Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Summer Finale REVIEW “The Big Reveal”

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Summer Finale REVIEW "The Big Reveal"

Last night, summer finale was another great episode of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and we have our weekly review for you.  This is it…. the summer finAle! It’s time for world wAr A! We are in for a big reveAl tonight. So thAt leads me to Ask just whAt it could be?

OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! This episode delivers the biggest shock yet..It’s bigger than the Toby reveal. October 22nd cannot get here fast enough!!!!

The four girls are watching the news and they are reporting they have a break in the Wilden murder case. Hannah wonders why her mom needs to come in for a police lineup and thinks its because Travis might have changed his mind. Aria thinks she is worrying to much. Spencer’s door bell rings and she comes back with a box addressed to all of them. They start tearing into it. Inside the black box are four magic eight balls one with each of their names on it. They pick them up. Hannah’s says “If she goes free”, Spencer’s says “you’ll hear from me”, Emily’s says “kisses”, Aria’s says “A”. The girls know that means if Hannah’s mom gets off CeCe is going to come after them (Going to? What the flip has she been doing all season?). Emily says that she can bring it. Spencer thinks she just declared….wait for it……world wAr A.

Ashley is in the lineup. They have Travis verifying he saw her leave. Travis isn’t sure he can pick the right woman.

Ezra is teaching in Aria’s class. The bell rings. Ezra wants a moment with Aria. Ezra thanks her for coming over last night ( so this episode is literally a day later). Aria tells Ezra she was glad she could be there for him as a friend. Aria walks out of class and Jake calls her. Aria ask if they are still on for tonight and then tells him about a poetry reading going on at the muffin man’s. Jake slams (see what I did there?) that idea down. So Aria looking every bit as disappointed as one can look tells him that they can just do dinner and a movie instead.

Caleb and Hannah are at the police station with Ashley. Caleb brings her over some coffee to drink. He sits down and they have a really sweet exchange. Ashley’s tells him how much it means to her that he is there for Hannah and that she can always count on him. She even tells him after everything they have been through he can call her Ashley. A woman the district attorney (Marcia Clark for those who know of the O.J trial of 1995) walks out and tells Ashley they are dropping the charges. Hannah and Ashley hug like crazy. Caleb smiles over at Travis as he walks out.

Paige is doing that clingy thing she does oh so well but is pretending it is because she is worried about what will happen to Emily now that Hannah’s mom is off the chopping block. Paige offers to let Emily stay with her a few nights. Emily smiles so we know she is totally gonna do it.
Spencer is calling Toby and leaving him a message to call her back. Spencer tells him that she is just worried and please at least call Emily or Caleb and check in. When she hangs up you see her phone ,she has called him four times, three of those take place in less than 45 minutes (but who’s counting?). Spencer walks to the counter behind her and picks up Aria’s ( had to double check that) magic eight ball, flips it over, and watches the triangle with “A ” on it drift to the top.

Back over at Casa de Marin Ashley is coming down the stairs in a dress that zips up the front. Emily tells her how amazing she looks and how much Pastor Ted is going to like it. To Ashley’s credit she is worried it might not be the right dress to meet a Pastor in (she even attempts to zip it up a little more), the girls tell her she looks fine no worries. Ashley heads out for her date with Ted. The girls head in the kitchen the counter is covered with gifts of food. The door bell rings , Hannah comes back with a big package from A . They tear it open inside is a mini coffin inside that is a doll that looks just like old school Mona. They get a text from A “Hannah won, so Mona loses. Find her before the cops or they’ll think you killed her. -A” (what no kisses?) they all have looks on their faces that are somewhere between shock and disbelief to fear and worry.

More breaking news on the Wilden murder case front. The have a sketch and the sketch is of ………CeCe. Caleb is trying to get Hannah’s attention but she is on the phone with Radley trying to find Mona. They all realize this does not look good for Mona. Because if CeCe killed Wilden she would probably would kill Mona. Spencer heads off to Wren’s, Emily heads for the French club meeting, Aria leaves to cook dinner for Jake ( she does try to get out of it, but to no avail), and Hannah and Caleb head off to stake out Mona’s.

Spencer is at Wren’s but we find out he isn’t when she climbs up on a box, looks in a window and most of his stuff is packed up. But someone is there watching Spencer leave…Shana. Spencer notices Jenna’s car parked in front of Wren’s.

Emily and Paige go to the French club meeting and get sidelined by a girl who only will speak French to them. Finally Paige tells her knock it off and give the the info she has on Mona. The girl (Jackie) says that Mona called and said she would be there that night and she can’t imagine why she didn’t show up especially since the party was for her.

Toby is sitting in a empty room looking through a box of mementos of his mother, crying a little more with each one he takes out. He see another call and a text from Spencer. Toby puts the phone away. Toby is coming down the stairs when he sees Shana with some papers. She drops one. When she is safely out the door Toby goes over and picks it up. It’s a shipping form on it is Wren Kingston, c/o Melissa Hastings, 85 West Devonton St. Flat 1091, London, United Kingdom. (So that’s who he was on the phone with last week….I still maintain he and Palmer are connected somehow). Toby calls Spencer and tells her they need to talk.

The news is still on over at Spencer’s, but now the police know the sketch is of CeCe. (Toby is completely unimpressed by this development, because he has been one step ahead for a minute now, unlike the rest of Rosewood, present company not included).Spencer is saying how she wanted to believe her sister was out of all this when she moved to London. Toby tells her that all he knows is her ex-boyfriend moved to London with his ex-fiancé. Spencer doesn’t understand why it was kept a secret. Toby gives her the focus up look and says because he is your ex-boyfriend (well played Toby well played). Spencer then tells him he just can’t leave like that and not tell her.(because Spencer is not going to be the only that feels like crap). Spencer tells him she worries about what he is doing and if he is okay and if anything has happened to him or worse. Toby tells her he was right there in Rosewood the whole time and that he is done getting help from A.

Aria is watching a black and white movie with Jake (actually he is passed out on the couch), which Aria realizes when she tells him she is hogging the kettle corn and needs a intervention. Aria pauses the movie (and it brings Jake out of his slumber, so I guess maybe movies really can bore you to sleep,lol). Jake tells Aria that he is just really tired and needs to get some sleep. Aria gets up , gives him a kiss and lets him out the door (and then just kind of looks around the empty house….what to do? What to do?)

Hannah and Caleb are watching Mona’s looking for a sign that she may be held up in her house. Caleb thinks he saw something, Hannah doubts it. Caleb still doubts that Mona is on the straight and narrow (I agree), Hannah insist that she is because she helped her mom.

Emily is looking out the window at Paige’s house worrying about Mona. Paige doesn’t understand why after Mona was going to kill her. Emily says its because they created the monster, Paige corrects her and says no Alison did, Emily corrects her and says we let her. Paige offers to put on a movie. Emily doesn’t think she can stay still long enough to watch it.

Aria is at the muffin mans to get a drink and she runs into Ezra. They start talking about a story she wrote for one of his classes. Aria tells him that she always read the last page of the book first so she would know how it ended. Ezra looks interested by this so they start a conversation.

Caleb is awake in the car and Hannah is asleep on his chest, he kisses her on the head. Emily is asleep on Paige, Paige kisses her on the top of the head. Spencer and Toby are snuggled up on the couch lost in their own thoughts. Aria and Ezra are talking at the muffin mans, she kisses him on the lips and without missing a beat they continue talking. Someone is a red coat is watching them.

Next day they are all at Spencer’s, Emily is still worried about Mona as is Hannah. Spencer says this time she can’t figure out A’s game. Someone rings the bell and Spencer comes back with another package (A is really in the giving mood). They open it and inside is what looks to be a empty box but then Spencer does this really cool magic trick and takes the top off and there is a saw in it that has a message “Watch me make a girl disappear. Kisses-A”. Spencer realizes that A is putting on a magic show and that they are part of the act.

Caleb and Toby are talking outside Mona’s. Toby tells Caleb he needs to sleep for a little while and he will call him if he sees anything. Caleb leaves and Toby shuts the car door.

Back at Spencer’s her Aria and Emily are searching the Internet. Hannah is playing with the box. Spencer starts blabbering on about the first guy that cut a women in half, and how she saw Criss Angel do it (blah blah blah) then Hannah pops up and says what I was thinking …shut up. Spencer walks over by Hannah and watches her take the top off the box. No saw. Spencer tells her nope, try again. Emily and Aria are still looking on the Internet, when Aria notices a ad for The Great Charlemagne who is putting a show on in Ravenswood that afternoon. Spencer says that can’t be a coincidence (agreed, I mean they gotta plug that new show somehow because a commercial about that show during every break just isn’t enough these days). Emily tells Spencer she is driving.

Mona’s gate opens and out comes Shana in Jenna’s car. Toby puts down his paper and follows her. Toby calls Spencer and lets her know what is going on with him following Shana.

The girls pull up in Ravenswood and get the strange looks like Spencer got before. They walk to the park and the magic show is already going on. The Magician seems to know who they are as soon as they walk up. Grunwald sees them and looks unhappy. Hannah notices that a really tall guy is watching them. The magician opens the box and motions for Aria, he wants her in the box for the trick. Aria is none to thrilled she even tries getting Spencer to be his pick. The magician is insistent and so finally Aria gets in the box. When he opens it she has in fact disappeared. But no worries after he closes it and opens it again Aria is back. Emily on the other hand has gone bye bye (damn, that A is good. She made Emily disappear with a whole town watching). A sends them a text “Leger de main. (Slight of hand) Kisses Bitches, -A” ( you know who speaks French? Mona ….just saying).

Emily’s phone starts ringing. She answers it. Aria ask her where she is. Emily doesn’t know but she does know she is in a coffin and she hears a saw. Spencer sees red coat and they run after her. She takes them right to Emily. Emily is on a conveyer belt headed towards a big old saw that is cutting through wood. Hannah and Spencer look for things to get her out with. Red Coat 1 turns off the saw and runs one direction,while Red Coat 2 runs the other direction. Spencer and Aria take off each chasing one of them. Hannah gets Emily out of the box. Emily is shaking and freaking out (guess this will teach her to want A to bring it). Spencer follows hers into a building and up some stairs. Aria follows hers up the stairs of the sawmill and corners her, she starts kicking her and pretty much knocking the hell out of her ( she did learn something from Jake besides what a great kisser he is). She knocks the Alison mask off and it’s CeCe. Aria tells her to give it up. Instead CeCe decides to jump on a rope which eventually snaps. Aria grabs her and holds on as long as she can but the coat rips and she falls.
All four run over to check on CeCe. They all assume she is dead, not even close. CeCe’s fingers start to move, when they look back she is gone. Spencer tells them she has something to show them. She takes them into the building and up the stairs into A’s new lair, and it is impressive. Someone with blue eyes (Ali) is watching them through a huge picture on the wall. This lair has everything. Boards ad boards of pictures that follow a timeline. Which puts Wren out of contention because he is on it. It also proves to some degree Ali is alive because it shows her movements. There are computer screens set up where A watches every move they make, it is protected by a password and when Hannah can’t figure it out Caleb says he will come try to crack it for her (of course he does). There are books of pictures, a diary that Hannah snags. This place is a plethora of information for the girls. Hannah opens a closet and sees nothing but black dress jackets and black shoes which makes A a he and not a she. (Before I forget there is a picture of Ezra and Aria on the board which is important in a bit). Spencer also finds A’s bank account info.

Shana gets out of Jenna’s car at a bed and breakfast. Toby follows her and sees her give Mona a envelope. Mona ask Shana if she is ok with it. Shana says she doesn’t have a choice (Jenna?). Mona tells her to have a seat. (Mona is knitting ….. just saying).

Back in the lair the girls are looking at the board with Ali’s movement’s on it. When they notice a flier for a party in Ravenswood that night. It says Alison 11 p.m. on it. Which means Ali is def alive and that A will be there. They run into Grunwald on the way out and she tells them it’s dangerous for them to go chasing after her. They stop. Grunwald tells them she has the gift of insight and that she was using it to help Ali. She goes onto say the night Ali went missing she felt something terrible and went to Rosewood. She found Ali in the back with her hand sticking out of the ground and she is the one that pulled her out. She took her to the hospital for the hit on her head. She went in the hospital to get help and when she got back Ali was gone. (So who in the hell did they find in the backyard? Her twin? And why would they have both been dealt with in the exact same way? Smack to the head and buried alive……). Grunwald tells them they must of felt that she wasn’t dead. She tells them to leave Ravenswood because they are being watched and he hopes that they will lead him to Ali.

Caleb is waiting for the bus. He gets on it and leaves Rosewood ( my guess is for the last time).

Aria wants to crash the party. (Literally).

It is Big ReveAl time.

You see someone standing in a coat watching the girls go in the costume shop ( when you see the coat you know exactly who it is, yet you hope it isn’t). He starts walking, next you see him in the lair, and you see after a beat it is in fact who you didn’t think it would ever be EZRA. (See why that pic is important, why would he need it if he was A? more importantly it was taken from far away)He knows they have been in the lair and he is beyond upset. He walks over to the closet that Hannah left open and slams the door which comes flying back, by this point he is breathing really hard and has the I’ve been caught look on his face.

A is putting on a costume that involves the military and a oxygen mask…very creepy.

Think Ezra is pulling a Keyser Soze? Or do you think he is trying to help the girls and Aria by finding Ali? I think we are going to have to wait till October 22nd for that answer.

Don’t forget you have six of them up for the honor of puppet master, you can choose either Aria, Ezra, Jake, Mona, Shana, or Jenna. Place your bets.