New “Princess Diaries” Book! – Meg Cabot Hints On Twitter

New Princess Diaries Book! - Meg Cabot Hints On Twitter

It’s been four painful years since Princess Diaries fans had any new literature to chew on, and we’ve felt every hour! At the time of the tenth installment’s publication, Meg Cabot quashed hopes of new books, explaining, “Although I may write about Princess Mia again, I don’t have any more contracted books about her at this time. Mia and I need a long break!” Ouch, right? Fortunately, four years constitute a long enough break, and rumor has it she’s got a new Word document about Mia’s college years.

Celeb Teen Laundry reported that Meg had hinted at a new book through a blog she runs, writing as Mia Thermopolis. In the post, Mia laments the public nature of her online (and rarely updated) blog, and concludes, “You know what? For Christmas all I want is A NEW DIARY WITH A LOCK ON IT.” Readers of the series know what that means; if Mia is getting a new diary, Meg will for sure be publishing it! It’s the way the series works—between the ninth and tenth book are 21 silent months, during which Mia focuses all her energy on a work of fiction, abandoning her diary. If Mia (who is fictional!) gets a new diary, it means we should expect to see it in bookstores!

Meg saw Celeb Teen Laundry’s report, and mentioned it on Twitter, confirming what we hardly hoped was true! “Princess Mia’s blog has caught the attention of Celeb Teen Laundry. Who knows what will happen next???” Coy, no? But we are totally thrilled to almost positively confirm that this sly answer is promise of a new installment, though she has her plate full. Today she announced that she is working on a seventh (and very long) installment in the Mediator series (more Jesse—yes please!), so either Princess Diaries is done and in editing, or we shouldn’t expect to see it for a few years yet. Boo to that! But we love that Meg is picking up some of her older characters!

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