Nicki Minaj Disses Barbara Walters And Says She’d Beat Mariah Carey With A Shoe

Nicki Minaj Disses Barbara Walters And Says She'd Beat Mariah Carey With A Shoe

Just when we were about to like this barbie-doll freak, she has to drop something scandalous. Nicki Minaj is mocking Barbara Walters after the talk-show host came to Mariah Carey‘s defense when the rapper and the diva got into a heated argument on the set of American Idol in October. Nicki was heard shouting “off with your head”, supposedly meaning she was going to shoot Mariah for calling her “ghetto” and “crazy”.

Producers finally aired what went down before their crazy feud which made its way on the Internet just hours later, but what was aired didn’t really show anything but a little bickering. Whatever the case, Nicki was clearly upset, not only by the fact that Randy Jackson and Mariah were calling her inexperienced because she hadn’t been in the music industry for a long time, but also because Barbara never called the rapper to comment on the feud she had with Carey. It’s fair to say that Walters jumped to Mariah’s side only because they are very good friends, but Nicki feels it’s deeper than that; the fact that she is a black woman on national television made it seem like “I wasn’t good enough to tell her my story of what went down,” Nicki said in concert documentary featured on The Re-Up.

During her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night, the very uncomfortable and tired looking Nicki started off by giving very dull answers to Jimmy who seemed high-spirited but struggled to get a few words out of the singer. Nevertheless, it wasn’t surprising that Kimmel would eventually touch the subject on her beef with Mariah, before asking her if she would ever try and get into a fist-fight with the 42-year old if they were to ever have another argument.

“I never fight with fists, I fight with whatever weapon is handy.. don’t tell anybody I said that cos then they’ll be another Barbara Walters interview,” Minaj tells the crowd as she referred to the recently-aired conversation Mariah had with Barbara, in which she said she had to hire more security around her because she feared for herself and her children at the time of the incident three months ago.

Kimmel added: “But if it came down to it, you would beat her with a shoe.” The 30-year old simply took a deep breath and smiled at the audience as if she was trying to say ‘yes’ to Jimmy’s question but probably remembered how much bad press she would get from it. Not only that, she’d probably lose her job on the talent show quicker than she thinks.

Ugh! All three of them need to shut up and give us some of that money they make.

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3 responses to “Nicki Minaj Disses Barbara Walters And Says She’d Beat Mariah Carey With A Shoe”

  1. nicki minaj has a good voice no doubt but she has no class, no manners, no heart, no soul or any other qualities that make a person a worthwhile human being. she must have had a very sad and horrible childhood to act the way she does. also she seems to have very low self esteem, she is always seeking to use invalidation and condemnation to put herself above others. if she wasn’t so annoying, i would probably feel sorry for her as i am sure she is probably very lonely. by comparison, the people she disses have loving husbands, children, lots of friends and fans, and all the money they could ever want, not to mention loads of talent and class. Nicki needs to grow up and learn how to be a compassionate and loving human being. She is a very dark soul.

  2. I think Nicki’s comments about Barbara Walters “interviews” were spot on.. That old hag is so far up Mariahs a** she can probably see Randy up there too. All she did was stir the pot between Nicki and Mariah but good thing she hasnt responded directly to Nicki, she knows better. Everybody comments on Nicki but know nothing bout her life, struggle, goals or message. Thats like me judging somebody I dont even know, its ignorant. So STFU!!!!! Nicki will reign and all you will deal.