Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 6 REVIEW “Mona Is Back”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 6 REVIEW “Mona Is Back”

Tonight’s episode of Pretty Liars Liars claims we we will see the strangest moment in its history. I’ll be the judge of that.

Lady cop is putting a pack of sugar in her coffee. She starts talking, we soon see its Hannah, tearing up her Styrofoam cup. Lady cop says you want tell me where you got the gun or why you had it or why you were burying it on a college campus. She tells Hannah that she can tell her that the gun was a 38 caliber , it holds six bullets but there were only four in it. She tells her Hannah could get popped with a weapons charge that apparently carries seven years. She tells Hannah she doesn’t want to see that happen to her and that she needs to tell her who she is protecting. Hannah ask her how she doesn’t know she was trying to protect herself. Lady cop tells her it’s just a hunch. There is a knock on the door indicating Ashley is ready to get Hannah the hell out of the police station. Ashley tells the lady cop that Hannah’s attorney has been called and that her bail has been posted. Lady cop tells Hannah she will walk her out. Soon as they exit the room Hannah sees her dad and he is not happy. Hannah’s dad tells her they are keeping the gun to do testing. Hannah ask him what kind of testing. Lady cop tells her the kind that will determine if her dads gun was used in the killing of a police officer.

Emily is in the girls locker room cleaning out her locker. She is talking to Hannah. Hannah tells her there is no school for her till the D.A calls and that she could get seven years. Emily is like seven years? For what? Hannah goes down the list of charges. Emily tries to convince her it’s all A. Hannah tells her none of that matters if her mom killed Wilden. She gets a little distracted by Shana walking her Jenna loving self in to the locker room. Shana tells her she is now going to school there (meaning she is taking Emily’s spot on the swim team). She tells Emily she knows how much swimming meant to her. Emily assures her that she doesn’t know anything about her. Shana follows that up with saying Jenna has told her a few things. (In that case Emily she knows all about you). She picks up one of Emily’s fliers (something about open mic night), Emily then snatches it back and leaves.

Hannah’s dad barges into her room (but not before Hanna hides her cell phone), he tells Hannah he wants to know what she said to the cops. Hannah tells her dad that she didn’t tell the cops anything. He wants to know where she found the gun, why in the hell she took it to that college, and what she was thinking. Hannah tells him she was trying to protect her mom. Then her dad being her dad he flips, and yells and accuses Hannah of taking the gun out of his office, Hannah interrupts and tells him she found it in her moms luggage from New York, that shut him up. He hears the text that comes in on her phone and tells her to shut it off and come downstairs. Hannah checks it (you can tell from her face its from A).

Spencer and Aria are in the muffin mans coffee shop, they are talking about Hannah getting arrested. Then Aria of all people decides to get pro active and tells Spencer she could careless why her and Emily are fighting that Spencer just better find a way to fix it because they need all brains on board and they are already down one. Spencer as impressed as I am. Emily walks in, sits down and goes over just how far up the creek Hannah is. Emily goes on to tell then there is more and that Shana is at Rosewood High and took her spot on the swim team. Aria is like what are you talking about? Emily verbatim: I’m talking about the girl who might have tried to set us on fire, run you over sitting next to us in Social Studies. Aria is not wrapping her head around this concept anytime soon. Spencer assumes since Melissa is gone Shana feels free to do as she pleases. Emily’s on board with Spencer she thinks the whole Jenna gets a new seeing eye dog at school is spot on. There is a loud crash behind them which reminds Emily that she has someone to train. (Aria is all Ill totally do it for you because even though I am not employed at this establishment my mom is in Austria with the Muffin Man who own this place so therefore I’m allowed to tell his employees what to do. Plus he knows my brother). Emily is cool with that, she sits next to Spencer on the couch. Spencer goes into this long winded apology. Aria is making small talk with trainee boy as not to disturb the lovely moment Spencer and Emily are having. ( I know who this kid is, it’s the kid who played Ricky’s brother on Secret Life the last two seasons, I think his name was Ethan). He ask Aria for help with his paper , she is like sure why not. She walks back to Spencer and Emily.

Hannah’s dad Tom is informing Ashley that Hannah found the gun in her bag. (I don’t think Ashley killed Wilden , but that gun is going to turn out to be the murder weapon.)
At first Ashley ask Hannah how she could say that. Tom tells her because its true Ashley. Then Ashley goes off on poor Hannah. Tom jumps in, focus up Ashley you stole the gun from my office. Ashley tells him she didn’t bring it into the house, and that someone must be framing her but she doesn’t know who (I do). It’s about that time Hannah walks away from her parents takes out her cell and we see the message from earlier: You bark, I bite. Say my name, they both get the blame. Kisses-A. Hannah stands there freaking out.

I have no idea what the strangest moment is going to be but I can tell you what the best one is….Mona is back. She walks into the brew and sees the three musketeers, and goes right to them. Spencer verbatim: More Mona More Problems (lol) Mona tells Spencer she needs to talk to her in private. Spencer is like where have you been. Mona makes it clear that her request is not a question and that she needs to talk to Spencer. Per usual they mean girl her for a bit and then Emily tells her whatever she has to say to Spencer she can say in front of her and Aria. Mona is fine it’s Spencer’s funeral, she tells them she has been tracking the R.V and she knows that Toby is the one that gave it to A. Of course Aria and Emily are in denial, Emily even ask for proof. Mona makes it clear that fen though she prefers heels to hoodie if she has to she can still do recon on their asses when she needs to so Emily better believe she’s got proof. Aria tells Spencer to say something. Spencer tells them it’s true. She looks at Mona, Mona’s I know that’s right face is all she gets no sympathy what so ever.

Aria and Emily are in Emily’s room. Emily tells Aria that Mona may not be A but she is definitely still a B. Aria is more upset that Spencer didn’t tell them about it. Emily knows Toby has a reason for doing it. Aria says reason or not maybe Hannah wouldn’t be in this mess if they still had the R.V. Hannah calls Aria from her house phone because her parents took her cell. Aria tells Hannah they need to tell her something. Hanna ask if it can wait, then goes on to say she knows A framed her mom. Aria tells Hannah that her and Emily want to help. Hannah tells them not to do anything and then hangs up because her dad picks up downstairs. Hannah hears her mom tell her dad that Wilden asked her for money, she didn’t have it and that she took the gun for protection. Ashley also says that Wilden grabbed the gun from her and that she took off running. Caleb shows up and big bad Tom tells him to leave. Caleb goes.

Spencer is talking to Toby about now Mona told them about the what he did instead of them. She wants to tell them but Toby tells her they can’t if he ever is going to find out what really happened to his mom, that no one is talking and that he has run out of leads, and that A knows something. Spencer gets out her phone and makes a call. She calls the sorority house.

Meanwhile Aria is helping trainee boy with his stupid paper. Mike comes breezing through and leaves. She helps the kid out some more and then hand she paper back.

Hannah is sitting in her room when Emily comes in. Hannah is amazed that her parents let her in. Emily tells her she has a excuse and holds up a physic book. Hannah tells her she doesn’t have physics. Emily tells her she was hoping her parents wouldn’t know that. Emily tells Hannah that she wants the video Mona gave her from the police car. Hannah says hell no. Emily tells her that if the police see the video they will see Shana and Jenna pick Wilden’s ass up off the ground after her mom ran him over. Hannah relents and hands it over.

Aria is watching trainee pack up to leave, they are talking about sports and what not. He gets up to leave and kisses her. Aria backs away (sorry but she into older men, I’m talking English teacher older). She shows him to the door.

Emily is in the Police station trying to be pink panther sneaky. She sticks they flyer on the message board, she goes to walk to lady cops desk. Lady cop turns around to get her glasses, so Emily hot foots it back to the message board. When lady cop leaves Emily walks up to her desk and puts down a disk with a toe that reads: WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO WILDEN? WATCH THIS!

Ashely is standing in her kitchen staring off into space. When Tom comes running in because the skillet is on fire. She even burnt the toast. Ashley is v worried because the D.A hasn’t called yet and Veronica told her that it is not a good sign. She burns her hand on the skillet. Tom gets her a bag of something out of the freezer to put on her hand. He tells her o tell him it was self defense that people would believe. That, that he would believe that. Ashley tell him he can believe what ever he wants that she already told him the truth. They look up and notice Hannah standing there.

Emily is handing Caleb a note from Hannah. Caleb tells Emily that Hannah’s parents would call him if anything happens it that he hasn’t heard anything. Emily says maybe that’s a good thing. Caleb thanks Emily for the note and walks away. Spencer is waking at the door and tells Emily about her calling the sorority house and how they told her that Grunwald used to disappear for hours at a time and then reappear. Spencer wants Emily to come with her to check it out. Emily tells her she gets why she didn’t say anything about Toby but that she also needs to think about the people she is hurting. So Spencer is on her own on this goose chase. Emily walks away, she notices music and follows it to the music room and there is Shana playing the violin.

Mike comes up to Aria and accuses her of sleeping with Connor (trainee). Aria is a mix of shock and anger she gets the word what out. A few beats later she stomps off to the locker room and tries to make it clear what happened. Connor gets nasty and tells her they all know she wasn’t playing scrabble with Mr. Fitz and that he is curious to know how many points the word slut is worth. Aria turns around to leave and Ezra is standing there. Ezra tells Ms. Montgomery that she shouldn’t be in the locker room. Aria takes off. Ezra stands there for a minute looking at Connor and then he walks out of the locker room to.

Toby and Spencer are in her car driving to meet with Mrs. Grunwald. Toby. Tells Spencer he is sorry and says she knows.

Aria is sitting on some stairs in the school. She is deleting all these inappropriate text guys are sending her. Ezra comes to see about her and ask if she is ok. Ezra tells her she can’t let those guys and there rumor get to her. Aria tells him it just isn’t a rumor that some of its true, that he can’t be the guy to make her feel better and to just leave her alone.

Spencer and Toby are seen driving into a little (a little town by the name of Ravenwood, so Grunwald not only serves a plot point for this show but she also serves as one for the new show in the fal). They get out of Spencer’s car and look around, she tries to ask a lady walking with her two kids for help but she just continues to walk and ignore Spencer. They notice some creepy guy watching them from a window. Toby tells her to get back in the car, she does and they drive off.

Emily goes up to Mona and tells her she wants to help her with what ever she is up to. Mona reminds her that she isn’t A anymore, and that the real A has got everything on all of them and one wrong move and they are all screwed.

Spencer drives up to some house and sees a caretaker. They get out and ask him if Mrs. Grunwald leaves there, he tells them no. Spencer apologizes and they get in her car and she drives away. As they are leaving the caretaker takes a cell out of his pocket and places a call.

Spencer pulls back up in Ravenwood and Toby tells her he is hungry and wants to get something to eat, she walks up to a beauty parlor and sees Mrs. Grunwald inside. She goes inside and goes up to her and says Mrs. Grunwald. Spencer explains to her that she thinks she had talked to her friend and that it would have been three years ago.
Mrs. Grunwald tells her that she isn’t who she thinks she is and can’t help her. She walks over to hair dryer, sticks her head under it.

Aria is lying in bed crying like a baby (because when life gives you lemons you squeeze yourself in the eyes) Emily calls but she ignores it and continues to feel sorry for herself.
Mike walks in and tries to make nice by saying he should of known it was a lie and he is sorry for it believing her, and he promises he will make it up to her.

Hannah comes back in the front door and her dad is sitting on the stairs with a glass of bourbon (what? You didn’t invite Ashley? Shame on you Tom shame on you). Hannah’s dad ask her why she didn’t call him, she says she didn’t think he wanted her to. He replies by chugging the rest of his drink. Hannah sits down on the stairs.

Spencer comes out of the beauty shop convinced that Grunwald is lying and hiding something. Toby tells her that maybe it’s just a dead end, and sometimes you need to let things go. Spencer being Spencer reminds him that he is following a lead from A. Toby being Toby ignores her bitch move and walks across the street to get something to eat. Spencer is standing on the sidewalk when music comes out of a P.A. System. Everyone in town that’s out stops what they are doing and starts walking to a statue. They just stand there and look at it (strange) Spencer sees Shana (stranger) she goes running back towards her car when she sees Toby. Spencer tells him she saw Shana , they see her get in a car (Jenna’s car). They go running to Spencer’s car to try and follow them but a bird hit her windshield and they jump out the car. They look up and see a bunch of ravens flying over.

Back at the Muffin Mans Emily and Aria are pretending to enjoy amateur hour, when Spencer comes flying in and tells them all about her trip and how she saw Shana. Lady cop walks in and tells Emily she needs her to go down to the station and that it won’t take long. Lady cop shows Emily a DVD of someone wearing a mask of her face in front of
the Rosewood sign holding a sign that says guilty. Lady cop wants to know about it (like A lets them in on her schemes). Emily doesn’t know anything about the mask Emily and denies leaving the DVD on lady cops desk earlier. Lady cop gets a call and says she will be right there. She tells Emily they will discuss this later. Emily sits there looking at the screen with the fake Emily on it. ( the fake Emily is wearing a red coat).

Aria is panicking because she thinks her and Spencer are next. Aria ask Spencer about Shana in order to distract her. Spencer tells her that she lost Shana, Aria tells her she didnt. Spencer turns around and Shana is on the stage playing the violin. Ezra is looking at Aria through the glass. Emily is still watching the video. Somebody is destroying a car (mike) car belongs to the guy who said he slept with his sister.

Ashley is arrested for the murder of Wilden. Her fingerprints were on the gun and the bullets.

A breaks into a car and hot wires it. They move the mirror and who see A in a mask of Emily’s face