Meet Rachel Frederickson, The Biggest Loser Season 15 Contestant

Meet Rachel Frederickson, The Biggest Loser Season 15 Contestant

Meet Rachel Frederickson, a 24 year old voice-over artist from Los Angeles, California. Rachel will definitely gain some cool points with fans for that job.

According to her official bio, “Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a younger and older brother, she stayed very active on her high school swim team and was a three-time state champion swimmer. Rachel was offered full scholarships by several colleges, but turned them down and instead moved to Germany after her 18th birthday to be with a German foreign exchange student with whom she’d fallen in love.” Apparently, the relationship didn’t last, but the subsequent weight gain of 100+ pounds did.

She moved back to the US after her Germany trip, first going to Chicago for pastry school, and then Colorado to open a gelato shop, then back to Minnesota after her parents divorced, then Las Vegas with a job as a pastry chef, and then finally Los Angeles as a voice-over artist. I’m not sure how she went from being a pastry chef to becoming a voice-over artist, but I’m sure we’ll find out on the show.

At 260 pounds, Rachel reveals that she’s ready to shed the second skin she feels she’s been carrying around everywhere, explaining, “I was very hard on myself for some of the decisions I made. I’m ready to become that strong and confident girl again, to free myself from the past, live in the present and make the changes I need to be happy with myself and live the life I always imagined.”

As one of the youngest contestants on the Biggest Loser, she has an immediate advantage in that it will be easier for her to lose weight. So will you guys be rooting for Rachel? Or do you have another favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. For more Biggest Loser News, CLICK HERE!

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