Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 8 REVIEW “Someone Confesses”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 8 REVIEW "Someone Confesses"

Last night was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  On last night’s show Emily and her mom are in a motel room. Emily is making coffee and her mom is on the phone with some guy named Bob. What is gathered from the conversation is…Pam is meeting the adjuster at the house at two, the car that rammed into their house was stolen, and that whoever was driving (cough) A took off running really fast. Pam tells Bob she will call him back after she meets with the insurance adjuster later that afternoon. Pam tells Emily she doesn’t understand how someone can crash through the house and run off without anyone seeing them and then disappear ( that’s A for you..she is everywhere and nowhere). Emily tells her mom she will come straight home from school and help her unpack. Pam ask her about a college guidance session she had. Emily tells her it is that morning. Pam tells her not to miss it.

Hannah is sitting at Spencer’s texting Emily. Aria ask Hannah how Emily and her are doing. Hannah says that Emily says they are fine. Spencer says A really likes throwing cars at people ( truer words….). Aria as usual ask the obviously stupid question which is could it have actually been a accident. Don’t worry though our girl Spencer is right there to give her a little perspective and she does it with one look. Hannah wonders why A did it. Spencer says maybe to keep them off balance (that and she hates you with a vengeance). Spencer also thinks A is trying to keep them from finding the elusive “red coat” or CeCe Drake or whoever it is. Aria says she thinks it is CeCe and that she hopes Caleb and Toby find her. Hanna is wondering what is taking Spencer’s mom so long. Spencer tells her that court runs on Judge time not lawyer time. Hannah tells her it’s just a arraignment, all they have to do is set bail and she can go. Aria reminds her that Spencer’s mom would call the minute Ashley is released. Spencer’s mom walks in at that very second and tells Hannah that her mom plead not guilty but the Judge wouldn’t let her out on bail because she is charged with murdering a police officer and the D.A doesn’t want to make anymore mistakes, but they intend to appeal. Spencer’s mom also tells her that Ashley is being moved to the State Prison until the trial. Hannah, Aria, and Spencer are all mad and upset and head upstairs.

Hannah is sitting at a desk in Spencer’s room (and on this desk is a pencil upright and sharpened in every color of the rainbow…. our girl Spencer). Hannah says she should be the one in jail not her mom. Aria tells Hannah she didn’t do anything wrong. Spencer tells her someone killed Wilden and A is taking advantage of that ( I think it’s the same person that killed Ian and Garrett). Hannah says her mom was protecting her so how isn’t this her fault. Spencer reminds Hannah that her mom is a really great lawyer (I wonder if Veronica has a collection of pencils like Spencer’s on her desk?) Hannah wants to know why Ashley isn’t out then. Spencer tells her its just one hearing, and that her mom will win the case she always does. Hanna says always. Spencer looks at her and says nothing. Aria ask Hannah if she is going to school. Hannah tells her no, but that her and Spencer should go.

Aria is at school walking and texting (you know the regular Aria thing to do). When Mike runs up to her and scares the bejesus out of her ( three episodes in a row, not bad for our little Mikey, although it does give cause for worry), he apologizes. Aria tells him it’s ok. Mike tells her he is going out tonight with the team after the game, and to please tell him he doesn’t have a curfew. Aria wants to know what they are doing. Mike says celebrating. Aria says what if they don’t win. Mike says it will just be a party, he tells her not to wait up, and that he needs to hang out with the team. Aria ask why. Mike tells her it’s different since the thing with Connors car but that he is handling it. Aria looks down and sees him with a book bag from the same place she was taking martial arts classes at. Aria ask him where he got it. Mike tells her he is taking a class there. Mike walks away after he tells her that nothing is wrong with learning to defend yourself. (This is why worry he is so strange and sketchy at times, and remember last time he was on this show, no good will come of this).

Ezra is on the phone with Malcolm, when Emily walks in. Ezra is apparently offering the college guidance during this session ( didn’t he say something to Spencer about that a few episodes back?) Ezra tells Emily he didn’t think she would even show up. Emily tells him that makes two of them. But with or without a house she needs to focus on her future. Ezra seats down and tells how sorry he is for her, and then does the awkward Ezra thing where he says too much and then ask a question. Emily answers him though. Ezra tells her she doesn’t have to do the session right now (what with a car through your house and Hannah’s mom behind bars and whatever is going to happen the rest of this episode and the rest of the season for that matter). Emily tells him she can’t start missing deadlines. (I think it’s kind of neat how he has interacted with all four of them this season at a time when they just needed someone to listen and not judge, and just be there in case they fell apart). Then Ezra ask Emily the million dollar question..he ask her if anyone besides Mona is trying to hurt them and if history might be repeating itself (Ezra my boy you are far smarter than I have ever given you credit for). Emily looks up, down, all around, anywhere pretty much except for Ezra’s concerned face. Ezra tells her he know it took them a long time to anything the first go around. Emily looks up and tells him some drunk decided to use house as a bumper and then ask where a college on a book she picked up is at. Ezra has that I know you are lying look on his face and then just answers Maryland.

Spencer and Caleb are walking down the hall. Caleb is upset because he knows Hannah is ignoring his phone calls. Spencer tells him that Hannah is really ragged, that she thought her mom would get out on bail, she tells him at lunch she is going to go,home and make sure she isn’t hiding under her covers. Caleb tells Spencer that he drove by Emily’s and they are still pulling pieces of the car out of Emily’s living room. Caleb ask Spencer again how she is doing. Spencer tells Caleb that they are trying to stay positive that A maybe escalating things because they are getting closer to the truth (she does have a tendency to do that). Spencer ask Caleb about the number he got off of Nigel’s phone. Caleb tells her the number is for three different people at three different addresses all of them in New York. Spencer wants to know which one is the real one. Caleb tells her he doesn’t know and that’s why Toby went to New York, to knock on some doors and see if he can find and get some answers. Spencer says maybe CeCe. Caleb agrees maybe. The bell rings. Caleb ask Spencer to have Hannah call him she says she will. Caleb thanks her and leaves for class.

Emily ask Ezra if its a good idea to apply to a small college when they have so few slots. Ezra tells her she has a better chance than most people. Emily reminds Mr. Fitz that she doesn’t swim anymore. Ezra tells her he is talking abut her work in Haiti. Ezra tells her to get in touch with her old supervisor and get a reference from them. Bell rings. Ezra tells her she needs someone to remind her of who she really is. Emily leaves. Ezra watches her with lots of worry (he so knows).

Hannah is on the phone. It’s a call from her mom at the jail. Ashley tells Hannah that she is her sweetheart and she doesn’t want to worry about any of it that they will get through it. Hannah gets all teary eyed and tells her mom she misses her. Ashley is equally as teary eyed and tells Hannah she misses her too. Hannah tells her it isn’t fair and that just can’t take Ashley away from her. Ashley tells her that things can change. Hannah tells yeah they can. Ashley goes on to say that Veronica is bringing Hannah to the jail tomorrow so Ashley can say goo.. so that she can see Hannah. Hannah tells her ok. They exchange I love you’s and get off the phone. Hannah walks into the kitchen and says thanks for coming. It’s Mona. Mona ask Hannah what she wants. Hannah tells her she is going to confess to killing Wilden and Mona is going to help her. (Because even now after everything Hannah says jump and Mona says how high).

Hannah is sitting at the kitchen table with Mona and is telling her no matter what they do to her it won’t be as bad as what they do to Ashley. Mona agrees (surprise, surprise) and then tells Hannah she is taking a awful big chance. Hannah tells her she can’t let her mom go to prison. Mona is like no dear I mean talking to me, what if I’m the one that set up your mother? Hannah ask Mona if she was serious when she said she didn’t want this A to hurt Ashley. Mona says yes she was. Hannah tells her the she needs to help her with this. Mona: Why me? Hannah starts of badly: because this is going to be the biggest lie I’ve ever told and I need you to make it sound perfect (way to bring it back around Hannah). Hannah tells her that her Spencer and the others all,tell lies but Mona is the only one who knows how live in a lie. Mona smiles (flattery will get you everywhere with this girl).

Spencer comes into her house calling for Hannah. Some guy walks in and introduces himself as Beckett. Spencer ask if he means Sam (as in Quantum Leap, Troian’s dad created that show) or St. Thomas. (I thought of Castle). Beckett ask if she is Spencer. Spencer says yes and then ask what he is doing there. Beckett tells her he is interning with her mother. Spencer says that’s why you should be at her office instead of the house. Beckett tells her he is picking up stuff for the Marin case ( lots and lots of boxes) because the D.A sent it to the home address instead of the office. Spencer says someone is sitting down in a jail cell and they make it sound like a game. Beckett tells her it is a game that’s why the call it winning and losing ( well played little intern, well played). Spencer tells him he is going to make a great lawyer and offers to help him carry them all out. Spencer’s eyes gravitate to one box on the counter with Wilden’s name on it.
Mona is trying to coach Hanna on how to be a “perfect pretty little liar”. Mona tells her she has to tell the cops how and why she did it. Hannah tells her she knows that. Mona tells her to make it look like everything that points to Ashley really points at Hannah.

Back at Spencer’s she is stealing a file while Beckett the intern is on the phone with his back turned ( first rule of phone calls never turn your back or walk away from these girls while on them). Spencer puts the lid back on the box.

Aria is meeting with Jake. Aria ask him if Mike is taking a class with him. Jake tells her yes and that he is a great kid. Aria says that she is really worried about him and wants to know if he has said anything to Jake that she might need to know about. Jake told her that Mike said it was hard to focus on the game when your own teammates are playing against you( so gonna end badly). Aria ask Jake what that even means. Jake says he guesses that it means some of Mike’s teammates think he is a easy target.

Spencer is at Radley with a tin of cookies. She spots the real E.Lamb. Spencer walks over to him. Spencer tells him she thought it was time she thanked everyone that helped her. She opens a tin and laying on top is a police report filed by Wilden on Toby’s moms death and the person he interviewed was E.Lamb. He looks up at Spencer. Spencer tells him to have a cookie.

Spencer and E.Lamb are sitting down talking about the fact that he was questioned by Wilden the night Toby’s mom died. E.Lamb tells her he was interviewed not questioned. (The reason A gave Toby that name as his way into Radley is starting to make sense now). He tells her they talked to everybody who was working that night. Apparently E.Lamb was the one that found her body after she jumped off the roof. Spencer ask him why the official report says a window and not the roof. He tells her that it doesn’t matter. Spencer ask if it doesn’t make a difference why would Wilden lie and change the facts. E.Lamb ask her why anybody lies. E.Lamb thinks that Wilden changed the facts because someone paid him off and that’s how he became Detective so quickly. Spencer ask him why he never told anybody. He wants to know who he was supposed to tell. (The police…strike that). Spencer tells him Toby deserves answers. He tells her knowing what happened won’t change anything and Spencer should put it back where she got it and forget she ever saw it. Spencer tells him about Hannah’s mom and then ask him who else might want Wilden dead.

Hannah is getting a soda for Mona out of the fridge. Hannah tells her the cops took all of her and her moms high heels. Mona tells her that’s barbaric to just leave her with noting but flats. Hannah ask Mona about the high heel shoe print the cops found on the beach. Mona ask her if cops will find them. Hannah tells her know that they are missing. Mona tells Hannah that Hannah threw them out that they were the shoes Hannah was wearing when she killed Wilden. Mona’s moving on to the gun.

Emily is sitting outside the coffee shop texting with Aria about Hannah. When Zoe her supervisor in Haiti comes up (Rumer Willis). I think Zoe has a thing for Emily. Zoe ask if Emily wants to help out in Nicaragua this coming summer.
Ashley is talking to Caleb about Hannah. Ashley tells Caleb she is worried about Hannah. Caleb tells Ashley Hannah is worried about her. Ashley tells Caleb that she can help her or do anything for her from jail, she is worried about what Hannah might do if things don’t work out. Caleb ask if Hannah said anything. Ashley tells him Hannah has said nothing but she knows how she thinks and Hannah wants results and she will,charge right into a situation without thinking. Ashley tells Caleb that Hannah gets that from her. Caleb tells her he thinks Hannah gets a lot of things from Ashley that Hannah is brave and loyal. Ashley says Hannah is stubborn. Caleb says she can be. Ashley says Hannah is very angry right now and she doesn’t want Hannah to make any mistakes because of that. Ashley tells Caleb that Hannah listens to him more than he knows. Caleb tells Ashley he will do what he can. Ashley thanks him. Visiting are over and Ashley gets up to leave. Caleb tells her that Hannah loves her and would do anything for her. Ashley tells Caleb that’s what she is afraid of (you should be). She
walks away.

Zoe is still catching up with Emily. Emily told her about her injury and how she can’t swim but that it is all behind her. Zoe tells Emily she doesn’t need to sell herself to her she could write her a glowing recommendation in her sleep. Pam walks up and tells Emily she met with the second adjuster and they won’t be back in the house for a few months. Pam gives Emily and Manila envelope to drop off at the police station. Pam thanks her and tells her she will see her back at the hotel.

Mona is playing cop and interrogating Hannah. Mona tells her to make her believe that she killed Wilden. There is a little fantasy sequence where Hannah meets with Wilden on the beach. She shoots him. Then back in reality Caleb is at her door looking at her and Mona. Caleb tells Hannah he has been trying to reach her. Hannah says she knows. Caleb thought she was supposed to be with her dad. Hannah tells Caleb her dad had a work thing. Caleb ask Hannah what Mona is doing there. Hannah lies and tells him that Mona just found about her mother and came to see how Hannah was doing. Caleb and Mona start bickering. Hannah tells Caleb that compared with everything that is going on talking to Mona makes all,the sense in the world, Hannah then tells Caleb to just leave her alone. Caleb says sure and leaves. Mona tells Hannah they are most finished.

Spencer comes home to her mom and Beckett working at the table. Spencer’s dad wants her to meet him at the club for dinner because Veronica and Beckett are going to be working for awhile. Spencer tells her mom ok she is getting ready to head up the stairs when Beckett stops her and ask if he wants him to slip the file back in the box before her mom notices. Spencer ask him what file. Beckett smiles. Spencer tells him she will take care of it and goes upstairs.

Aria is sitting on the couch reading a book. She hears something outside and then a car take off. Aria looks out the window. Aria picks up her phone and calls Mike, some kid answers she ask for Mike but instead of putting him on the phone the kid says he is unconscious and then lays the phone down and walks away. Aria gets disconnected and then dials a number on her phone.
Mona is telling Hannah to tell her again how she killed Wilden. Hannah is working on it. Another little fantasy sequence. Wilden is accusing Hannah of destroying his police car. He tells Hannah he can make her moms life a living hell, unless Hannah wants to work something out with him. Hannah has the gun in her hand. Wilden grabs her hand and she shoots him twice. Back in reality Mona tells her all she has to do now is tell the truth.

Hannah is all ready to go to the police station and confess. When she gets downstairs Caleb is there.

Aria runs to her front door and opens it. Jake is there. He ask her if she has heard from Mike yet. Aria tells him no. Based on what she heard they figure out that he must be at a arcade close to where they played their game. About that time Mike calls and tells Aria he is ok and that he is going to stay at Billy’s. Mike then hangs up. Jake tries to give her a pep talk. Jake tells her he is worried about her, and ask if she wants him to stay for awhile. Aria ask if he is hungry. Jake takes that as a yes.

Caleb and Hannah are talking about her crazy idea to take the fall for Wilden’s murder. Caleb tells Hannah she is insane and he isn’t going to let her do it. Hannah tells him she has too. Caleb tells her that her and Ashley are going to prison. Hannah says her mother is already there. Caleb tells Hannah she doesn’t need to feel guilty and go to prison for something somebody else did. Hannah accuses him of thinking her mom is guilty. Caleb tells her he did think she was guilty till he went and talked to her.

Pam is unpacking a bag of groceries when Emily comes in. Emily tells her she could have helped her. Pam ask her if she dropped off the envelope. Emily tells Pam yes. Emily tells her that Zoe is going to write her a recommendation letter. Emily tells her mom she is going to Nicaragua in the summer. Pam sits down and starts to cry. Emily holds her while she breaks down.

Mona is in the police station. She goes up to the desk and tells the guy she wants to talk to a Detective, its about a murder.

Aria is flipping channels and she apologizes for hijacking his night. Jake tells her it’s fine. Aria stops on a commercial for insidious 2. Jake ask her if she wants to go see it next weekend. Aria tells him sure then goes to say that its a date but catches herself.

Spencer comes downstairs. Spencer gives her mom the file she took. She tells her mom that the file isn’t useless and tells her that Wilden was at Radley the night Toby’s mom died. Veronica tells her it’s not relevant. Spencer says its is because it proves Wilden was always crooked. I think Veronica knows what really happened to, she told Spencer to let it go. Veronica gets a phone call. Its about Mona confessing to killing Wilden. One by one the girls find out. They all go down to the police station. Mona smiles at Hannah through the window.

A is drilling a holes in the ceiling. There is a chair sitting above where the holes are being put.