Pretty Little Liars RECAP 10/22/13: Season 4 Halloween Special “Grave New World”

Pretty Little Liars RECAP 10/22/13: Season 4 Halloween Special “Grave New World”

Tonight on the ABC Family PRETTY LITTLE LIARS continues with the season 4 Halloween Special called, “Grave New World.” On tonight’s show With Ezra lurking in the shadows, “A” may be closer than the girls realize.  Did you watch season 4’s finale episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

In tonight’s special Halloween episode of “Pretty Little Liars,”  Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer crash the Ravenswood Founders Day Celebration after finding a clue in “A’s” new lair that Ali may indeed be alive.

Dressed in their finest Edwardian wear, the ladies hit the creepy cemetery party to find Ali before “A” can. But if Ali is truly alive, could the PLLs be leading “A” straight to their friend without knowing it? With Ezra lurking in the shadows, “A” may be closer than the girls realize.

The series stars Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, Laura Leighton, Chad Lowe, Shay Mitchell, Janel Parrish and Sasha Pieterse.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s  Family’s Pretty Little Liars at 8:00 PM EST!   While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The Liars were warned to leave Ravenswood but they decided to stay. They want to find Allison before “A” does.  To do so they have to crash the town’s party that’s oh so conveniently being held in a cemetery. Yet it’s not the cemetery that has Emily spooked. It’s seeing Allison again after all this time that scares her.

The girls are sticking together on this one and doing their best to leave their boyfriends out of it. Not that will stop Caleb. He couldn’t wait on backup from Toby so he’s traveling to Ravenswood by himself. On his way he meets a young woman who’s supposedly meeting up a long lost uncle. She ran away from her foster home and that sparks a kinship between the two.

The new girl’s name is Miranda and she isn’t all that set to make new friends at the moment. Sorry, try again later. He does. After all he’s used to girls being difficult with him and he knows what a little patience can bring.

Another person left out this “adventure” should have been Ezra. He tried to call Aria but she only told him she was in Ravenswood. What she didn’t know was that she confirmed her position to the notorious “A”. Even the creepiest former den mother that soon spot Emily told her their staying isn’t a good idea. It’s not safe. Maybe her psychic momentum clued her in on Ezra.

The girls were briefly split up but when they rejoined they all spotted Allison, or so they think, fleeing the cemetery. They follow her into a crypt only to find she abruptly disappeared. Have they become desperate enough to start imagining seeing her? Or is “A” quicker than they thought?

Whatever the case the girls find themselves trapped in a crypt. No has a signal on their phones and the crypt appears to be extensive. Out of nowhere, while they were searching for an escape, a blast of wind came and the lights went out. By time things returned to normal; Hanna was gone.

Hanna got separated. She tries to look for her friends when she spots a note left behind in blood in the walls. It says “Help Me”. It’s dark and their critters everywhere. Of course Hanna is freaked out. She finds an escape out of one of the crypt’s tunnels and winds up entering a home. Odd but she doesn’t have time to question it.

“A” is right on her trail.

Caleb and Miranda finally arrive in Ravenswood. She doesn’t keep him long. She knows he has to go find his girlfriend. Surprisingly it’s Miranda that spot Hanna first. She went to her uncle’s home. The very same mansion that connected to the tunnels and she was the one that released Hanna from the phone booth she was locked in. Miranda doesn’t know what’s going on and Hanna doesn’t have time to explain Allison and “A”. Especially not when she saw her friend get taken by “A” right in front of her. Although she does give a quick overview.

People are disappearing so easily now. The rest of the liars found their way into the mansion then somehow lost Spencer along the way.  If “A” was with Hanna then who took Spencer?

Talk about creep mansions. The mansion is run as a funeral home. There is an entire room filled with caskets. Just the sight triggers an old memory of Miranda’s. She thought this trip would be the first time she met her uncle but her memories show that her uncle had sent her away. He did it for her safety.

Where did Spencer go? She wounded up in the conservatory.  It’s where “A” found her. They got into a fight and for a second Spencer had the upper hand. But in the end she couldn’t take him down alone. Luckily all he did was knock her out. When Aria and Emily found her, she was safe.

All throughout the mansion Allison’s screams can be heard. The girls follow it and yet there is no Allison. It was a recording of her voice. They turn around and was saved from having to deal with “A”. All they had to deal with was the den mother.  She’s a caretaker of the house.  The tape of Allison was stolen from one of their sessions. Before they go, she warns them that one of them has been touched by the person Allison fears the most.

Outside, Hanna and Miranda had found Caleb. Miranda wanted to show a pamphlet to Caleb. The other guy riding the boss with them said he didn’t have family but that can’t explain why someone that looks exactly like him recently had a funeral service. Hanna was able to reach her friends by phone and planned on joining them when she invited Miranda along. She didn’t want to leave a girl by herself int his town. Miranda didn’t want to go so Hanna asked Caleb to stay. She needed to know Miranda would be okay.

Once all the girls meet back up they see they have a flat tire and no spare. Ezra had tracked them down and offers to help but they spotted Red coat off in the bushes. The girls run after her and have a face to face confrontation. It was Allison. She was alive and she wants to come back home but they can’t tell anyone they saw her.

Ezra came looking for them. He said it was to return Aria’s phone. Still, that doesn’t explain why Allison disappeared before he could see her…

 Caleb found a grave marker with his picture and his name. Maybe Ravenswood was always where he belonged.