Nicole Kidman Has A Meltdown Because Keith Urban Is Unsupportive

Nicole Kidman Has A Meltdown Because Keith Urban Is Unsupportive

We were of the mind that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a somewhat nice marriage, but we could be wrong! Apparently, she was set to go to Cannes all by herself (as seen in the photograph above) and she was completely miffed about it.

She prepared to venture off to the film festival, but was livid that he decided to bail on her. According to our sister site, Hollywood Hiccups, Keith was too exhausted from his run on American Idol and opted to skip the big Cannes festival altogether.

This was said to have caused World War III between the famed couple. She had an epic hissy fit and instead of sticking around and arguing, he caved and went. Where was he in the photos, though? She posed on the red carpet with Ang Lee, but not her own husband? You can tell she was angry…

How long before she gets completely fed up with his unsupportive behavior? Surely he can do better than this, don’t you think? Hit the comments and share your thoughts below!

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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  • jj

    Keith walked the carpet with Nicole while she was in Cannes. A 5 second Google search would’ve have given you this info. But it helps your story if she walked the carpet “by herself” or with Ang Lee, I get it.

  • 50million&counting

    Of course Granny Freez is yelling at him, Keith Urban is her wife and needs to obey at all times, and carry the purse. lol

  • Joy_67

    How stupid! Keith was STILL judging on American Idol for the Finale week… for HIS job… but as soon as that ended, he flew to Cannes! He was with Nicole for several events, and then he flew home to keep ‘working’ on his new album and new tour. He DOES have his own career, ya’ know! Read the FACTS before you print trash!

  • tina

    The guy has been planning his tour, working on Idol and recording a new album. Also if anyone took the time to do some research you would see the numerous pics of Keith with Sunday in recent artiles (so he is doing Daddy duty as well) and there were also numerous articles about the fact that he flies overseas, even if just for a day to see Nicole when she was filming her one movie. You have to love the crack pot journalism that comes along with gossip columns.