Oscar Pistorius Out On Bail – Deemed Not A Flight Risk

Oscar Pistorius Out On Bail - Deemed Not A Flight Risk 0222

We have more good news for Oscar Pistorius. Just days after he was arrested for allegedly murdering model and girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, the judge on the case is letting him out. Oscar Pistorius has been released on bail because he’s been deemed to be no flight risk. This is another break for Oscar who recently saw the head detective pulled off the case. Detective Warrant Officer Hilton Botha believed that Pistorius engaged in premeditated murder but, since he’s up for his own attempted murder trial now, he’s been replaced by Lieut. General Vinesh Moonoo. Talk about catching a break, right?

According to TMZ, Pistorius’ lawyer is now trying to get the charges lowered to culpable homicide meaning the South African sprinter didn’t meant to kill Steenkamp but killed her all the same claiming it was all one “tragic mistake”. Maybe he just meant to shoot her four times? Sorry, I don’t mean to make light of the situation. It’s just getting so bizarre and it almost feels like the judge is favoring Pistorius because he’s an national hero. In defense of his bail ruling, the judge asked the prosecutor why Oscar didn’t stage a break-in to strengthen his intruder story. But I have to side with the prosecutor on this one. Just because something is premeditated doesn’t mean that it was a long thought out plan. All you have to do is decide to kill someone moments before you do it for it to be premeditated, right?

Regardless, the judge just allowed the only survivor and shooter of (presently) the most famous murder case in the world to go out on bail. That just seems off to me. Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp. He’s admitted to it. That’s irrefutable. Whether it was a “tragic mistake” or not is besides the point at this play in the game. It’s still sketchy as all hell. Shouldn’t he be held until the verdict is decided or has it already been and we’re just watching people go through the motions now?

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