Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 REVIEW “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 10 REVIEW “The Mirror Has Three Faces”

Last night was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  Our girl Fridays are walking down a empty school hallway after they ditched class and took a quick trip to the hospital to try to sneak in and see Jenna. Aria is tweaking because they are talking super loud. Aria tells Spencer to be quiet and that she would still like to graduate. Spencer tells her to focus up honey because none of us are graduating. (I’m in agreement, if they did there wouldn’t be a show). Hannah wanted to play candy striper. Hannah also thinks Spencer should attempt to talk to Shana again.

Because if CeCe tried to drown Jenna than Shana is bound to know the reason why(that’s actually somewhat sound logic coming from Hannah, mind you I said somewhat). Emily doesn’t think they should trust Shana, Hanna is ok but then why should they trust Jenna (ummmmm because girl got drowned like a rat last week). Aria tells them she doesn’t trust anybody and seriously they need to be quiet she is trying to sneak back into school here. Hannah tells them she is just going to hit every hipster store she can till she finds CeCe. Emily meanwhile is having a mini freak out because Ali’s mom wants to let her and Pam stay at her place. Emily is like no, hell no, not gonna happen. Hannah informs Emily that indeed it will be happening because Emily could sneak around and maybe find something like CeCe. Bell rings, class is over, Aria is done tweaking for the moment.

Spencer is chewing Hanna for being insensitive to the fact that Emily is homeless right now (bit of a stretch, she is at a motel) and that staying in their dead friends room is kind of freaky. Hannah counters with thats not nearly as freaky as the guy that stands by the ice machine at the motel and crushes ice with his arm pit (Ali’s it is). Spencer says Emily should just ask Pam to let her come stay with them. Hannah lets Spencer know her mom isn’t accepting guest just now (murder charge and all). Hannah notices Caleb and tells Spencer they can talk later. Spencer is kind of just standing there alone when she notices Ezra locked himself out of his room. Spencer tells him she can probably jimmy the lock she has done it before (please what teenage genius with a psycho stalker hasn’t ?) Ezra tells her that its fine he will just go get another key from the janitor seeing as how he has already done it once today already. Ezra goes to walk off but gets stopped by Spencer who is handing him his bag he walked off without it. (Ten bucks says he found out Malcolm isn’t really his).

Caleb tells Hannah that he went to the post office box and even though CeCe didn’t jump out from inside of it like a girl in a birthday cake he did manage to find a forwarding address connected to the p.o. box form a cable bill (damn direct tv will get you everytime). The address is in Philly (hmmmmmm……). Hannah thinks that means CeCe is sitting on the couch watching Sports Center. Caleb tells her it’s a long stretch but maybe (I’m assuming he means her watching SportsCenter).

Aria is sitting outside a coffee shop with Jake (and it isn’t the one Emily works at…traitor). Jake is looking at some pictures Aria took of him and he is impressed. Jake ends up saying something about a fight he is competing in later that night. Aria tells him that she would like to come and watch. It’s a date.

Mona is the middle of a psych eval being given by none other than Wren (I like him as much as the next person but if he is back there is a reason and I’m assuming its because he is in cahoots with one of the baddies on this show..thinking back he has always seemed kind of sketch). Wren shows Mona a picture of a family happily standing in front of a farm. Wren wants to know how she feels about it. Mona being Mona is super evasive and doesn’t give him the answer he wants. They tango for a bit and then she tells Wren she doesn’t trust him because he lied to her (He let CeCe in to see Mona that one time, there is that name again). Wren tells Mona she lied to and that he knows she hasn’t been taking her meds (yeah that’s because she lives in the matrix or something, and there are no drugs for that). Wren gets up and leaves(and its at this moment that I realize he is going to be doing bad bad things, starting by putting Mona back on her meds). Mona senses a disturbance in the force to.

Toby is at the brew (because he lives above it) he is walking to the stairs to go to his apartment when he sees the envelope with his name on it from a few episodes back laying on the stairs. Toby picks it up and opens it, he recognizes the song instantly. This time we can read the message A attached to it : Leave The Lamb alone and go for The lion. Kisses-A. (I ran it back to see if the writing on the post it matched Wrens, but sadly I couldn’t tell, the lamb is obviously either CeCe or Ali and the lion is also going to be either Cece or Ali, it’s just a matter of figuring out which one is which).

Emily has got her suitcases and Spencer in toe when she walks into Ali’s room. All of Ali’s stuff is out from the stuffed animal on the comforter to the hairbrush on the dresser. Emily freaks out and says she can’t stay in that room promise or no promise to Hannah. Spencer tries to make her feel better by telling her a story equally as disturbing as the room about how back in the day when a child died the parents would actually prop them up and take a pic of them so they would have a memory that would last forever. Emily looks at Spencer even more on edge than before. Emily tells Spencer you aren’t helping not helping at all. Spencer tells Emily to just remember her being there could help them find some clues. Ali’s mom walks in with a blanket and puts it on the bed for Emily. She offers Emily some hangers and goes over to the closet to get them out, hanging inside or some of Ali’s clothes. Emily tells her she doesn’t really have anything she needs to hang up. Ali’s mom closes it and hands Emily keys to the house. She tells them it’s good to see them in the house it’s like they never left. Spencer and Emily exchange glances (I would have ran for the door).

Caleb stops by Hannah’s to see how Ashley is doing. Hannah tells him not good while she puts spaghetti on a dish to warm for her, Hannah tells him if it wasn’t for calls from Spencer’s mom she doesn’t think Ashley would even get out of bed. Hannah wants Caleb to do her a solid and help her get into Radley to see Mona. Caleb is not on board and tells her he still sees Mona as the enemy. Hannah tells him that she isn’t. Caleb then suggest the impossible and tells Hannah she should tell the cops and Spencer’s mom about A. Hannah is not on board.

Hannah hunts down Wren at the coffee shop and ask him for help in seeing Mona. Wren tells her he can’t do that. Wren then tells Hannah that a blonde tried to get in to see Mona and he assumed it was Hannah. Hannah tells him it wasn’t, she ask him to look at the security video and see if it might have been CeCe. Wren tells her he will do what he can. Hannah thanks him and leaves. Then the most AmAzing thing happens cute puppy dog Wren turns devious he calls someone on his phone and tells them there is a problem that he will take care of his end and they need to take care of theirs. Wren looks after Hannah with a blank look on his face which you know means he is on the A team (OMG).

Spencer is with Toby at his place looking at the sheet music and the post it. Toby tells her he recognized the song as soon as he saw it. Spencer seems to think the lamb means Eddie and the lion is Dr. Palmer (nope). Toby ask her to go with him to see Dr. Palmer in case he does know something about it. Spencer doesn’t want to keep it a secret anymore but Toby tells her she has to till he finds out what really happened to his mom.

Emily is walking around the living room in Ali’s house (they have a piano to, just saying). Emily is looking at picture of Ali and her mom when she was a little girl. Ali’s mom pops out from behind a corner in a chair and ask Emily if she is looking for something. Emily tells her she was going to get something to eat. Ali’s mom tells her she will make her something (in a way I feel bad for Ali’s mom, she just wants someone to love and care for and have some one to love and care for her). When she stands up a bunch of papers fall out of her lap, she tells Emily they are divorce papers. Emily stays quiet. Also someone is watching from the window (on this show though that is pretty much a given).

Ezra is with Maggie at his place he puts a long white envelope on a coffee table and tells her to open it. Maggie ask him what it is (I know). Ezra tells her not to be afraid that she already knows (so do I). Ezra tells her that he is the one that is late to the party. Maggie still has no idea what he is talking about. Ezra tells her he was starting the process to get his name put on Malcolm’s birth certificate. Maggie interrupts and ask him how he could do that. Maggie says she can’t believe he would do that. Ezra says like she cares. Ezra shoves the envelope across the table at her and tells her she knew he wasn’t Malcolm’s father (told ya).

Hannah is standing outside a coffee truck when she sees Caleb walking up to the office where Spencer’s mom works. Hanna calls his name and he walks over to her. Hannah ask him if he was going to tell her about A. Caleb tells her yes and gives her this long speech about how much he loves her and doesn’t know how to protect her anymore and that he couldn’t handle it if something happened to her. Hannah puts her arms around his neck and kisses him. Wren who apparently is now a creeper is sitting across the street in his car watching the whole thing go down. (Makes me wonder how many other times we have seen someone watching them and its been Wren).

Spencer’s mom is at home looking for some files. She tells her assistant she needs to push the meeting back half a hour. Wren is there. Veronica ask him what he wants. Wren tells her he feels he should tell her that Mona is dangerous and that she shouldn’t trust anything she says because she still has a grudge against Spencer and her friends. (wow just wow).

Maggie is trying to explain to Ezra what happened by telling them that they had been fighting a lot about stupid stuff and he was leaving at the end of summer for school, that she was mad at him so she went to a party with some friends got drunk and had sex with some guy (isn’t that how it always happens?) Maggie goes on to say it was a mistake. Maggie tells Ezra that she knew that Malcolm being his was a question but she gave herself the answer she wanted. Ezra tells her he doesn’t feel sorry for her, that she led him to believe Malcolm was his and that he grew to love him. That he helped him with his homework and learned the name of all his stuffed animals and knew exactly which one he needed when he woke up in the middle of the night. Ezra starts to cry (poor guy). Maggie picks up her purse apologizes and leaves.

Aria is roaming around Philly looking for the address while talking to Hannah on the phone. Aria is worried Jake will think its strange that she has been gone so long. Hannah thinks he won’t even notice. Aria ask Hannah to check in on Emily because Spencer said she was freaked out when she left (I can’t even begin to imagine why).
Hannah tells Aria that she will. Aria gets off the phone and finds the address seconds after. Aria starts talking outside with a girl who is moving out. Aria tells her she is looking for CeCe Drake. The girl tells her when she finds her to let her know.

Emily has brought Ali’s mom a cup of tea. They start talking about Ali. Ali’s mom tells Emily how she used to see Ali everywhere, this one time she saw her in the park or she thought she did the girl had the same walk and the same hair. Emily ask if it was Ali, all her mom says is that she almost tackled the girl and that she loses another piece of Ali everyday. She tells Emily that’s why she decorated the room. Her husband would have locked the room and thrown away the key if it had been up to him, she tells her it’s hard to think you know someone and that you both want the same things and then something changes and they aren’t who you thought they were. Emily tells her she understands because she is going through the same thing with Paige. Ali’s mom didn’t know Emily was gay until now. Ali’s mom tells her she is proud of her. Emily tells her that she has seen Ali too. Ali’s mom tells her that of course she has because she loved her as much as she did and she couldn’t have asked for a better person to have loved Ali than Emily. (I’m glad she has someone to talk to you, Emily will never judge her just listen and say the right thing, and that’s what Ali’s mom needs).

Aria is still talking to the girl packing up her car to leave. She tells Aria that CeCe was kicked out of school because of Ali pushing that girl down the stairs (I remember that it was like first season). She tells Aria that CeCe always said they were four other she devils. CeCe thought they all were in on it and she hated them all for it. Aria isn’t sure how to process that info.

Hannah is knocking on the front door of Ali’s house. She calls out for Ali’s mom and Emily but doesn’t get a answer, so naturally she opens the door and goes right in. You know who is home though Red Coat and she heads into one of the rooms upstairs. Hannah hears her upstairs but still decides to go up to Ali’s room. Hannah goes in and sees all of Ali’s stuff. Hannah opens the jewelry box on the table and looks at the stuff inside, while the ballerina spins around. Hannah smiles and picks up a ring to try it on. While she is distracted by pretty things Red Coat walks up and stops by the door(you can see her in the mirror of the jewelry box) but only or a second and then she is gone. Hannah looks up and behind her but she is to late to see her. (I bet there is a clue in that jewelry box, in a secret compartment somewhere, cause that was totally Ali’s thing).

Toby and Spencer are at the nursing home to visit Dr.Palmer. Toby takes out the sheet music and ask him to look at it. Dr.Palmer smiles and tells them it’s a good song but unfortunately he doesn’t play.

Mona is looking through a magazine when Spencer’s mom comes in her room. Mona looks surprised but just for a sec. Veronica tells her she wants to have a chat with her, off the record.

Aria is walking back to where Jake is competing at when her phone rings. Aria looks down sees that it is Ezra and stops walking. While she is debating on whether or not she should answer it Jake pops his head to tell her he is up in five minutes. Aria tells him she will be there in a second that she needs to answer her phone it’s important. But what she actually does is ignore it. Poor Ezra is just standing there hoping she will answer.

Veronica is talking to Mona and surprisingly she is staying quiet. Veronica tells her she has a feeling she makes people nervous. Veronica tells her she makes people nervous to and if Mona does anything to harm Spencer or her friends that she will make sure she stays locked up in a cell till her hair is gray. Veronica leaves. Mona just gets the look she has when she is in a black hoodie.

Toby is talking to Dr.Palmer about his mother or at least trying to. When Spencer starts playing the song on the piano. Dr.Palmer thinks that she is Toby’s mom and starts talking to her. Spencer humors him and then ask him about the blonde girl, a orderly comes to take him away but Spencer is determined to find out. Spencer doesn’t find out who the blonde is but she does find out that Dr. Palmer knows Ali’s mother. Spencer and Toby exchange shocked glances.

Spencer is telling Emily and Hannah what happened. They almost catch her in a lie but she tells them to focus on the big story not the little parts. Hannah thinks they should ask Ali’s mom, Emily disagrees. But when it becomes apparent that it is two against one Emily leaves in a huff for work.

Ali’s mom hears Spencer and Hannah leaving and comes out and ask them if they would like to stay for dinner or a sleepover. They tell her another time. They are heading out the door when Spencer stop and ask her if she knows a Dr.Palmer. Ali’s mom asks her what kind of a doctor he is. Spencer tells her he is a psychiatrist. Spencer then ask if he was her doctor or Ali’s. Ali’s mom tell them she only met him once. Spencer ask why. Flashback: Ali’s sitting in the living room playing the piano and her mom comes storming in and slams the top down on the keys. Ali ask her what her problem is. Her mom tells her that she got a call that her daughter was at Radley that she thinks she is a danger to herself and that she wants to stay there. That she ran four stop signs to get there that she finally gets to Radley an that she is dressed like Ali from head to toe only it isn’t her it’s CeCe Drake. Ali can’t believe she did it. Her mo tells her she hooped they enjoyed the little game because its the last one and that CeCe is no longer welcome in her home. She storms out. Ali goes back to playing the piano (its the same song Toby’s mom played). Spencer ask if they had ever done anything like that before. Ali’s mom told her no but that from the beginning something was wrong with that relationship. That it was obsessive. Hannah ask like sharing each others make up wearing each others clothes? Ali’s mom says more like wearing each others personalities. (Ha that would explain so freaking much…’s CeCe..has been from day one. The murders..all of it…she did it..because she thinks she is Ali or has a Ali split personality. That’s why she helps and hurts the girls because she has two sides just like she has a black hoodie and a red coat…’s literally the ancient struggle between good and evil in her own body…she is the yin to her own yang….freaking brilliant…..)

Spencer, Caleb and Hannah are talking about what they found out from Ali’s mom. When Veronica comes in and tells Hannah that she has to step aside as her moms lawyer for now because someone (WREN) called in and said she bullied Mona into confessing. Hannah is not happy and takes off to go home. Caleb is right behind her.

Aria is on some steps with Jake. She makes fun of him for a bit and then they kiss for a bit.

Emily comes home and the guy is there fixing the heater. He tells them they have a problem.

Wren is sitting in the hallway of Radley on the phone. He is talking to someone about how Veronica making Mona confess is upsetting. He has the picture of the family he showed Mona earlier on his lap and he is coloring the woman’s coat with a red pencil (because they like to rub salt in our wounds).

Emily and Ali’s mom head downstairs to check out their little problem. The light are off and they have to use a flashlight. Ali’s mom hands it to Emily and she freaks out at a big stuffed dog she sees in the dark. Once they get a light on they see a hole in the wall where someone has been staying. Ali’s mom thinks whoever it is was gone before Jason moved back in. She heads upstairs. Emily checks it out for a few minutes and then turns off the light. She notices the holes in the ceiling where A has been listening to everything. Emily freaks out.

A is at Emily’s house. There are family pictures everywhere. (I would have thought Pam would have gotten some of that up by now). A unwraps one of Ashley’s shoes and throws it in the mess. (All for one and one for all).