Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 7 REVIEW “Crash and Burn, Girl!”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 7 REVIEW “Crash and Burn, Girl!”

On last night’s episode of Pretty Little Liars – Emily and Spencer are silently sowing dishes in Hannah’s kitchen. Things are still tense between the two of them. Spencer tells Emily the bowl she is holding goes on the top shelf. Emily thanks her for telling her that, this time. Spencer apologizes again for not tell Emily why Toby took the RV. Spencer tells here that they really did see Shana. Emily tells her to just forget about Shana and focus on Hanna. Cue Aria walking into the kitchen with a plate of food Hannah refuses to eat. Aria seems relieved the Emily and Spencer are talking. Spencer tells Aria that they could get her the mozzarella sticks she likes from the Muffin Mans. Aria tells her that don’t deliver. Emily says it doesn’t matter because what she really wants they can’t get, her mom. Aria goes to throw the food. Spencer tells her not to that maybe Hannah’s dad will want to eat it when he comes home. They all three decide they need to stay with Hannah till her dad gets home and help her together.

Hannah is upstairs in her room on the phone with Caleb. Hannah makes him promise not to do anything stupid. Caleb tells Hannah that he has never done anything stupid. Hannah tells him you let me in to your life. Caleb tells her that is the smartest decision he has ever made. He promises he is going to find something to get the charges against her mother dropped, and that Hannah isn’t going to lose him (come on…we already know he is leaving to go to Ravenswood, they don’t need to make it harder on us..geez). Someone ask him if he wants a coffee (get to that in a minute). Hannah tells him she needs to go downstairs with the girls. Caleb tells her he loves her. Hanna says she loves him.

Toby is handing Caleb a cup of coffee and reminds Caleb that Hannah is a tough girl. Caleb knows this. Toby ask him if he is ready to do this. Next we see a huge board with Wilden and everybody who is a anybody in this tangled web of a town on it. It’s almost identical to the one in the police department with the one difference being the boys are aware of things that police are not. Toby tells Caleb “lets get started”, Toby picks up a note pad and pen. Caleb goes over to the table by the board and writes “where is A” on a post it.

Emily’s mom is walking into her room while discussing on the phone that the intake session is not covered by their insurance. Emily looks up from getting her stuff ready for school. Pam tells then not to worry that she will still take the appointment. She then ask Emily if she is working today. Emily tells her no, then ask what’s up. Pam tells her someone at the station suggested prolotherapy (I totally had to google that) Pam explains that it’s a series of injections that stimulate the tissue around the injury and will promote healing in Emily’s shoulder (I can tell you from my google search she is absolutely correct). Emily ask her how many injections. Pam tells her it’s one a week for two months. Emily tells her she will help pay for it. Pam tells her no that the first appointment will be a little tricky but that insurance should cover most of the treatment and if it works maybe Emily won’t even need surgery. Emily tells her the physical therapy has been working and she doesn’t need to spend the money. Pam tells her that her and Emily’s dad decided that she should try this and that will find away to cover the cost not Emily(during this whole convo Emily’s phone has been beeping like crazy) Emily tells her mom that’s its Hannah trying to get in touch with her. Pam tells Emily she knows Emily wants to be there for Hannah and that she feels bad for her, but right or wrong Ashley has been accused of murder and she thinks Hannah should spend time with her father right now (and just like that Pam is back on my worst parent ever list). Pam tells Emily to just meet her at the station and they will go from there. Emily is looking off to the side the way she does when she is scheming. Pam tells her right after school (do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars), because she needs to be at the clinic by 3:45.

That jerk friend of Mikes car is outside all jacked up still from the beating it took in last weeks episode. Aria wonders how long it will take to fix. Mike thinks he should sell it for scrap metal. He ask Aria if she feels sorry for Connor. Aria says nope and she would have gladly taken a whack at that piñata. Aria ask Mike where he was that night. Mike makes the excuse he isn’t into listening to girls play the same three cords and whine about their ex boyfriends (listen up Mike Ill have you know it’s four chords, not three thank you very much). Mike starts walking away but Aria ask him if he stayed home. (As a matter of fact Aria he is the one that whacked the piñata for you, but you won’t know that till probably four episodes from now).

Hannah is visiting with Ashley at the jail. Ashley ask her if her dad is staying with her. Hannah tells her yes, it’s not as far from school that way and that they will spend the weekends at his place (his new wife and wicked stepdaughter Kate called and said nice things (in case you care, I don’t) so it shouldn’t be bad. Ashley is relieved that everything is working out. Hannah tells her Spencer’s mom told her that Hannah needs too pick something for her mother to wear in court. Hannah tells her she was thinking about a navy suit. Ashley tells her yes and to bring the watch that Hannah’s grandmother gave her. It’s in her jewelry box. Hannah tells her Spencer’s mom said no jewelry. Ashley nods and comments like she remembers that. Ashley starts crying. Hannah tries to take her mind off of it by bringing up a silent auction the school is having for the library renovations (these girls and parties do not mix, someone either ends up dead, or close to it). Hannah tells her mom she wants to get them tickets before its sold out. Ashley tells her not to and that she needs to get through the arraignment first. Hannah tells Ashley to promise she will be Hannah’s date. Ashley tells her she can’t promise her that. Hannah tells that she can because she is going with her. Ashley wipes a tear and tries not to break down in front of Hannah.

Caleb is siting in front of his computer running the partial tail number Spencer gave them. Caleb ask Toby if he really thinks she remembered it. Toby reminds him (as if we need reminding) that Spencer can quote entire passages from books and in two languages and that Caleb needs to keep on keeping on. Caleb ask Toby if he thinks the plane search is the way to go. Toby tells him that night at the lodge Mona thought red coat was pulling the strings and setting a fire is a very “A” thing to do. Caleb tells Toby Hannah thinks Alison is still alive. Toby tells him Spencer saw her to, everyone else just saw a blonde in a red coat ( ummmm Toby Mona saw her). Caleb and Toby switch places. Caleb shows him the folder he found ( Toby’s moms folder). Toby tells him it has nothing to do with their search. Caleb drops it and ask Toby if is hungry and wants something from downstairs. Toby tells him he will take a sandwich. Caleb is on his way out when Toby tells him he got a hit. Caleb tells him that place isn’t far. Toby tells him he will drive (these two should have been the ones looking for A, it took them less than a episode to get a lead meanwhile it takes the girls a seasons worth).

These two girls walk past Emily and Hannah at school and shoot Hannah the oh no you didn’t look. Emily is talking to Hannah about Shana and how she hasn’t seen her since open mic night at the Muffin Mans. Hannah tells Emily that she just can’t disappear that “this isn’t Hogwarts” lol. Emily thinks Shana knows that Spencer and Toby saw her in Ravenswood (clearly this place is going to a continuing theme on this show). Hannah tells Emily to turn her frown upside down that Shana will be back. Emily sees to guys staring down Hannah and proceeds over to them like the badass she is (all thanks to Mona might I add). Ezra walks out and tells Emily he will take it from there. Emily hugs Hannah and leaves.

Ezra and Hannah are walking down the hall. Hannah wants to know if this is about that essay she forgot to turn in yesterday. Ezra just wants to know how she is and they talk as he walks her out. Hannah tells him she feels like that one lady in the book with the knitting, Lady DeBarge, Ezra corrects her Lady DeFarge. Hannah says close enough (I’ve seen DeBarge and I’m going to have to agree with Hannah). Hannah ask if she can have a IOU on the essay. Ezra ask what essay. Hannah thanks him, he makes it clear that its just till her life settles down. Hannah makes it clear she wasn’t thanking him for the free pass but rather for being such a decent guy.

Aria is headed up the stairs when the principal stops her and tells her they need to talk that he got a call from the police department and he thinks Mike was involved with the car being destroyed. (I was wrong). He goes on to ask Aria if she knows anything about it, she lies and tells him that Mike as at home video chatting with their mom. The principal ask if Mike is still on his meds. Aria tells him yes but would like to what that has to with anything. He reminds her of all the trouble Mike caused last year when he was acting out and as usual he jumps to conclusions. He excuses Aria and she continues up the stairs.

Emily is at the police station and apparently her mom is hella busy and can’t go with her to the appointment. Pam is getting Emily the insurance card out of her purse. Emily ask her mom if she has seen lady cop. Pam tells her earlier and ask why. Emily tells her it’s because she was at open mic night and wants to know if she enjoyed it (these girls are starting to lie like they breathe…constantly). Pam tells her she already faxed some papers over to the intake office Emily just needs to show them the insurance card we checks in with the receptionist. A cop walks over with a key to sign in, it’s to Wilden’s apartment. Pam has him fill at a form and then puts the key in a locked box. Emily tells her she needs directions to the office. Pam prints them out and goes to get them and while she is gone Emily gets the key to Wilden’s.

Byron is on the phone at home telling someone they will be there. Aria walks in. Byron ask her if Mike is with her. Aria tells him she thinks he is at practice. Byron tells her that more Mike’s sake he hopes this is all a big misunderstanding. Apparently Connors pressing charges against Mike and Connors dad is pushing for Mike to be expelled. Aria is shocked. Byron ask Aria if there is any truth to what Connor is saying. Aria looks like she is about to cry she tells him that Connor tried to kiss her and she pushed him away so Connor started a rumor. Byron wants to know what kind of rumor. Aria won’t tell her dad the rumor, but she does tell him that people have been talking about her and Ezra. Byron is super mad, he tells Aria he isn’t concerned with Ezra, and that Connor sounds like the one that needs to be punished. He leaves to go talk to Mike.

Hannah is sitting at the kitchen counter forging her moms signature on checks. Spencer comes in. Hannah is apparently taking care of the bills, she doesn’t want her mom to come home to a house with no lights and a weedy lawn. Spencer sits down and tells Hannah that she needs to hear her. Hannah knows from the look on Spencer’s face that her mom isn’t coming home anytime soon. Spencer tells her that she overheard her mom talking strategy with her dad and from the sounds of it Ashley would have been better off if she had killed him because of her history with Wilden. Spencer tells her with tears in her eyes that if they could go for voluntary manslaughter she would have gotten out in twenty years but since they can’t it will be first degree murder. Hannah tells her she knows that means her mom could get life in prison. Spencer tells her that its just how bad it looks. Hannah corrects her and tells her that’s how bad A made it look. Spencer get up and puts her arms around her. Hannah starts crying.

Caleb and Toby are at the little airport. They meet some guy named Nigel. They make up some story and ask the guy to help them find the plane. Caleb slips him a twenty. He pockets it and looks up the plane. The information shows it landed in Delaware and the pilot was John Smith (here is where I would insert my “sure and I’m Pocahontas” joke but…Caleb beat me to it). Caleb ask Nigel of the plane wanted to stop somewhere if it could. Nigel says it depends this guy may not want anybody to know where he went. Toby tells Caleb that they’ve got nothing, it’s a different flight plan and no girl was on board. Nigel (it just occurs to me is the guy that was at Wilden’s funeral with Jenna), tells them it was foggy that night ( how does he know that?) and Thornhill is barely a landing strip. Nigel tells them it would be very hard to land under those conditions in the dark. Caleb thanks Nigel and him and Toby walk out the door. Nigel takes out his phone and calls someone (Jenna?)

Spencer and Aria are in Arias room talking about Hannah, Hannah’s mom, Emily’s mom, this and that A and how she is framing Mike (no dice Aria your brother did it). Emily,comes flying in and tells them they need to go. Emily tells them they still have a chance to find another murder suspect. Spencer and Aria are all in. Emily is glad because they are breaking into Wilden’s apartment. His apartment is as messy a his police work so says Aria. Spencer says its the other police that turned it upside down looking for clues. Emily tells them the lights stay off, and to remember to put things back where they got them, then she ask Aria to whip out the gloves. Emily tells them to look for pictures or letters or anything really that will tie Shana and Jenna to him, they are their best shot at getting Ashley off the hook (when in the hell did Emily get so good at breaking and entering and giving directions?) Aria heads towards the bedroom when the phone rings. Spencer tells them it’s just a telemarketer they wait for the phone to stop ringing (and as usual someone is watching through a window from outside).

Caleb tells Toby he is blitzed and is going to head home. Toby tells him he can crash there if he wants. Caleb ask Toby what is bothering him. Toby tells him the fog, he wants to know how Nigel knew it was foggy (me too Toby me too). Caleb says that maybe he has landed there before, he also states that the name John Smith never led anywhere. Toby shows Caleb the lighter and ask him what he makes of it. Caleb looks at and says the NW are bigger which could mean Nigel Wright, and that the compass could mean pilot (omg Nigel helped Jenna that night at the lodge, he knocked Toby out). Caleb ask him if he thinks Nigel started the fire. Toby tells somebody is blowing a lot of smoke and he is guessing its their buddy Nigel. (If these two had a buddy crime solving show, I would totally watch it).

Spencer is going through his mail and for some odd reason Emily is going through his fridge (maybe she got a attack of the munchies), Aria comes up and starts complaining about having to touch his stuff. Apparently among his black socks Aria found his very extensive porno DVD collection. Aria is tripping on it…lol. Emily is like focus up Aria. Emily ask what they are missing. Aria apparently focuses up pretty quick because she spots a box they haven’t illegally tampered with yet. Spencer gets it. It’s rancid meat with a note: CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AT OUR LITTLE BARBECUE! Kisses – A. (Hmmmmmmm).

Hannah is sitting down, she wipes a tear and gets up to pack her moms clothes for her arraignment. She zips the bag up.

Aria is sitting outside the principals office. Ezra sees her and thinks she is the one in trouble. Aria tells him she is there with her dad and Mike. Connor and his dad are trying to get Mike expelled and are pressing charges for the car. Ezra tells her that they can’t do anything if Mike didn’t do it. Ezra tells her he gets that he can’t be the one to make her feel better but it kills him. Aria says she knows and then tells him how the principal asked her if Mike was still on his meds. Ezra ask her if she knows who did it, before she can answer Byron walks out. He plays nice with Ezra for Aria’s sake and probably because he has enough to worry about at the moment. Byron tells Aria she can go home and that he and Mike will see her later.

Emily is at the police station trying to sneak the key back (too late). Pam is standing at her desk surrounded by detectives. Emily hears a detective say if she doesn’t find the key they are going to have a problem.

Toby has the lighter on and is asking Nigel if he lost something. Nigel,tells m he doesn’t smoke. Toby tells him a lighter can come in handy or other things. Caleb comments on what a chatterbox Nigel was yesterday. Nigel goes to run, they head him off. Toby ask,if he is John Smith. Caleb wants to know if he filed the phony flight report as a cover up. Toby puts the lighter over the trash. Nigel tells them that he was paid to fake the flight plan and was told to lie if anybody asked him about it. Toby ask about the blonde. Nigel tells them her name is CeCe Drake. ( I have often wondered if CeCe and Alison are some how working together to keep the girls safe). Nigel pushes Toby and Caleb and knocks over a cabinet and gets away. Caleb has his phone.

Ezra tells the principal he needs to talk to him about what happened with the car (if he says he did it i might like him just a little bit) Ezra and the principal go in a empty room and Ezra closes the door. Ezra is defending Mike, and throws in his face that he asked Aria about Mikes meds. The Principal throws in Ezra’s face that he used to be with Aria.

Caleb is sitting at his laptop hacking Nigel’s phone. Spencer and Toby are standing behind him. Spencer remembers that CeCe was afraid of Wilden and was supposed,to,have left town but wonders if she came back and killed him and Ashley going down for it is her way of covering her tracks. Spencer tells Toby CeCe visited Mona while she was in Radley (in a red coat no doubt). Toby’s little light above his head goes off. Toby ask Caleb if he can speak to Spencer in private for a minute. Caleb says yeah just don’t start making out. Caleb puts some headphones in. Toby and Spencer walk to the little kitchen area. Toby tells Spencer about the blonde his moms doc told him about, he wonders if it could be CeCe.

Aria is drinking tea when Mike comes in and tells her that they got sausage king on the way home. Aria says that sounds like a celebration, she ask what happened. Mike tells her how Ezra talked to the principal, and he isn’t in trouble. Aria is lost in thought.

Emily is at home trying to find out who sent the steak order to Wilden. Pam walks in her room. Starts ranting and raving because she rescheduled her appointment. Emily tells her mom she is sorry and will meet her at work tomorrow to go for the appointment. Pam tells her she got suspended from work. Pam tells Emily to finish her homework. Emily gets a instant message: You crashed Wilden’s. Now I’ll make it all come crashing down. Kisses -A. (Get out of the house…..NOW).

Aria is knocking on Ezra’s door but he doesn’t answer, she slips a a letter under the door. Aria is walking away and runs into Ezra. Aria tells him she was leaving him a thank you note. Ezra tells her that there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for her (I know where this is going). Aria tells him she has to go.

Hannah tells her mom she has to pleas guilty and say it was self-defense that its the only way. Ashley tells her hell no Wilden doesn’t get to die and leave her looking like a criminal (story of Hannah’s life).

Nigel is pouring tea for somebody. That somebody is Jenna? CeCe? (you know who else likes tea? A …just saying).

Emily is laying in bed and wakes up. She gets out the key. She heads downstairs to tell her mom, but she is on the phone with Emily’s dad. Emily sneaks down the stairs. She peeks through the glass door at her mom. Pam hears squealing tires and looks up she sees headlights and then a car comes flying through the window. The walls come crashing down.

A is in a hardware store. She is buying a book called home repair for dummies, a roll of duct tape and a 50 dollar gift card. She puts Emily’s name on it.