Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween Special REVIEW “Grave New World”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween Special REVIEW “Grave New World”

Last night on the Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special the episode opened with the girls are all dressed up and headed for the Ravenswood cemetery. Aria wants to know what kind of freaks throw a party in a cemetery (right there with ya….for once.)

Spencer tries to get all brainy but Hannah just doesn’t care ya’ll her corset is torture. They start to walk in and Emily freaks out for a second and tells them she isn’t sure if she is ready to see Ali again. Aria takes her by the hand and reminds her that they already have. They go in.

Caleb is on the bus headed to Ravenswood all by himself with some freaky looking guy.

The girls are walking through the cemetery (Hannah gets distracted by what looks to be two twin blondes in red coats) when EzrA calls (what a coincidence.) Spencer tells Aria to watch what she tells him, so naturally Aria tells him exactly where she is, he already knows of course. I mean he is watching them, all dressed up in his gas mask costume. He tells Aria she needs to be careful.

When Caleb wakes up from his nap there is a girl sitting next to him.(one of the Ravenswood characters.) She explains she was sitting in the back but creepy guy gave her the wiggins so she moved next to Caleb. She explains she is headed to Ravenswood to see her uncle. Caleb gets a little to curious, asks her one to many questions and she heads in the back to steal creepy guys chips.

Spencer notices someone in the gas mask costume from the picture in A’s lair and jumps to conclusions and heads over to try and listen to a conversation he is having with a girl (two more of the characters on Ravenswood.) Aria decides they need a little one on one time with the girl. So the three of them take off, strike that it’s just Aria and Emily. Hannah sees the two red coated girls and gets distracted….again. Aria is out of the tent, Emily is on her way when Grunwald grabs her and reminds her that they shouldn’t be there and that they all need to leave…now.

Back on the bus. She wakes up creepy guy when she grabs for the chips and scurries back to her seat by Caleb. Apparently the guy is a light sleeper.

Aria is trouncing around the cemetery she hears a noise and follows it. A hand grabs her ankle, she screams.

Caleb is calling Hannah who isn’t answering phone which he notes in the message he leaves her. That’s when the girl next to him finds out Hannah is his girlfriends name and she is the reason he is headed to Ravenswood. She tells Caleb not to worry that if they get kicked to the curb they can meet up on the next bus.

The hand that grabbed Aria belongs to the girl they wanted to talk to. Apparently she fell in a open grave (classic.) Aria much like Spencer jumps to conclusions and assumes the guy she was talking to earlier had something to do with it (although that would be impossible since Aria was right behind her the whole time and would have seen him, but then again this is Aria.) speaking of that guy he comes walking up. She thanks Aria and walks away.

Spencer is irritated that Emily misplaced both Aria and Hannah. Emily points out the Grunwald kind of ambushed her. No worries Aria and Hannah come around the corner. Emily wants to go back to the tent. Aria points out something is seriously weird about this town. Spencer says you think, I hadn’t noticed even though they do use the headstones for bar stools. The girls turn another corner and it’s the red coat they have been looking for and the chase is on. Right into a mausoleum.

The girls can’t figure out where she could have gone. Emily takes off her flying saucer of a hat. Spencer figures out and they open a hidden tunnel that winds into some really spooky statues. A huge gust of wind starts blowing and they all grab hands and lean up against the wall. The wind causes the light to go out for a few seconds. When the wind stops they flicker back on and much to everyone’s surprise (including mine)Aria is holding the hand of a statue not Hannah. None of them can figure it out , and Aria swears up and down she was holding Hannah’s hand. They are now looking for two blondes.

Caleb is still on the bus ride that never ends with the girl. The bus stops and she decides she should get off. They finally exchange names, hers is Miranda. But when she sees creepy guy staring at her she has second thoughts ( it’s like creepy guy knows something.) Miranda sits back down next to Caleb.

Hannah is wondering around the tunnel of statues calling for the other musketeers. Hannah notices help me written on the wall and takes a glove off to see if it’s blood. The lights go out and she uses her cell phone for light. She goes around in a circle looking everywhere. She sees some rats, almost drops her phone, screams and runs. Hannah runs upstairs and finds a door. She breaks it open and finds herself in a creepy house. She touches the keys on the piano. EzrA is a few steps behind and closes the lid.

Caleb and Miranda have finally made it to Ravenswood. Caleb is heading into the cemetery and Miranda is headed to her uncle’s house.

Hannah is going down a ridiculously long hallway trying to find a signal on her phone. Hannah turns and ends up in another hallway (at least it’s shorter). She ends up in a room with a land line phone in a box like a pay phone. She goes in and starts dialing. The door quietly shuts and locks leaving her trapped in the box.

The other three are freaking out because they can’t find her. They come up to the same wall Hannah was at with help me written on it and her hat is laying next to it. Aria assumes that means A has both Hannah and Ali.

Back in her box Hannah is still dialing numbers (clearly the number she is dialing is as long as the hallway she was in). The phone makes a roaring sound and she puts it back on the hook. Hannah then realizes she is locked in. She looks out the glass window and realizes that four floating lights are coming at her. Hanna goes to hit the window but thinks better of it. The four lights separate with one on each side of the box. They get really bright for a second and then they disappear. Hannah takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. The phone rings and she jumps, she answers it but it’s just a old time song playing. (They are setting up the scarefest that will be Ravenswood rather nicely.)

Miranda knocks on the front door downstairs and then lets herself in. She heads off to roam the house.

The other three have finally caught up and are also now in the house (ironically they also came up in a room with a piano (that’s assuming EzrA didn’t take some time off from terrorizing teenage girls to set up this room.) Spencer reaches for the sheet music and something red drips on her hand from above. Emily ask if its rust. They look up and see and red spot on the ceiling where it’s dripping from. They hear a scream and then Ali’s voice. Spencer takes off leaving Emily and Aria to wonder where she went.

Hannah is trying to pick the lock on the box with no luck. Hannah hears a door open and sees a face look in the glass it’s Ali she then sees EzrA. Hannah grabs the phone. The door starts to open. It’s Miranda, they exchange hello’s.

Miranda and Hannah are walking down the hall. Hannah accuses her of locking her in the box so she could kill her. Miranda tells her if she was going to kill her she would use something way better than that. Hannah finally tells her who she is. Miranda however does it offer up the fact that she was with Caleb and he is now in Ravenswood looking for her. Hannah tells her they need to get out of there and find her friends. Miranda wants to know why she is dressed like prom night on the Titanic. They end up in a room with coffins and Miranda has a flashback of the day her parents were buried. She is about three and the guy I’m assuming is her uncle. Miranda tells Hannah she remembers her uncle at her parents funeral. Hannah tells her she will hold her uncle down for while Miranda ask him why he left her. On the way out Miranda notices a memorial card and picks it up. She looks at in shock and then puts in her coat pocket.

Emily and Aria are debating on if they can climb out a window. All the while the glass at the top is sliding down. Emily goes to go out it when they hear Ali again. Emily gets out of the window just in time. The glass comes crashing down. She looks at Aria in shock.

Spencer enters a room and calls for Ali. Spencer pokes herself on a plant. She hears a plant fall and when she looks behind her she sees EzrA in all of his gas mask glory. They get into a tussle and she manages to cut his hand with some shears. Spencer whacks him on the head and he goes down. Spencer leans down next to him and starts removing the mask. EzrA grabs her with his hand and he slams her back into a planter and it knocks her out. EzrA has the shears and he is looking down at a out cold Spencer.
Miranda is standing outside the cemetery when Caleb sees her and walks over to her. Miranda tells him his girlfriend could really use a hug. Caleb sees Hannah and grabs her. Hannah tells him she lost her friends and she thinks A has Ali.

Emily and Aria find Spencer. They wake her up and she freaks for a minute and tells them A was there. They hear Ali scream again.

Hannah takes them back into the mausoleum and tries to move the statue but it won’t budge. Caleb tries to help. Miranda notices her name on a wall and moves the plants to reveal a picture of herself. She looks back at Hannah and Caleb in shock.

Spencer, Aria, and Emily are running down the hallway. They stop and look around. Again they hear a Ali and take off towards her voice. They enter a empty room. They have been hearing a cassette tape play the whole time. They hear a door open and Grunwald walks in. She tells them they shouldn’t be in there.

Grunwald takes the tape out of the reel. Grunwald knows they found the house by means of the tunnel. She also knows Ali was there. Grunwald tells them that the house is her home and the last time she had that tape was six months ago, it had been stolen. Grunwald has a moment and Emily wants to know what she saw. Grunwald explains it’s not what she see it’s what she feels and one of them has been touched by the one Ali fears most (psssst Aria she means you.)

Miranda shows Caleb the card. It’s the creepy guy from the bus. Caleb tells her there has to be some kind of explanation. Hannah gets ahold of one of the girls. She tells them they will meet her at the car. Caleb ask her what’s going on. Hannah tells them they didn’t find Ali again.

Spencer’s car has a flat tire. Emily is checking out. Aria is whining about how the night can’t get any worse. Spencer says she has a spare and one of them should know how to put it on. They look at Emily. She assumes it’s because she is gay. Aria corrects her its because she is the sporty one. (Hilarious.)

Miranda is walking with Hannah and Caleb. Hannah tells her she can come home with her. Miranda tells her thanks but she is going to stay there. Hannah doesn’t like the idea but understands that Miranda wants answers. Hannah hugs her and tells her she has a open invitation to stay with her. Hannah watches Miranda walk away then she grabs Caleb and gives him a long kiss. Hannah tells Caleb that he needs to stay and help Miranda and after he does he can come back home. Hannah walk away to meet up with the girls. Caleb walks over to Miranda and tells her he is going to stay and help her.

Hannah finally sees the faces of the girls in the two red coats.

Spencer opens the back and there isn’t a spare tire. Hannah walks up and tells them Caleb is helping a friend. Aria just wants to leave. A car drives up and EzrA gets out (surely it’s a coincidence.) he tells Aria he got worried when she didn’t answer her phone (that explains it.) His right hand is in his pocket the whole time, he offers them a ride. They gladly accept it. EzrA drops them off at Spencer’s. (Wonder if he drove with his hand in his pocket.) they hear a noise and look its a red coat they follow it. She is just standing there. Aria says her name and she turns around. We find out what we have known since the first episode of this show Ali is in fact alive. She tells the girls she wants to come home but she can’t it is still dangerous for her. She sees car lights and gets nervous. She ask Hannah if she remembers what she told her at the hospital. (I remember she told her “Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I am.” She also told her something else worth a mention as well….Hannah asked her what happened that night at the barn we all want to know, to which Ali replied “You already do. The four of you combined, you remember more about that night than you think you do.”) She sees the shadow of EzrA and puts her finger to her lips and looks absolutely terrified.( You would think one of the four would catch on.) EzrA tells Aria he came back because she left her phone in his car. I’d like to point out he hands it to her with his left hand because the right one is still in his pocket. Aria takes the phone and they all turn back. Ali is long gone.

Miranda and Caleb are taking the scenic route through the cemetery. Miranda happens to look down and see something of interest on a headstone. She ask Caleb what his last name is. He tells her Rivers and then ask why. Caleb looks down and sees it. He opens the picture plate and sees a image of himself. Caleb stands up and him and Miranda just stare at each other.