Pippa Middleton Loves Prince George Alexander Louis: Will This Busy Socialite Make a Great Aunt?

Pippa Middleton Loves Prince George Alexander Louis: Will This Busy Socialite Make a Great Aunt?

Baby Prince George of Cambridge is the subject of office break room whispers around the globe. We’re intrigued by the seemingly normalness of the royal family. Commoners wonder whether Kate Middleton will breastfeed, and if the little baby royal will be unwillingly circumcised. Media magnet Pippa Middleton (Kate’s sister) is an aunt for the first time, and she didn’t wait long to divulge her warm sensation over the birth of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s new son.

People reports:

Pippa Middleton, aka Auntie Pippa, is thrilled at the arrival of her nephew, Prince George, and has already been helping sister Kate in her early days of motherhood.

Pippa, 29, says she’s “very excited about my sister’s baby” and “so happy to be an aunt, as I love kids,” a source close to the Middletons tells PEOPLE.

She and her boyfriend, Nico Jackson, visited Kensington Palace this week to help take care of the newborn before Prince William and his wife decamped for a visit to the Middleton home in Bucklebury on Wednesday.

Anybody with a niece or nephew can imagine the joy Pippa feels. It’s the best feeling to see a miniature version of your brother or sister. Pippa loves Prince Georgie as if he’s her very own. With Kate’s come up of the century opportunity, she won’t need Pippa’s help with dirty bottles, or soiled diapers. Prince George Alexander Louis has more help and attention than Honey Boo Boo has jelly rolls.

Pippa can go back to what she does best — parading her taut cakes around town taking advantage of every opportunity her royal associates pass her way. How will Aunt Pippa react to the Prince Georgie’s tantrums and teething whines? Will he inherit her and Prince Harry’s likeable personalities and sweet tooth for fun? Will the Cambridge couple allow Prince George of Cambridge to go on a play date with Jimmy Fallon’s newborn?

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