Peter O’Toole Dead at 81: Beloved Actor Passes Away In His Sleep

Peter O'Toole Dead at 81: Beloved Actor Passes Away In His Sleep

Shocking news today. Peter O’Toole is dead. The iconic actor peacefully passed away in his sleep last night, December 14. We haven’t really heard much about him in the past couple of years but to me he was eternal. He had a knack of always being the person many gravitated to in both life and movies and that’s why its such a sad day to bid goodbye to this notable icon.

To be fair we should have been prepared for this piece of news. Unlike recent shocking deaths, the award winning actor was 81 and has been sick for quite some time. He was surrounded by friends and family in the end. Although some of his most famous friends like Katherine Hepburn and Richard Burton passed a while ago. For all his fame and talent, not a lot was usually said about him. Because he belonged to a different time. Today we prop up reality stars and every starlet willing to show her labia! Back then all you had to be was good at your job.

The scandals and lifestyles never really mattered. Take notes, I beg you! It’s highly unlikely we’ll ever get another man like the one we lost today!