Once Upon a Time RECAP 10/13/13: Season 3 Episode 3 “Quite a Common Fairy”

Once Upon a Time RECAP 10/13/13: Season 3 Episode 3 “Quite a Common Fairy”

ABC’s hit fantasy drama ONCE UPON A TIME continues tonight with another new episode called, “Quite a Common Fairy.”  On tonight’s show Hook suggests tracking down Tinkerbell to help locate Pan’s hideout, Neal devises a pln that could transport him to Emma by using one of Robin Hood’s most precious possessions and Tinker Bell offers to help Regina improve her life.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it right here, for you!

On last week’s show Emma, Mary Margaret, David, Regina and Hook continued their search for Henry in Neverland,  Peter Pan appeared before a startled Emma and offered her a map that would reveal her son’s whereabouts. But the only way to make the map appear was for Emma to stop denying who she really was and come to grips with her true feelings about her identity – and Mr. Gold received some unexpected advice from a friend that could lead him to understand his life’s journey while in Neverland. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, when the Evil Queen presented Snow White with an offer to live her life with Charming in peace – with the caveat that she give up her claim to the throne – Charming made it his mission to ensure that Snow doesn’t take the offer.

On tonight’s show in their continuing quest to find Peter Pan’s hideout and save Henry, Hook suggests tracking down Tinker Bell in the hope that she will lead them straight to his camp. Pan reveals to Henry why he has brought him to Neverland and in the Enchanted Forest, Neal has a plan that could transport him to Emma, but it would involve using one of Robin Hood’s most precious possessions. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Tinker Bell offers to help Regina improve her life.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be exciting, and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the season 3 Episode 3 of Once Upon A Time — tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how your excited you are about Once Upon A Time being back! Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Neil is trying to find a portal in Rumplestiltsken’s home to get to Neverland. He tells Mulan and Robin Hood that Pan is one of the nastiest kids he’s ever met. He says that Pan was always looking for the truest believer and that must be who Henry is and why Emma is in Neverland – searching for their son.

Little John walks in Robin tells him to calm own and introduces him to Neil as his son. Neil looks at the boy and says he knows how to get to Neverland.

Emma and the others reach where the camp should be on the map but it’s not there and they realize Pan is moving the camp. Regina says they should just use magic and Hook tells her that will likely get them all killed because Pan will have anti-magic wards set up.

Hook says they need to find an old friend of his who can help get them into the camp – he tells them she’s a pixie and they may be able to use her dust. Emma asks if it’s Tinker Bell and he asks how she knows. She tells him every kid in the whole world knows who she is. Regina says it’s a bad idea.

Pan wakes Henry up by throwing an apple at him. Henry says he doesn’t eat them – it’s a family thing. Pan says it’s not for eating – it’s for target practice.

Flashback to Rumple asking Regina why she’s missed training. She says she’s not sure if she wants to continue her training because she doesn’t want to end up like him. Rumple says that she can’t quit because the darkness has had a taste of her and likes how she tastes. He says once that’s happened she can’t stop. She calls him vile and tells him to get out of her home but he simply tells her not to be late for their next session.

Regina is frustrated and hits the bars on her balcony and falls – seemingly to her death. She falls and falls but then is saved at the last moment by pixie dust. Tinker Bell saved her! Regina asks who she is and she tells her and says she’s giving Regina another chance. They chat and Regina tells her how miserable her life is and how horrible Snow is including how she had her fiancé killed and how Snow is ruining her life. Tinkerbell says that Regina needs true love again and her pixie dust can help her. Regina doesn’t believe her but Tink says maybe she should try believing in her. Tink wants to help her but is warned off by the blue fairy – she tells her that Regina is the child of heart ripper outer Cora and that she can’t be saved. Tink flies off defiantly.

Regina tries to convince Emma that there’s another way to get to Pan without Tinkerbell. She tells her their magic combined can do it. Emma says she’s learned that magic always comes with a price. Regina says that the two of them together can overpower Pan. Emma says they should at least stick to the plan and see it through.

Pan is telling Henry about dreamshade and how poisonous it is. Henry asks what good it is if he’s only shooting an apple. Pan says Henry is the one who’s going to do the shooting – and it will be an apple off one of the Lost Boy’s heads. Henry takes the crossbow and is about to shoot at the apple on the boy’s head but turns to Pan and shoots at him instead. Pan catches it in his hand and says it’s exhilarating isn’t it.

Hook asks David if he’s okay and tells him he knows he was hit with dreamshade. David shows him the arrow injury and asks how long he has. Hook says days at most and that he should tell Emma. David says no and hopes the pixie dust can cure his wound.

Neil wants to use Robin’s four year old son to get to Neverland. Robin doesn’t want to put his son at risk, but Neil is finally able to persuade him to give it a try – but just once.

Emma asks Regina why she’s falling behind – Tink’s place is very close. Regina is reluctant to move on and Emma finally gets it – she asks Regina what she did to Tink. Regina says she did what she always does and that they have a complicated history. She says it’s in their best interest that Tinkerbell doesn’t see her if they want help.

Flashback to Tink coming to see Regina and telling her she’s going to help her fund true love and happiness. Regina is hesitant and asks Tink if she stole the pixie dust for her and Tink hedges on whether she lifted it or not. She blowst he flying dust on to Regina and takes her to a pub and points out a man through the window with a lion tattoo and tells Regina he’s her true love. Tink leaves and Regina opens the door but then chickens out and runs off.

Now – Tinkerbell reveals herself and Regina says, “Let’s get this over with.” Regina tells her she looks terrible and Tink accuses her of trying to provoke her. Tink says that Regina saying they have “a complicated history” is a diplomatic way of saying what really went down. Regina says to come get her. Tink knocks out Regina with some pink pixie dust – not the green flying stuff.

Hook brings them up into a tree house looking for Tink and any pixie dust that she may have left lying around. Emma says she thinks a tree house would have been more cheerful. They find Regina’s handkerchief and realize Tink has been tracking them and that they’re in the wrong place. They are all suddenly worried for Regina. Tink has Regina tied up in a cave under Tink’s angry watchful eye. Tink says she knows why Regina is on the island – says she knows she’s looking for her son and that Regina is the last person she’d help because of how she burned her back in the day.

Regina figures out that it wasn’t pixie dust but poppies that Tink used and she says it’s because Tink has no magic anymore. Regina says that she does and breaks her bonds magically. Tinker Bell puts an arrow to her neck and asks if she knows what dreamshade is. Regina says yes and asks how she got like this. Tink says, “I met you.”

Flashback to Tink in Regina’s room asking why she’s not glowing with love. Regina says that it didn’t work and he was a bad person. Tink says Regina didn’t go in. Regina says that’s true but that Tink is a terrible fairy. Tink says she just needs love again and Regina yells that she had love and that he is dead. Tink tells Regina that she stole for her and is in big trouble. Regina tells her to leave and calls her a moth.

In the now Regina says that if she wants to kill her to do it herself and without the arrow. Regina pulls out her own heart and says Tink doesn’t need the arrow – that she can do it herself. She challenges her to kill her and Tinkerbell says “Gladly.”

Flashback to Tinkerbell flying back to the fairy HQ when she’s stopped by the blue fairy. Tink tells her that she stole the dust to prove that she was a good fairy. Blue says the only way to prove that was to actually be a good fairy. Tinkerbell asks for another chance and says everyone deserves one as she starts to cry. Blue tells her she can’t give her another chance and says she doesn’t believe in her anymore. When she says this, Tink’s wings disintegrate and she falls…

Now, Tink has Regina’s heart in her hand and asks if she knows what she caused. Regina realizes Tink lost her wings. Tinker tells her the spell she cast on her worked and Regina was just too afraid to be happy. Regina says she’s right but that her anger was all she had and asks what she would be without it. Regina says she did the wrong thing and that she picked revenge over love and she’s seeing the result in her hand with her dark, heavy small heart and that’s what will happen to Tink if she kills her.

Regina says to act like the fairy she is. Tink says she said she was a terrible fairy. Regina says to be a real fairy and choose hope over anger and help her get her son back. Tinkerbell asks if she loves Henry and she says yes, very much. She says he’s the one thing she got right. Tink says she’s not going to kill her but it’s too late anyway because Henry has been with Pan for too long. She says she can’t help her. She puts Regina’s heart back and walks away.

Pan is telling Henry that the best thing about Neverland is how much fun it is and that no one ever tells them no. Pan says that they have been waiting for him from even before he was even born because magic is dying in the world and they need him to save them. Henry says it’s dying in his world but Pan says it’s dying in every world.

He knows all about Emma and her being the savior – but tells him her being the savior is not about her breaking the curse but about her creating Henry. Pan asks if it was coincidence that his mother met the Dark One and all that follows. He hands Henry a tube (or scroll) and says he needs to believe and he will see for himself. Henry throws it down and says he doesn’t believe him. Pan tells Henry he reminds him of his father.

Mulan sets up a strategy for them to trick their way into Neverland. Neil tells Mulan about how long he waited to tell Emma that he loved her in return and how much he regrets it. Mulan says Emma will forgive him and he says he hopes so. He says if you love someone you have to say it.

Little John brings in the little boy and Robin tells him that he’s going to be right there and nothing is going to happen to him. They take positions. Robin tells him to say it and Roland says “I believe” as he stares at the skylit window. Nothing happens at first. Robin is about to take him out of the room when the window blows open and the shadow comes in. It tries to grab Roland and Mulan and Neil try to capture it. That doesn’t work and it escapes back out the window but Neil jumps after it and grabs its ankle. He flies off with it towards Neverland.

Mulan finds Robin tucking Roland in for sleep and she asks if his son is all right. He thanks Mulan for protecting his son. Robin offers her a job among the Merry Men. She tells him she has to talk to someone before it’s too late but that she’s honored by the invitation.

Mulan shows up to find Aurora in the castle garden. Aurora tells her that she’s glad she’s back and Mulan tells her she needs to talk to her. Is Mulan in love with Aurora or Prince Philip? I think Aurora… She tells her that she and Philip are pregnant and Mulan tells her that her news is that she’s joining Robin Hood’s band. She trudges away broken hearted.

Emma runs into Tinkerbell and the rest walk up. Regina says Tink can’t help them because she has no magic, pixie dust or wings. Tinkerbell says she couldn’t help them because no one believes in her anymore and Pan is too powerful. They realize she knows where Pan’s camp is and she asks why she should help – Mary says she believes in Tink. Tink says Pan will levy a death sentence on her after they’re gone and Emma says she can go home with them.

Tink says that Pan will let her into the camp because he trusts her and she may leave a way in behind her for them. She tells them the rest is up to them. David is hanging back and looks tired and Mary asks if he’s okay. He lies and says yes. Mary says that their love is all she needs to get through anything. Then she says the need to get moving before they get lost.

Henry opens up the rolled up tube of paper that Pan gave him earlier and sees a picture of him drawn a long time ago. Neil lands and is welcomed by a Lost Boy who calls him Baelfire and welcomes him home. He says Pan will be so happy to see him.

Hook and Emma are sharing food around the fire. Tink asks Regina if she ever went back to find the man with the lion tattoo. She says no. Tinkerbell says it’s selfish and Regina asks how was it selfish. She tells Regina that not only did she ruin her own life but that she ruined his as well.

Mulan walks into Robin’s camp of Merry Men and Robin welcomes her with a shake of the hand and as he does you see the lion tattoo on his wrist. OMG Robin Hood is Regina’s soulmate!!