Otis Nixon Arrested For Crack, Former Baseball Star Tries To Blame His Son

Otis Nixon Arrested For Crack, Former Baseball Star Tries To Blame His Son

Famous former MLB star Otis Nixon has been arrested for crack, according to a new report from TMZ. The report states that Nixon was arrested over the weekend when cops ‘discovered a crack pipe’ and ‘several crack rocks’ inside his car.

According to sources, Nixon is trying to blame his son and claims that the crack rocks and crack pipe are not his items. He told the cops that the rocks and pipe were his son’s, and that he was actually planning to get rid of them.

The incident report from the arrest states that Nixon was first pulled over when his car was spotted weaving in traffic. Of course, that usually means a drunk driver so the cops managed to stop him and get him to pull over. Either they didn’t believe him when he said he was sober or they knew something else was up because they ended up searching his car and found the crack pipe in his pocket and crack rock in the driver’s seat.

The cops also claim that they found another pipe and more crack rocks in the floor board on the driver’s side of the car.

However, despite the possession charges, the cops conducted a field sobriety test and stated that Nixon was not under the influence of any drug or alcohol. This means that he’ll be charged for possession, but not for usage. That’s confusing, because it doesn’t explain why he was weaving in and out of traffic like he was drunk – just craziness? It’s also a douchebag move to try to blame your son for your drug bust.

Do you guys think he’ll get away with just a fine? Nixon’s currently still in custody, and his bail’s been set at $11,800. All said and done, that’s not a lot and a former MLB baseball star should be able to afford that. You can bet that it won’t be his son who bails him out though.

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