Nina Dobrev Pregnant With Ian Somerhalder’s Baby – Report

Nina Dobrev Pregnant With Ian Somerhalder’s Baby - Report

Nina Dobrev pregnant – WHAAT?!? Several of Ian Somerhalder’s fans believe that he is really a vampire and that his children will become as immortal as Judi Dench, but said fans also eat cardboard boxes while they hunt for dinosaurs in Greece, so we’re not sure whether to believe them. This small group of super intellectual fans (sarcasm drips so well) also tend to believe that babies are delivered by a talking stork.

Well, village dwellers, do we have a surprise for you! That talking stork, with the yellow beak and the smiling eyes, might have just planted a baby in Nina Dobrev’s tummy (no, the stork wasn’t a Scientologist!). According to reports filed by a group of Angela Lansbury wannabe’s, Dobrev’s baby bump is as visible as a homeless woman on a crystal meth trip – or in other words: big, all over the place, and completely bat shit crazy.

Is there any veracity to the story, you ask? Well, village leader, Somerhalder and Dobrev have been dating for quite some time, and as far as we know, Dobrev isn’t Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, and Somerhalder doesn’t belong to a monk support group. Therefore, logic dictates that these two have already done the nitty gritty, or in basic terms: had sex. (Gasp). Sure, the vampire and his gal might have used protection in the form of garlic and holy water, but there’s always the odd chance that the vampire and his gal were drunk on moon shadow and blood, and were unable to judge the situation.

We choose the latter with a healthy serving of morning sickness and pickles.

The raucous laughter of a thousand village idiots can be heard over the type-typing of this article. One such village dweller mumbled, “Surely you don’t think these two had sex? They’re so wholesome and free and they absolutely loooove dolphins!” Yes, they might adore dolphins and save homeless puppies in their spare time, but that doesn’t make them less horny.

What do you think? Do you think she might be pregnant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Nina Dobrev Pregnant With Ian Somerhalder’s Baby - Report

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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  • if this was a so-called “report”… where is the source? lmfao

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  • Melanie

    are you f**king kidding me? did you not see Nina in that Naeen Khan dress at Elton John’s Oscars party?! whoever thinks she has a baby bump is clearly blind or insane. she’s as thin as ever.

  • Sama Shehab

    she is NOT pregnant she is as thin as a breadstick it`s mean to think that she has a baby she is adorable.

  • Guest

    Nina isn’t Pregnant it’s all a bunch of BS. Ian needs to get a life instead of making stories up to make himself look good.