brave enough to do it. She asks if she’s been torturing herself with the tweets. She opens up YouTube instead and shows her the video has 100,000 views and almost as many likes and that’s just in two hours. Juliette laughs and hugs her assistant, very happy.

Rayna texts Deacon from her hotel room inviting him to come talk. He’s out the door like a shot. There’s a knock at her door. She’s ready for Deacon… but she opens up and it’s Teddy. She smiles out a forced “Hi” trying to cover her obvious disappointment. She asks Teddy why he’s in Chicago and where the girls are. He says they’re fine and that he had a moment of clarity and just had to see her. Was that moment when he was laying on top of Peggy?

Deacon gets off the elevator, turns the corner and sees Teddy. He steps back so he can’t be seen and looks confused. Teddy asks Rayna if he can come in and she lets him in. No doubt she’s worried if Deacon is going to come knocking…

Juliette wants her new songs on her upcoming album and Glenn tells her she can’t just change who she is. She reminds him she stole, left a man at the altar and has a mom in rehab. Juliette tells him she can’t play the role she was playing before. She says she’s growing up and so is her audience and she tells him to get on board. He’s not happy.

Scarlett is tending Gunnar’s wounds and she asked him how he learned to fight like that. He tells her from his brother and she asks if it’s the one who’s in jail.

Avery stalks into Marilyn’s, acts like a big douche while packing a bag and then leaves. He tells her she’s not his girlfriend and it’s not working for him.

Teddy tells Rayna he kept hoping things would change, that there would be a moment where things would change and she would love him again. He tells her he’s tired of waiting. He tells her he wants a divorce. Whoa!

Way to cliffhang Nashville! Damn that was a great episode!